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After winning in a first round KO, Mike Malott one of the lowest paid UFC Fighters on the roster, donates all his show money to his Coach, who's daughter is battling childhood cancer.

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  1. Have you tried Turo? I was looking to rent a minivan and I paid basically half in Turo

  2. Buy the 3 day metro ticket. In 2019 it was $20 for the gp wknd special. In terms of timing it's no longer super important to go early since fp1 is now at 2pm but for Sunday expect tens of thousands of ppl cramming into the metro. It's the only way to the island for us plebs

  3. Really? Ive never seen it in operation during the gp weekend. Either that or it's reserved for the social elites

  4. Oh no, it’s not a fancy boat, it’s just a regular shuttle ferry. I tried it in 2019. I went to the race by metro and left in the boat

  5. OP I don’t know if this is still relevant for you but I just saw this

  6. The key takeaway for me is that the rates will double for fast charging after you reach 90% charge. Makes sense to me, should help minimize people that would leave the car connected for long period unless they really need that full charge

  7. The fact that seb was on course to get p7 in Miami still boggles my mind. Wtf1 gave him a C rating and said stroll was better all weekend

  8. Man he was behind Stroll almost the entire race, he only got in front when Kmag and Stroll had contact.

  9. Has there been many cases of drivers that raced in both F1 and MotoGP? I know of Johnny Cecotto

  10. If you have conversations with immigrants it shouldn't be a surprise. The whole goal of moving to Canada is to do BETTER than you did at home.

  11. You may underestimate a bit what doing better means for a lot of immigrants. Just being able to be safe and being able to have all your basic necessities covered by having a regular job is something that may not be completely understood by some people that was born here. I know that from your perspective the current situation may suck, you may just not know how much more it sucks back home for most people willing to leave their country. Another thing is, you have a very long, demanding immigration process, it’s not like whoever can come here (some exceptions of course, like the family reunification program, refugees, etc) thus, a lot of the people coming are very well prepared and some of the most prepared in their own countries. It sucks for sure than in a lot of cases they need to reinvent themselves once here or it takes a lot of years to be able to work on their fields of expertise, but in my experience (anecdotical I know) they end up “making it” (stable job, a house, etc).

  12. If Vettel finished that race I think he would have deserved it. Such a shame

  13. Wasn’t Vettel behind Stroll almost the entire race? I think when he got in front is when Mag and Stroll had an incident

  14. In quebec with the circuit electrique which is managed by the government we are are charged by the kwh, i don't know about flo station but Tesla decided to up the price when gas price went also up. Thwy probably did the same so they are definitly ripping you off

  15. Most stations in Quebec charge the by the minute, not by kWh. The thing is that in my experience charging in Ontario is way way way more expensive than in Quebec and the infrastructure is lacking (did a Road trip to “remote” places in both provinces last summer)

  16. That is absolutely hilarious! I wish I could upvote this more than once. There is no question that this kid is Italian Argentinian.

  17. She is speaking Spanish but it sounds like Argentinian or Uruguayan accent. Both of those counties have lots of Italian descents so you are onto something hehe

  18. She is speaking Spanish but it sounds like Argentinian or Uruguayan accent. Both of those counties have lots of Italian descents so you are onto something hehe

  19. I would say that you get around 250 km during winter

  20. You mean going to the US? If so, yes no need to prove vaccination if driving. Flying is where it's needed.

  21. I drove to the US on Saturday, they didn’t even asked for proof of vaccination

  22. I was first thinking "wow, that's a huge stream of water falling off the top of a mountain, incredible!" but then got confused thinking about how the water got to the top of the mountain. Then I realized it was probably the camera's perspective

  23. Not sure if it helps but this are table-top mountains called Tepuis. It’s basically rain water (it rains a lot) that accumulates at the top of the mountain

  24. I don’t care for the guy, but today he earned my respect and showed true leadership.

  25. ‘From the article: ‘The most Bolts Chevrolet ever sold in one year was 24,000 and Chevrolet will surpass that “pretty significantly," said Chevrolet spokesman Kevin Kelly.’ So they are expecting to sell a lot more than 24k in a year, which was their previous record

  26. Do you know that he sold his jet a few year ago already?

  27. Doesn't your LG have airplay? Mine has. Casting from an iPhone is very easy.

  28. Oh man AirPlay has never worked for me with the F1TV app. I have tried with 2 different brands of TV . Are you in Europe? Could it be some kind of limitation they introduced in certain markets? I’m in Canada

  29. I had a terrible experience with Airplay and Samsung TVs. Eventually bought an AppleTV and never had any issues anymore. My point is: maybe the Airplay function of Samsung TVs is the issue. Do you use AirPlay for other things than F1TV? How does it work then?

  30. I have 2 different tv brands (Samsung and Sharp) and it doesn’t work in any of them

  31. Got it. I wouldn’t be going on road trips with the Bolt, more so for work commute and putzing around town.

  32. You should be more than fine with the Bolt for your scenario. Enjoy it!

  33. Thank you! The big trek is my work commute a couple days per week (160 miles round trip) so besides that, it’s putzing around town that it would be used for.

  34. If you are sure you will be able to charge at work most of the time you should be more than fine. If not, given that you don’t have a way to charge at home, the annoying part would be to wait like 1 hour for your car to charge at a public station. That wouldn’t be a concern if you can charge at work because the car will be charging while you work. My wife does 100 km everyday and we charge at home every 2 days during very cold winter and like twice per week during the summer

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