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  1. clearly they didn't give a shit about security with the prisoners. look at the doors and cells and the whole place. thats a pretty well build new prison for this area. If you wanted to basically no one could ever get out of there if you were secure correctly. maybe next time they will take it more serious...

  2. That's Syria and they're in the middle of a civil war. They don't have the resources to build Guantanamo-like prisons. Most of those prisoners are from other countries, many from the West. The West should step in either by taking their nationals back or fund the Kurds.

  3. The app Learn Korean! is great for learning the alphabet, better than Duolingo IMO. Also, the book Hanguel Master from Talk To Me In Korean is really in depth for learning the letters, how to write them, and their pronunciation.

  4. It seems the app I use is IOS only! I’ve heard good things about the one you linked though I haven’t tried it myself.

  5. Thanks. I searched this sub for dictionary and NAVER was recommended in the previous threads. Do you have any good dictionary recommendations for smartphones?

  6. Do you have any @‘s I can look up to help me get the ball rolling? I’ll do some digging on this sub first

  7. Close to 100 ISIS terrorists managed to escape, but only to be detained later.

  8. Don't worry, even if the government changes, the Turkish army will continue to kill your terrorist friends, who are enemies of society

  9. Steal their land and then call them terrorists for fighting back for it. Very bold of you

  10. Rape isnt used as a battle tactic, there is several women that have left the organisation because of rape being considered a normal punkabment for female fighters. Female genital mutilation you are right, it isnt a pkk issue but more local population issue which is true. It isnt also a widespread issue, but it does happen, especially if the woman has been observed having sex outside of marriage.

  11. Literally no country other than Turkey recognizes YPG as PKK. Even in the 2022 budget, the US have allocated a specific amount of budget to YPG, although PKK is in their terror list.

  12. the commentator you reacted to is just spreading sinister lies about the ypg.

  13. I didn't even realise it got really cold in Turkey I've learned something today. The place is hot as fuck in the summer, I've visited twice

  14. I live near the border between Iraq and Turkey called Kurdistan. It's very cold now, especially at night. In many cities and towns it has been snowing for days. Turkey, and especially the regions inhabited by the Kurds, are very mountainous and receive snow several meters high this time of year.

  15. It is apparently a "known issue", but with reports going back some time it is obviously not a high priority for the developers. I've been looking in several places for more information.

  16. It doesn't make much sense . A timer means one more process for a feature, which is self-explanatory. Between sessions the tabs are closed , only when you close the browser . How do you close the browser unintentionally? Do you use the close all function of android?

  17. I have a Samsung and use One Hand Operations +, which uses gestures tyo control the device, and that is not a problem for all users, but sometimes it's because I hit the back button by mistake. As I said in my other reply, can a timer be added at least as an option and the way Kiwi works now be still the default? It's not a big deal though, I posted this only as a suggestion back then.

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