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  1. That’s a mall? Looks like a garage.

  2. I assume that’s from low-end mall (they call it trade center). Higher end malls in Jakarta look so great.

  3. I work in the aviation industry and wheelchair passengers and their equipment always need special attention and more time for boarding/de-boarding.

  4. You might have done what others said, but I want to give a little tip. I usually listen to music from The Sims’ build & buy mode when I clean the house. That lifts my mood!

  5. Genuine question, how accurate the map might be? I see many units with very narrow storefront but very long depth. I often see those in newer malls' map too

  6. When I was in school, I used to buy cds and dvds. My friends showed me where they usually got the music and movies. Then I often joined them when they’re online in public computers and asked them to download what I wanted. I just want to fit in.

  7. Take pictures of things that you want to throw away, so when you suddenly remember it, you can look at the picture

  8. Yeah, tbh I can’t really think of a good reason to use a straw. Sensitive teeth maybe?

  9. If it’s a new, single-use cup, one can be confident that it’s clean so there’s no need to use straw. If I dine in a restaurant that doesn’t clean their tableware properly, then I’ll have doubt.

  10. Is it made of fiberglass or acrylic? It looks like the coating is peeling

  11. If you’re okay with old laptop, go for it. Mine works well even with Intel, 32bit, HDD and 2GB ram. It’s a very old game anyway.

  12. The reason it malfunctioned is because her aspiration is low. If you ever do plastic surgery, always make sure their aspiration is high otherwise there's a good chance this will happen.

  13. It seems like the game knows which physical attributes are considered as failed

  14. First, you ask yourself, is it okay if you own a restaurant and the diners ask for recipe because they love the food? The chefs/servers may happily tell you, especially that you’ve been there three times, but that also depends on the owner’s rule. You can start asking if the ranch was made with certain ingredients

  15. Someone made the dream come true, but on the wrong place

  16. Older issues of magazines. Sites I’ve visited don’t have complete list. It was a long time ago but I doubt that sites update the list.

  17. If you get the networking, take note of the name and look at them at SimPE, which family he’s from. The other members of that family can do networking.

  18. There are 5 of them, one for every social class + if you make a townie with a simblender, they can network.

  19. Thank you for the correction. I always thought they’re from the same social class.

  20. I understand that is for safety and automation, but are people really falling and dropping things on rails so often? I mean, my city has quite big metro network, tho too small considering population, and such accidents happen just once a year and some years have no such accidents at all.

  21. That has been my entire life. I tell a funny joke , no one laughs , Friend tells the same joke , everyone laughs

  22. I use top loader because 1) it's cheaper and 2) I can use cheaper detergent. You can get more capacity, and detergents made for front-load are usually more expensive than regular ones in where I am.

  23. Detergents made for what now? Living in Europe here, we have a lot of different detergents but a difference between front and top loader isn’t one of them.

  24. I feel like that's the entire point of this sub (or maybe just for me). To post things that are mildly annoying, but not annoying enough to act on, but just annoying enough to post about.

  25. There are cases when people talk about their slight annoyance and it leads into a fighting. It's no longer mildly infuriating. It's extremely distressing.

  26. Bc they don’t know how to express their mild infuriation w/o being rude or condescending

  27. Yeah. And then there are people who gets easily offended no matter how polite you are.

  28. It is a very strong cleaner. A low, economical concentration is effective in removing cooked grease from pans, spray from the stovetop that is mixed with dust, residue of tea and coffee and anthocyanin pigment from fruit. It is a weapon of mass destruction and damages many common materials like paint and paint-like coatings on wood and appliances, chromed brass, aluminum alloys, metal decorations on pottery. It can be used on most plastics, chromed or raw steel, glass, enamel and other ceramics, paper/plastic composites on furniture. At high concentrations, over time and with heat it will attack glass and ceramic.

  29. Thank you. I'll try it for cleaning old mugs with tea stain.

  30. Handle it with great care. Can be very dangerous if misused.

  31. I read that some dish soap can leave color stain so test before using

  32. I like how they look. I often have a hard time recognizing premades because of their new look from CCs. However, I admit that CC creators are so great at making the game look modern.

  33. Sell his businesses first then move those into the bin. Then move him out, and move his house to the bin. Put the buildings on Pleasantview, then move him in, then buy the businesses again

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