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  1. Don’t talk to him anymore

  2. Sounds like she needs a therapist

  3. What do hangers have to do with this

  4. Seat geek, game time etc some app like that. Look up a promo code before you buy, most of them have a 20$ off code for first time buyers

  5. Get the panic attacks treated

  6. If she’s raising you with an abuser she’s definitely not doing everything to be a good mom

  7. The Dud passes The Glove. Momentous occasion

  8. I think only people who haven’t watched it would call it a drama

  9. Coparenting with 2 people who thought it was a good idea to have a kid in this situation still isn’t ideal

  10. You know adoption isn’t sunshine and roses right? That adopted kids struggle with their sense of rejection, with their identity.

  11. Better that than 2 crappy parents

  12. Go when there isn’t traffic

  13. No. Unless they are giving up a first round pick to unload him

  14. I don’t think there’s any reason to try and make the team incrementally better at this point. They aren’t going anywhere. Any moves they make should be with the future in mind

  15. Eh I love her but this team will be too good

  16. Convince her to get an abortion. It would be cruel to bring a child into this situation. People that just met shouldn’t be having kids together

  17. It doesn’t matter. If they can get any value from anyone on the team they should make that deal

  18. Haha OP really thinking trading our backup center means we are trying to salvage this shit team.

  19. Drummond to LA for AD would really land us a decent backup center IMO

  20. This sounds nerdy. Just find a nice girlfriend who lived near you and have normal sex with her. Just be normal

  21. 'Costumer' is hardly a common word (except on fucking Reddit, it seems). It's quite a niche term, really.

  22. Autocorrect has changed customer to costumer for me before.

  23. I think all it would take would be to do in a series winning game 7 and it would have to be a long suffering above average player who never got any all start appearances. If Tobias Harris does it and retired yea he’s make it

  24. Tried family therapy with my mom through her rehab. He yelled at her so she told me they stopped allowing it. Found out after she went back to jail that she put in a complaint and just didn't want to do it anymore. My wife's a traveling nurse so money's ok now but I'm still not insured.

  25. Definitely just go by yourself next time

  26. I do too!!!!! Now I fall asleep to it in Spanish hahaha

  27. I’ve tried sleeping with other shows on but without success. AD intro let’s me drift away

  28. 4 tends to be considered the best from the vibe I get.

  29. 3 or 4. Id say it’s like 40% 3 40% 4 and the rest 20%

  30. The hell would they have done about it? How would they even know? Young dicks are normally pretty tiny I would imagine.

  31. I mean a medical professional diagnosis me with it they could've sought out treatment for it it's more successful treating when young but now as an adult theirs really nothing I can do about it

  32. Because they can have Muscala come in and play way better as a team lol

  33. What’s wrong with her house

  34. Her parents are quite strict. They constantly check her location if she's out, and she doesn't like lying to her parents

  35. She’s 21 why does she listen to them? And why would they care if she’s with you anyway? Do you treat her badly?

  36. What are you using a defense mechanism for? I only read the first 2 paragraphs so apologies if you addressed it

  37. Like as a defense against having to think about what the question is asking me, basically

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