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  1. Bugs are getting new weapons. I’ve tried vinegar and iso. Will not budge. Any tips on how to clean it off?

  2. Use a new razor blade with either soap or glass cleaner

  3. Is the throttle body butterfly clean

  4. Long story short, some water got into the trunk of my sedan and sat for an unknown length of time (likely a few weeks). Now the trunk floor has some mold growing on the cardboard (I think it’s cardboard?). I found the part for about $200 online. Do I just eat the damage and replace it, or am I able to effectively kill the mold myself and save the money? Luckily no mold visible in the trunk itself, but I might still spray it with vinegar for good measure.

  5. try a junk yard, alot cheaper

  6. My car is 10 years old and not a very common model. I’m doubtful they’d have the part.

  7. Doesn't hurt to call around, you could get lucky

  8. I'm still using 6 Kanger subtank plus s with the mini RBA. I use what I'm satisfied with.

  9. the jute under the carpet got wet causing your problems. remove some carpet trim and you will feel it wet and musty smelling.

  10. Have what I suspect to be hand sanitizer damage on the plastic (?) cover of my dashboard. Looking for recommendations on how to fix this - tried regular cleaner, glass cleaner, and a good amount of elbow grease without luck. Considering Turtle Wax Polish Compound?

  11. Years ago we hooked them separate from the horn with a button installed within reach on the dash near our knees.

  12. I have tree sap that has been on my car for weeks now, some spots it’s rock hard, others is sticky. What’s the best way to get it off? I’ve read isopropyl alcohol works good. Also, will the tree sap being on for too long ruin my paint?

  13. Use handsanitizer with aloe instead

  14. Reeeeealy starting to hate these pics and vids from non salt belt states asking if their crap is too rusty lol.

  15. Don't mean to hijack this thread but I just bought one of these. Haven't used it yet but,

  16. Order a lake country backing plate. those HF ones are junk

  17. yes. the first thing i ordered when i bought 2 of them, 1 has 5in bp and 2nd one a 3in

  18. Pulling the carpet out of my Miata to install a roll bar and want to clean it well while it's out. Pressure washer is safe to use correct? Also, besides vacuuming it first, should I apply carpet cleaner and rinse it out with water from the power washer or clean, vacuum, then rinse?

  19. Vacuum for the big stuff, put some cleaner on it, if you can scrub it do that then rinse

  20. How would I go about removing window tint adhesive residue? I tried Goo Gone and a drill brush but it didn't seem to do anything. Do I just need a new glass?

  21. Soapy water and alot of razorblades

  22. We have a fig tree next to our driveway. They've been dropping and splattering on my car all summer, and my car is covered in sticky residue/fig guts. What's a good product that will get this off?

  23. You can try hand sanitizer with aloe, I use it for pine sap and it works good

  24. nothing I know of , what I do is use a cheap pump sprayer ( the one with a wand) from Home depot

  25. Use a pop up canopy like dobermandaddy suggested in your driveway

  26. Is car wax paste better than liquid variant?

  27. I like paste wax because the tin lasts me longer than liquid. liquid is easier to apply but each person has their own preference

  28. how do you dilute? lets say 1:10. is it 1 part solution 10 parts water or 1 part solution 9 parts water?

  29. How I do it is say I want 4:1 to a 32oz bottle add those numbers you get 5, now divide 32 by 5 , you get 6.4 oz of product to 25.6 of water

  30. Could be a defective tire. like out of round or weak sidewall

  31. Don't remember if handle operates on a cable or rod but I'd say it's stretched.

  32. 3 weeks ago I put a windshield in a 2013ish F150. I had to go back with a warranty claim of a crack.

  33. Did autoglass 25 years. been there with a#$hole customers

  34. I have the Obdlink mx+ ,( Bluetooth dongle)

  35. check the wires from the door to the car for breaks, (inside black tube from door to car body)

  36. Tires could be out of round

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