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  1. My sister-in-law has had 6 vaginal births. She's 5 feet tall and the babies were all over 7 pounds.

  2. I was told to leave the sub if it bothered me so much, it was incredibly rude because no one should be attacked for wanting to protect these children, something their mother is refusing to do.

  3. I have received the same downvoting and encouragement to show myself the door for standing up for the kids. On the plus side a few on the nastiest contributors have blocked me, and this whole sub is a much more pleasant place when I can’t see the negativity they spew 🤷‍♀️

  4. He seems like it’s in pity mode/ depression/drinking. He will probably get some work done, but I think he is struggling with guilt.

  5. I agree his appearance is tell-tale that he is struggling internally. he’s kind of doing this thing where he continues to soldier on and not address the shit his family has been through but his whole body is screaming with distress.

  6. It’s clear to me that if you are reposting images that you find disturbing and offensive, you are redistributing them to a larger/secondary audience.

  7. Actually … yeah that is curious she hasn’t given it a mention

  8. I think this one is for sure fake because I am also pregnant and on a similar timeline.

  9. I think Hillary knows that Pepino Nation is on to her, and thus she's both half-assing this "pregnancy" and "trolling" us (in her mind at least). She's always been sloppy with her grift, as evidenced by the "workout videos" in which her Moon Bump started to peel off, but she continued filming and uploaded the video anyway.

  10. I’m not someone who believes she does things specifically to toy with this sub. I think her actions comes from a place where she can act with impunity / is kind dumb and lazy to be really good at committing to the grift.

  11. Currently pregnant at 26w and have a 7y old. Lots of emotions about upsetting the relative ease of our life and starting over. The 3 of us have a really sweet little dynamic and our 7y old is our pal. But when I think long term, I’m happy that she will have siblings in her life. Over the course of her life she will benefit from peers and someone to gossip about her parents with.

  12. I knew very little about her until the Spanish scandal broke. I had never seen or paid any attention to her social media before. But I had heard AB refer to her in interviews and on his podcast as things like “the smartest woman I’ve ever met / the most incredible person / etc”.

  13. Genuinely adore Cheryl Hines. Her husband is a dangerous wacko but she has publicly stated that his views do not represent her own, and has denounced his views. Love her for that.

  14. so she fakes a pregnancy to avoid weight gain but then.... gains weight to fake the pregnancy? Plz make it make sense

  15. These fucking people have made their own bed. I fully believe the shooting was a horrible accident but it’s all of AB’s actions in the wake of it that have turned me and I’m assuming plenty of others off of him forever.

  16. All leggings are actually comfortable during pregnancy. Those were my pregnancy outfits. Not sure if I wore mine as tight but yeah instead of buying maternity clothes I may never wear again I wore leggings almost daily.

  17. Agreed, but not in the middle of the hot summer for me! Current almost in my 3rd trimester, it’s hot as hell where I live and I cannot imagine pulling on full length leggings right now. Especially ones that are made of synthetic material. Also carrying around a long sleeve flannel shirt? Is NYC experiencing a cold snap?

  18. I put money down that this guy smells like too much cologne and bengay.

  19. Imagine being married to someone who only cares about their own appearance

  20. She behaves like a teen being forced to spend quality time with her Dad.

  21. I believe if she just learned how to take better photos considering light and composition she’d have better success as an influencer. Also, more editing. Some of the junk she posts is such meaningless and ugly garbage content

  22. Personally I think it’s more damaging that you post a photo of a 7-year child who’s a stranger to you and comment on her “enormous shnozola”. Trolling the appearance of children is fucked.

  23. I don’t understand why you’re being downvoted. This is such a sensible explanation

  24. Is she … camping? Imagine camping 11 days after giving birth 🫠

  25. She’s a clown, but actually looks way happier than anything she’s posted recently

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