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  1. to me, that's in C major and Bm is borrowed from lydian. Playing in C major pentatonic should work fine. It could also be D major and the F is bIII, in that case, play in D major and D minor, changing key constantly, preferably but not necesarily in major with B minor and minor with F. You could also be in E minor, I guess. B minor is the V and F is borrowed from phrygian. E minor pentatonic should work as well. Just remember that if a note outside key sounds good, you're not doing it wrong.

  2. i personally love carrot-orange juice and potato mash mixed with carrot purée, i, like you, don't like the texture of carrot

  3. Hi. I don't usually write on stuff like this but I want to journal a bit and help people in the process.

  4. Thank you for sharing!! This is going to help so many out there. And you are really strong to have not given up and striving forward after the hospital incident.

  5. You're truly really kind. Thanks for calling me strong, it gives me, well, strength lol. I tried to list thing on google keep, since it's both on my phone and computer if you have the same email. I just went, "happy list: 1. bach prelude in C major, 2. mermelade" and so on. Really just write whatever feels nice about existence on that one. Of course there's days in which you don't write anything, and- this is the important bit: when your mind tells you there's nothing nice about existence, you read it again and again. Also it helps you stay focused on the moment, which, i f you're depressed as hell, it's really fucking hard.

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