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  1. Fuck yeah, please do it. Twitter is a cancer, especially with that tumor in charge.

  2. Careful what you wish for: we'll end up with more twits and twats over here.

  3. Waz ho, and good fortunes friend: I'm sure glad it wasn't my toadstool that you did upend.

  4. Paying zero for X is why [[Unexpectedly Absent]] is a good removal spell.

  5. Hey that's what the subreddit is here for!

  6. Let's you get me some record profits this quarter.

  7. Play this after dropping [[Possessed Portal]] and just stare at your opponent until time.

  8. Eventually you'd be forced to sacrifice the portal.

  9. Given that half of the people eligible to vote don't, this is very bad news.

  10. The supreme court did rule that money was speech. So, basically this.

  11. This is how you choose the different elemental powers to infuse into your bread.

  12. Did you think they were a skiffle group after hearing that? I would have 😂

  13. All I knew was that I needed more.

  14. Colossal Dreadmaw is a powerful creature that will threaten your opponents life total.

  15. how the fuck do u expect our floundering economy to survive with a 4 day work week

  16. People with more money and more time to spend it means a better economy.

  17. You've received a coupon for one (unpaid) day off!

  18. TBF I exaggerated a little, No.1 is actually obesity, No.2 is cancer and No.3 is cirrhosis of the liver

  19. Ok, so when you say "cancer" you mean "tobacco"

  20. You know what we on the left love more than "going after guns"?

  21. Sounds like a dumb way to fuse metals.

  22. What do you mean by 'match productivity'? If workers' salaries were multiplied by 2 overnight, what exactly would we be paying them for and why hadn't competition already pushed their salaries up to that level?

  23. Can you rephrase your question?

  24. We don't want your sad broken penis.

  25. I do have a problem with this, but here we are. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, right?

  26. The bad guy with a gun in CO recently was stopped by unarmed people.

  27. Would've been better if he wouldn't have had to be stopped by anyone

  28. Wow it’s the weekly post of this screenshot! How fun!

  29. Wow the ever-present griping about reposts.

  30. Not an aesthetic specifically but this reminds me of the witch labyrinths from Madoka Magicka

  31. Blaming consumers for the pollution they create is the standard playbook of the top 100 polluters.

  32. Yeah. How about some supply-side responsibility for once?

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