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  1. article about corrupt lead democrat Nanci Pelosi

  2. The left tried to stop this what do you want them to not play the game the GOP created? If the democrats only take the high road it’s just going to collapse under them while the GOP wins election after election using the same tactics the democrats tried to stop. Democrats tried to end gerrymandering with no republican support, try to get rid of citizens United with no Republican support, and tried to reform election laws even adding voter id and got no Republican support.

  3. What we need is another Teddy Roosevelt. Unfortunately neither party I feel can deliver such a person.

  4. One person won’t fix this when any action requires a congressional super majority. We have to stop pretending one presidential election would fix all of our woes.

  5. I love this and hope they keep adding on to reach new parts of town. Would still love to see a safe way to get to these from the interior of the town rather than signs and paint that is almost non existent at this point.

  6. The portion of the bike trail I run between Spencer Park and Rotary feels very well traveled and safe. Bike connector trail along Southeastern, same. There’s also a nice path at Kuehn Park.

  7. This is really the best answer the greenway is protected from traffic, safe, and well traveled. I know during the summer they do hiking at great bear but for running I feel like the greenway is the best you are going to get.

  8. I also sometimes wonder if high fuel prices means higher airline tickets and we get a bump from vacationers that decide to drive to us instead of flying to Mexico or Disneyland

  9. Ticket prices will go up but because people are traveling more. There will likely be little change in term of how many people are traveling especially post Covid just people complaining about the cost.

  10. I get the impression his biggest skill has been getting funding and putting experts together with it in order to make things happen.

  11. Consider the company he runs day to day vs the company he doesn’t. SpaceX is run by a brilliant individual with crazy credentials Gwynne Shotwell and she has been running the show the entire time we have seen all these amazing break throughs. Tesla on the other hand has done so so under musks direction’s comparatively with quality control being a consistent major issue. Musk seems good at getting money to ideas and having ideas. Implementation (FSD will be here any second) and shutting his mouth (calling a rescue worker a pedo with no proof) are places where he struggles.

  12. Developed a human grade space launch vehicle that was already regularly flying while the buggy established industry prototype was still being misassembled before being grounded to be remisassembled. And cut launch costs by like 90% while he was doing it, by making almost everything easy to assemble and reusable.

  13. It’s bizarre to me that he would get so much credit when he doesn’t run SpaceX day to day. He found the money (our money) for those things he didn’t do the leg work to create them.

  14. Generally curious, not being a negative Nancy. Wouldn’t this make more people lose jobs by lessening fossil fuel dependency? I’m in WV so like every other person is a coal miner or works with/around the mines. Plus oil rig workers and such, plus many more jobs working with fossil fuels. However, all these cars are mostly built in a factory by machines. I mean there will be supervisors and repairmen of the machines and maybe a little assembly line work but that’s a big difference isn’t it?

  15. This is always the concern with shifts in markets and it’s literally always unfounded. Kind of the but what about the horse cart drivers? Well they got different jobs because they had to and while it’s hard and certainly not easy we should help them make that transition because dragging it out helps literally no one. There is no running out the clock with innovation these changes are happening so it’s best that we work proactively rather than try to stop a moving train.

  16. Paging Joey Cold Cuts I found your next look

  17. The issue here is the judges are already influenced. The deck is stacked and we know that so if more than half of the Supreme Court wasn’t partisan hacks we wouldn’t have to protest anything because they would rule independent of politics. The right can clutch pearls all they want but they made this bed as soon as they turned this into the kangaroo court they pretend happens every time one of them does something abhorrent and then is subsequently investigated. It’s textbook Gaslight Obstruct Project.

  18. No matter how you feel about the allegation his response and ever increasing erratic behavior should be a sign for everyone. Any normal person shuts the hell up and let’s their lawyers talk or waits for this to blow over. Elon runs to social media to talk about Hillary’s emails a decade later and blame one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This behavior isn’t normal and will hurt not just his image but anything associated with him if he keeps going. He’s trying to cater to one party politically for some reason while trying to dodge bullets and run multibillion dollar companies and appearing absolutely bonkers while doing it.

  19. Expected Darn Tough was not disappointed 10/10

  20. We are so used to our government being an incurable mess because we keep electing idiots who deliberately sabotage it. People are desperate for action so they look to robber barons rather than fighting to reform a broken system.

  21. Do well like controlling the presidency, senate, and the house?

  22. Pizza Cheeks is really good for a classic pie

  23. Idk if it’s just me or if they are using cheaper ingredients now but pizza ranches quality isn’t as good as it used to be. The pizza tastes a lot more bland. Maybe it’s just the 41st st location.

  24. I usually get their chicken and still feel like I want to die afterwards lol

  25. But if you DCA after pulling out at the bottom isn’t that the opposite of how DCA works?

  26. We're looking at a turnaround time of less than 24 hours on this whole feud/debacle. These guys are insanely quick.

  27. Why are you guys paying them as well? /s

  28. So this is something they could have done before but chose not to.

  29. It’s protectionist policy to keep American companies competitive. The issues are obvious in the moment but I dont think it’s all straightforward as we lost an absolute ton of jobs to cheap overseas labor that’s locked in a factory 24/7 cough cough Elon it’s almost as if we should penalize nations that abuse labor and keep trade agreements with those that follow similar regulations to our own.

  30. We can do 2 things at once and small tweaks to policy can make a big difference. We have been fighting smoking for decades and it’s working. Firearm deaths have been ignored and the proposed responses have been demonized for the same period of time if not longer. We have made little progress on one and almost eliminated the other in specific demographics like youth.

  31. Reminds of that doc "Brainwashing my dad". People get hooked on getting pissed at the buzz words on cable news.

  32. It’s easy to fall into bubbles that end up being steel cages.

  33. We have TV shows at 6pm that entirely revolve around solving brutal murders that are often recounted in vivid detail. I dont think books are the issue it’s a distraction if we want to help kids maybe start with the intense acts of violence they continuously see rather than normal things like nudity and books.

  34. No offense to South Carolina, but this is a mistake. Failed former head coaches are supposed to join Nick Saban's minion of analysts if they want guaranteed image rehabilitation.

  35. Shane’s turning us into the Bama of the east you heard it hear first!

  36. Yea send him to be head coach of Vandy or Mizzou!

  37. I think this is a huge divide we are seeing as suburbanites seem to control the conversation about where money is spent and how cities are planned while those who live in downtown walkable areas are ignored even if there are just as many of them. I live here with my kids if I drove through suburbs as fast as some people drive down my street they would be rightfully angry as well or if they planned on adding another lane and a Chick-fil-A with a massive parking lot in suburbia they would be furious. It’s a lack of empathy and understanding that we all have different wants and needs based on where we live even if we are technically in the same city. We have to plan downtown’s for those who live there rather than just those who commute to them.

  38. bear market - they expect things to get worse

  39. Things get worse due to unrealistic expectations. Color me surprised.

  40. Why are all the trolls getting so much attention now? You'd think putting this on the news is just giving them the attention they want, and incentive to do it again.

  41. I think the intent is that some people have shame and will see this and realize how insane it is or know never to do that. Instead idiots see this and think I can make the news for literally the worst reasons and then go do that stupid thing. It’s a common sense issue then again this is teens but it seems like many adults never grow up as well.

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