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  1. Very Jack Donaghy, when confronted about having an undocumented worker after he had a PI investigate himself to see what they could find:

  2. I’m 33 and currently snuggling the teddy I’ve had since I was a couple of weeks old. My husband is also here but he’s accepted there are three of us in this marriage

  3. I have a teddy that I've had since birth, he goes on every trip with me. Hubby and I took a road trip around Oregon for our honeymoon, and it was hubby's idea to do a little photo shoot of my teddy at Crater Lake.

  4. I've been thinkin' a lot about the earth... we gotta leave it better than we found it.

  5. I really like how it's emphasized that it's Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow. Not to be confused with the boobie bungalows belonging to Li'l or Mid-Sized Jim.

  6. This is all cold process, the embed is made from white soap dough I made ahead of time and painted with alcohol & gold mica.

  7. These are amazing! I took a peek at your profile to see your other work and I see you're in Portland. Do you sell at any of the local farmer's markets or anything?

  8. I primarily sell online on my website, and very occasionally I will pop up at a craft fair or farmer’s market in the area. I do post those events ahead of time on my Instagram though, and I am hoping to do a few more in 2023 than I did in 2022!

  9. God I read that as “the entrepreneur’s new clothes” and I thought god what a good name for her

  10. I had weight loss surgery a few years ago and my least favorite genre of before and after photos were the "look at me put both legs in my old pants!"

  11. I used to work at Men's Wearhouse and a common "game" on slow days was "how many people can we fit into size 60 pants?" It was... not great.

  12. I didn’t understand the “are you ready to talk,now” either. It wasn’t as if she had tried to call or message me really before that

  13. I'd bet she got hacked, honestly. If she doesn't talk like that regularly I would be very suspicious. When I get messages like this, I ask them how we know each other.

  14. Add a “lee/ley/leigh” or a “lyn/lynn” to the object nearest to your left and that’s your 2023 baby name.

  15. Man. I'm in the US and had a baby in May. I had complications and an emergency c-section, had to stay for a week. I just got the explanation of benefits for it and my insurance was billed $60k. Thankfully we had already hit our deductible so we didn't have to pay anything out of pocket, but the cost of medical care here is just out of control.

  16. He’s a real good sex person. He does it all the different ways.

  17. My kid had one and the NICU nurses made sure we knew it was normal and they called it a stork bite too. When he got really pissed off, it would turn dark maroon.

  18. My son has one, and it gets super dark when he's pooping, which is the funniest thing to me!

  19. I have to say it. She looks good in this picture. It’s crazy how unattractive she makes herself with the cringe posing and facial expressions. I guess this is my first time seeing a natural smile?

  20. I think this is the only time I've seen her look genuinely happy instead of smug or desperate.

  21. Tell me about this infused honey!

  22. I put all the herbs and lemon in a big jar and covered them with honey and let it sit for about 2 weeks. It's absolutely delicious, and the turmeric enhanced the golden color of the honey and it's so pretty! I had intended it to be used as essentially a cough syrup, but it would be fantastic mixed into a vinaigrette or used in a glaze for meat.

  23. Thank you for your suggestions everybody! I decided to dry it all in the oven and make tea to go with the honey In giving as gifts!

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