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  1. There's something that is said about autism that I think is also true about adhd: autistic people come from autistic families.

  2. omfg, my last post on here had some guy in the comments talking about how i should watch de-trans videos and that “what is a woman” movie or whatever, just to “make sure i actually want to transition” SO fucking weird. like leave us tf aloneeee

  3. Ugh the discourse around detransitioning is so upsetting. First of all, the number one reason people detransition is because it's so fucking hard to be trans in this world. Secondly, I watched a few videos made by people who detransitioned and personally found them to be quite reassuring (edit: meant to say this was when I was questioning if I wanted to make changes for myself and if so which ones). Most of these people were incredibly grateful for their gender-questioning journey, had learned a lot about themselves, and did not regret their overall decision to explore transitioning options.

  4. Yeah around half of the people who detransition do it because of no support or because they were more non-binary than they thought and were happy with where they are

  5. I agree! I think I'm currently going through what some might see as a detransition but to me it's really just finding my nonbinary/ genderfluid center. I would be a very misleading statistic if someone were to count that as a negative experience.

  6. Maybe I only learned about it after the hipsters claimed the term and made it cool, lol

  7. I'm not aware of this reclamation! I've only ever heard of comb-overs being decidedly uncool.

  8. Oh totally ! I'm not upset at their response at all ! They're a great friend and very supportive I just thought the frowny face with "Lmao" was cute and funny !

  9. Your friends response is how I often feel about my own trauma. I will have to use lmao frowny face to express myself sometime.

  10. Did you reach out to people you turned against trough splitting? That’s how I lost most of my friends and family. Just curious to see how it went if you had to repair damaged relationships. Just in case I get to the point where I can try.

  11. Hey this is a couple days later but I'm actually going through a thing with a friend who I suspect did some splitting on me (lashed out at me when I reached out to talk about something that bothered me). Similar things have happened enough without resolution that I'm at the point where I realize that I don't have the capacity for the relationship as it stands, but if they were to show some sign of self-reflection I would definitely give it a chance. We were friends for quite a few years and I really value their perspective. We've been through a lot of similar trauma but we have really divergent thought patterns and I've learned a lot from them and they've said that they've learned from me too.

  12. Has anyone seen The Rehearsal? Perfect manifestation of my anxiety lol

  13. I literally had to stop watching it halfway through the fake family one. I love Nathan but he hit too close to home this time lmao.

  14. You've got Renegade and Paragon choice eyes, haha! You look great! Super cute!

  15. Because it can be! Language is fluid, it's not like programming. It does not have to be so essentialist or black and white.

  16. I wonder if you’ve said “no” to things because you weren’t comfortable - like setting a boundary, and then been told you were being “selfish”.

  17. Yep that's all true. So far, reclaiming the word selfish has worked fine for me and I'm not interested in discussing it further. That's a boundary I'm setting between me and you.

  18. Yo, props to the original artist. That kid is going places. He'll get better at drawing and his designs are already intriguing!

  19. Agree, really fun and interesting character designs. I think my favorites are the pair of rook and green samurai helmet guys but it's hard to choose!

  20. What I do is last months pill bottle stays at home with the majority of the medicine. This months pill bottle travels in my backpack carry the 2 I need for the day or 10 for the week. You are G2G that way.

  21. I did the same, especially for travel. Eventually switched to a non-controlled medication and it's so much easier. They'll ship this stuff straight to my house now!

  22. You're right about the last part. As a Jew we're told to always strive for success. I think it has to do with our history of exile and struggle throughout the ages.

  23. I had a very achievement-focused upbringing and one thing that has been very helpful (and challenging to internalize) is that I am acceptable and lovable just for being a human. I'm allowed to just be average, to just get by, to make mistakes. Taking a nap and slacking off a bit? Very human and still lovable. You are very human and lovable in all your various states as well ♥

  24. I really love it aesthetically and will build elaborate outfits, but you better believe all that stuff is getting peeled off of me like a shell the second I step in the door at home haha.

  25. She keeps asking. The trauma is extensive so she wants to know all about it.

  26. I found out that couples therapy was a great place to tell my partner about more of the details of my trauma. We were both able to get emotional support from a therapist that we already had trust in. All kinds of feelings can come up on both sides.

  27. Doesn’t he? Too bad he wriggled both arms out of it right after the picture was taken.

  28. Jackson Galaxy recommends blocking off hiding spots for this exact reason, cats will hide, especially with smoke alarms going off, sirens, or people banging on doors.

  29. What I'm saying is off topic, but can I just say how much I love Jackson galaxy? I always found his show super comforting to watch. Shows about accommodating animals were the stepping stone for me accommodating myself.

  30. I loved his show too, when I had cable. Now I follow him on Instagram. I love how respectful he is of the cats, and how he advocates for their well-being.

  31. I've never owned a cat (incredibly allergic) and yet I know so much about them lol.

  32. I'm sitting in the car in the driveway, reading/writing this, instead of putting the goddamn car in gear and going to work 😆

  33. Standing in the bathroom stall writing this comment, not ready to go back into the lab where I will need to let someone in at an unspecified time but probably soon.

  34. Robin from Stranger Things. Scoops Ahoy!

  35. I bench series with my fiance after my kids go to bed. I watch allot of long content video on YouTube while i work. I definitely don't feel lonely, sometimes it's even an escape to be alone for just an hour or two.

  36. It's totally possible that this is not about you, but when you're around people, are you feeling connected and like your needs are being considered by others? Or just like a bunch of people need you for stuff? That's what I noticed about myself.

  37. That's a really toxic way to look at friends.. So either you are abused or the abuser?

  38. I think it's more complex than that. I can see how maybe what I wrote was unclear because I presented it as an "or" situation. Imo, the words "abuse" and "toxic" are not really super useful either because of how messy the common definitions have become. The clinical definition of abuse also requires a power differential and I don't think I mentioned that at all.

  39. I was looking for a vintage couch a while ago and kept finding this same style. They are intriguing for sure but a little too unsettling for me. Shrimp ring is a very apt description.

  40. 100% this. I like parties and social gatherings. I don’t mind public speaking or group events. I do get exhausted and I want to curl up in a ball on the couch for a day after and decompress! So for me I think my nightmare would be being on one of those reality shows where I’m filmed 24/7 and constantly engaging with other contestants.

  41. Great description. I've been trying to explain to my SO exactly why I'm so anxious about their dad's wedding coming up. It's a destination wedding on an island in Florida and the boat has to take us all at the same time (not explained further, don't know if it's a ferry with a timetable or what). We all have to come in and leave on the same flights. We will all be on the island together for 5 days. The two people I know best in my in-laws family will not be joining us. My SO really wants to photograph the wedding so I will be largely on my own. We learned about the wedding with 3 weeks of notice.

  42. I had covid 2 years ago in November. Ever since I have experienced extreme brain fog to the point that I get frustrated consistently trying as I forget my entire train of thought while speaking it, often. Not like now and then, but all the time. I swore my brain didn't work like it use to, and then I started hearing about "covid brain fog". This was just another thing to add to the list as I also had a year+ of sharp random chest pains and never gained my full breath back.

  43. I wonder if you would find some relateability and helpful tips in the adhd, autism, or cptsd subs?

  44. My pupper doesn't have a long tail but he does have an extra long tongue.He has to roll it out when he yawns ❤️🤣

  45. You're welcome!!!!! I hope it works well for you!!!! Let me know how you get on! ❤️

  46. I wanted to let you know that it has been working already. I have also told like 3 people about your technique haha. Thank you so much for sharing it :)

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