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  1. Nothing untrusted should be connecting to such a vulnerable service....

  2. I am not talking about data breach within the server. Talking about whether computers in the server can be infected by another computer in the server.

  3. Have you tried a phone camera with a telephoto lens vs without? You aren’t getting the same picture detail at e.g. 10x zoom

  4. S20/S21 technically do not have a telephoto camera as I have mentioned

  5. I blocked the 64mp lense and the phone was still capturing 3x photos. Only when I block the main sensor, I cannot see anything

  6. Because you were blocking it. The phone will switch.

  7. So when I blocked the main lense, why did it not switch?

  8. No. If the work is not performed in the US then the income is not US-sourced, and no work visa is required, even if it's a US company.

  9. Oh so if a company does not have international offices and only have US offices, do they have some legal restrictions preventing them from hiring people abroad or not authorized to work in the US

  10. I'm not sure exactly, not an business attorney or anything. But I believe they can do it, just they need to jump through all the legal hoops of being an employer in that country.

  11. Hmm. I guess they may not have a right to hire in certain countries. Never thought of that.

  12. Much of it is done by using isotopes. Two of the most common for biochemistry are carbon-13 and carbon-14. The former is stable but can be detected by various forms of spectroscopy, the latter is radioactive. Feed something like a cell culture with a substance with enhanced levels of one of the isotopes compared with the normal form which is mostly carbon-12 and see which products the isotope ends up in. You can get even more subtle by starting with a molecule where only one of the carbon atoms has replaced been with an isotopic form and trace that through the chemicals produced by the organism.

  13. Yeah but with that method, you only know what goes in and out. How did they discover intermediate reactions and where they happen?

  14. I honestly liked the dimples despite the public consensus.

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