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  1. Most people can't tell the difference between a base A3 and your S4.

  2. Wait wtf I’m in my 20s and hover around 400-500ng/dl and my doctor said that was good

  3. You're definitely not good my man. Unless you are obese and haven't slept for 2 days before getting the blood work

  4. I'd get my life in order and if test doesn't shoot above 800, I'd get on (self) prescribed trt

  5. Try brave, you will be able to install the same extensions

  6. Roast my plan for running gh/slin for the first time:

  7. Start with 5ius of Insulin and 10g carbs per iu of Insulin.

  8. I'm on a bulk yes but Reddit got me scared that I'll turn into a fat powerlifter the second I lay my eyes on insulin so I figured I would sacrifice some potential gains to ensure I keep the fat gain low. But you and others made me realize that might not be the best approach

  9. From redditors perspective who 99.999% aren't even close to being able to afford it? Sure.

  10. My resting heart rate was always high, managed to get it to 75-80 range after tons of daily cardio.

  11. You need to see a cardiologist in the very near future. You are tachycardic and short of breath at rest which is a bad combination. It's possible you have some myocardial ischemia at this point. I would strongly advise you against taking a beta blocker at this point without talking to a cardiologist. Make an appointment. Today.

  12. I have made an appointment and I'll see one in 2 weeks. Not taking anything until then and I'm keeping up on my cardio

  13. Do DHT levels raise linearly with test levels? In other words, if natty I have X DHT, if I double my test levels using say 300mg of test, do I have 2X the DHT? More? Less? Impossible to tell?

  14. No because the enzyme that converts test into DHT (5-AR) will become saturated at some point. The closer the enzyme gets to saturation (meaning each enzyme is occupied by a test molecule which it is converting to DHT), the less DHT conversion you will get out of subsequent increases in test dosage.

  15. No way to tell where the cap (enzyme saturation) is, right? I believe it's highly individual. Basically what I'm trying to figure out is: in what ballpark would my dht be while taking fin (assuming it reduces dht at natty test levels by 70%) and 300mg test which should put me at 2-3x natty levels.

  16. I very rarely see someone with a beer/alcohol walking outside. Especially before 9-10pm. And if they do and are fairly young they are questioned by the police (I don't think it's illegal but they might check their id).

  17. I'd rather use a wash that is convenient for me and take the car to a polish every other year or so (if at all) than drive to the other side of the city for an overpriced touchfree wash. Makes financially more sense too.

  18. Little 16-yo broccoli head started lifting one month ago and is pretty much benching 220lbs already. Form is shit, arms are skinny, but the guy is legit strong. Life is unfair.

  19. I benched 225 after 3 months of lifting and at first I was struggling doing controlled reps with just the bar.

  20. No bleeding = no grafts lost. 30 mins after I got my HT I bumped my head getting into the car, no bleeding. 3 weeks post op, all is fine

  21. Thoughts on adding low amounts of slin preworkout (4 uis?) For a tiny bit of added hypertrophic effect? I'm not on GH

  22. Since you mentioned absolutely zero about your diet, no insulin.

  23. Chugging 7-8g carbs * UIs of slin injected during workout and eating a post workout meal with 0 fats. And that's about it for the day because I train in the PM

  24. As someone who has a PHD in hairloss and also battled bad acne, ill just give out quick facts and/or thoughts and/or my own experiences.

  25. Any totally safe compounds to use on top of fin and reasonably low amounts of test to make sure I don't lose any hair?

  26. În 35 ani 145kE o sa aibă o putere de cumpărare mult mai mică decât acum 60kE. Dar imobilul cu siguranță în 35 ani va valora peste 145kE.

  27. Nope it was UGL primo. I pre draw my dose the night before and didn't use an alcohol wipe in the morning so, I'm an idiot lol

  28. I haven't used alcohol wipes in years.

  29. Right, guys, I’m coming towards the end of this cut/blast now and wanted to share what will probably be my final look with you guys. I may extend for another 2 weeks, I’m waiting on results from bloods. But this has been 6 weeks at 250 Test, 100 Mast and 100 Primo per week. And then 4 weeks with 25 Var/25 Winstrol per day and 5IU GH M-F added.

  30. Your skin looks impeccable. Holy shit

  31. 27. Getting old. Realizing I'm no longer the invincible, immortal teenager/young adult I once was. No longer clicking the first radio button in a survey when I'm asked about my age.

  32. It is although I'd argue that the vast majority of gym goers will not achieve this look.

  33. Man, my M1 13" MBP with 16 gb of ram is such a beast. I just really wish it had 120hz refresh rate. Going back and forth from the M1 pro 14" MBP (work station) to the 13" feels like such a step backwards in terms of tech/performance when it really shouldn't be (at least for mundane tasks)

  34. Canada is not only more expensive but the wages are not on par

  35. Right, higher taxes, higher cost of living, lower salaries.

  36. Canada lower than the US? Interesting

  37. What are you going to get with the insurance money? :p

  38. But the government can control ignorant people! So we must keep us dumb.

  39. So if you get a bachelors in geography you're all of the sudden that much overall smarter and uncontrollable? Come on

  40. How much would you say, a student would spend on rent(inexpensive area) food(groceries, no restaurants) and transport in a month? Is it cheaper compared to other smaller coties like Oradea?

  41. 500-600 euros and upwards. Depends on the rent (roommates?) and your dietary choices. Oradea it's a tad cheaper than Timișoara

  42. I'm in a similar situation currently using 0.1% tretinoin cream. Can I expect it to smooth it out?

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