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  1. I hate that they used Willie when Willa or Willow were right there

  2. Or they blame it on age. Like in: we all get old sometime. Now, I'm well aware of the ageing process and all the annoying little or big things that add up to a more difficult life than it used to be. No, ageing is not for wimps. However, there are things that are acute, painful conditions, that are only chronic cuz doctors keep blatantly ignoring those. It's a hot mess out there.

  3. They'll tell you you're too young to be in so much pain until you turn 50 and then they tell you it's normal for your age smh.

  4. I started questioning at around 13, but between internet randos assuring me it was totally normal to look at and think about girls the way I did and there was zero chance I was a lesbian and queerness feeling like some almost mythical thing that only happened to tv characters, I didn't fully realize I was queer until I was 16 (when I knew in my gut but was still trying to deny it) to 17 (when I accepted it and started identifying as queer, though only online and to myself initially.) Went through a few different identities, considered myself a lesbian for awhile, but then settled on bi at age 19 when I developed feelings for my now-partner of 9 years.

  5. It definitely is, which is confusing to me... especially since the world has become more accepting of every other sort of relationship.

  6. I think it's a combination of there being fewer reasons someone would want to marry their cousin, plus increased awareness on the risks of inbreeding, especially across multiple generations. These days an heiress doesn't have to marry a cousin to keep money and property in the family, she can just own her own stuff. Titles and stuff don't matter as much these days either. There are also fewer people living in rural areas than there used to be and those who do still have the opportunity to meet more people than in the past thanks to cars and the internet.

  7. KVD Edge of Reality. The darkest matte brown is way too light and it's too warm to use with the taupey shade, which is also to light to use without a deeper shade. There's also two very light shades and I don't find they show up enough to look significantly different. If it were up to me, I'd say get rid of the warmer light shade, darken the warm brown and add a more muted cool brown that's even darker.

  8. That's so great. I feel like I should do more money magic. I've only ever done one potion and I mainly just did it because it looked really yummy (pumpkin spice cocktail) but even without putting a ton of energy into it, I ended up finding a bag I'd misplaced ages ago with $20 and change in it and it felt so great. I can't imagine how you must feel getting thousands! Congrats!

  9. Gender swap fic where the author described a (now-female) vampire's vagina as feeling like ice cream when the (now-male) human character fucked him.

  10. The only place I don't feel super awkward being recognized is the comic book store. There's like 3 people who work there (including the owner) and they have for years, I'm in there weekly, and they're always pulling comics and special ordering things for me, so it would be really weird if we weren't on a first-name basis after knowing each other such a long time.

  11. Idk to me it's like licking my hands clean after, which is more gross than swallowing after the guy has already cum into my mouth.

  12. Interacting with bodily fluids after they've left someone's body just feels grosser to me. I'll swallow during a blow job, but if you handed me half a shot glass full of my partner's semen, I don't think I could drink it without gagging. Hell, I don't think I could drink half a shot of my own saliva even if it's just going back where it came from. I've heard it's a defense mechanism to prevent us from interacting with bodily fluids of unknown origin which could carry diseases, but I don't know if that's true or not.

  13. I have one and I like it, but at the end of the day, it's a liquid blush, not a miracle in a tube. I'd recommend it to someone who's in the market for a new blush at that price point, sure, but if you've already got a bunch of blushes, it's not going to revolutionize your life or even your makeup routine. I wouldn't even say it's my favourite liquid blush in my collection.

  14. My mom says I was extremely outgoing from birth until age 5 and she'd regularly have to stop me from going up to complete strangers and starting a conversation. Then I started kindergarten and found out people can actually be really fucking mean and maybe I should just not talk if I don't want them to hate me.

  15. Same honestly. If I had to pinpoint it why, then I think it's probably because glasses acts like a form of highlighter.

  16. I find they de-emphasize my eye bags. Like it draws the eye more to the line of the frame which makes the tear trough lines look softer by comparison or something. I feel like I look way more awake when I have my glasses on. Plus they're a fun colour and I just think they look cute as an accessory. (And of course they help me see clearly.)

  17. A lot of people have this weird misconception that using medical devices/mobility aids makes you dependent on them when you otherwise wouldn't be. As if you can "train" away any disability by simply treating your body like an able-bodied person's. Because accepting the reality of what your body's capable of and using tools that help you function is "giving up".

  18. I mean it it's spread got ramped up significantly by dumbasses from all over the world who flew into China for Chinese New Year. I get it sucks not getting to visit with family, but seriously did you have to go visit them in the middle of a deadly epidemic sweeping across the nation?

  19. Sounds insane with hindsight, but my sister asked her doctor if she should cancel her trip to Bali in winter 2020 (which included a layover in China) and the doc encouraged her to go and assured her any apprehension she was feeling was just coming from her health anxiety. By the end of her trip they were telling people to come home ASAP to avoid getting stranded in a foreign country. Even a lot of medical professionals just did not take it seriously at all.

  20. When I hear it or see it written down it seems fine, but then I say it out loud and it doesn't feel nice in my mouth, especially saying it a bunch of times in a row. Something about how it starts at the back of the throat and then moves forward combined with the "leh" sound makes me feel like I'm gagging. But I have a lot of weird sensory aversions so I don't know if other people would have the same issue.

  21. 30mL bottle of marula oil. I use maybe 1 drop a week on average, just to help prevent frizz while scrunching out the gel cast in my hair (and if I leave the house with wet hair and scrunch out the crunch on the go, I don't use it at all.) At the rate I'm going at, I'll be done in ten years.

  22. This is also where I've come across couples who share an email address, so you'll get things like "HusbandAndWife.Lastname at example dot com." If that's your thing, then great, but personally I find it kinda creepy and weird. If you want both people to get the email, guess what: you've been able to specify multiple recipients on emails

  23. I finally got an ironing board like 4 years after moving into this house and I thought about ironing the flag, but once I do I can't undo it and it's been like that so long, I think I would be sad. :(

  24. Lots of good advice on here already, but wanted to add that using a clear base and top coat will make it last longer.

  25. I’m a survivor of SA and occasionally enjoy reading dub or non-con. Some of it can even be arousing. I can enjoy it because 1. I recognize that it’s fiction and 2. Can recognize when I’m in the right headspace for it and heed the warnings/tags when I’m not. I hate that the OP got ran out of town for their writing. The mob mentality in some of these fandoms and online communities is so ugly.

  26. Same and I hate how some people treat this as a black-and-white "victims vs perpetrators" thing as if none of us who read or write dubcon/noncon are also victims/survivors of SA (and as if victims/survivors aren't also capable of perpetuating harm.) It's like a 'get out of jail free' card for them. "I'm the victim, so I'm an authority on this subject. They're the bad guy, so no amount of harm I cause them can ever be wrong." It's actually alarming how quick some people are to dehumanize people they disagree with.

  27. My dumb ass didn't scroll down far enough to see the picture and thought this was about Buffy. Very confusing.

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