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  1. That's the point, when you're terrified of both, you will likely not want the one that is the most scary.

  2. Damm thats a hard question but if i had to chose probably 106. being able to walk trouhg walls and door and having my own dimension sounds interesting

  3. Although the corrosive part would be... unpleasant.

  4. I forgot the SCP number, but it was some kind of ant that turned you into a human donut and it's so creepy...

  5. In my opinion, 096 is my favorite due to the large height and behavior of the beast.

  6. my mans said crypto 30 times in the first minute

  7. This brings a whole other meaning to "holy crap"

  8. imagine you're just there to pick up your luggage with your son

  9. "If a girl has a gun, planned on shooting you, just grab the gun from her hand and then throw it away."

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