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  1. Find a very busy market and be prepared to work 12 hours or more or until you make that much. On an Tuesday or slow day it probably won't happen anyway.

  2. A few months ago McD lowered the fee they pay DD ever since then McD orders have slowed down.

  3. Food is not an expense,. Everyone at every job needs food.

  4. DoorDash is to blame. The customer doesn't know DD pays $2.50 for a delivery of $5 an hour if you do 2 an hour and then less after expenses.

  5. It was my fault. It was also DD fault for not hard coding the membership scan so you can get back to it if you need it, or for support to be able to put it back in.

  6. Title should have been “Shit that happened while I was running my errands hoping for orders.” Lol

  7. and your screen name should be SlowAdult.

  8. Let her know that DD pays the driver a small amount for delivery.

  9. Not scared of clowns, people who are scared of clowns are scared of nice ones too, but that is creepy AF.

  10. I still wear mine, I like it because they know i"m DD. Plus i have to wear it for Instacart and Shipt and not sure what UberEats wants anymore, but I seldom do those, but I like to keep consistent.

  11. No way, if you make $100 and put in more than $20 in gas that's a problem. You are taking too many low or non tip or low paying long distance orders.

  12. you’ve got some nerve. “Get rid of the Scrubs that can’t pay their bills” so delivery driving is a hobby for you? Paying bills is an option for you? You seriously made a post asking a billionaire to stop allowing “ppl who can’t pay their bills” to work? What will that solve? Since you’re obviously someone who can pay there bills without doordash why are you here? Get your head out of your ass for one second and think about what you said you dickward. Lol this post REEKS of privilege.

  13. The only reason to have a bad credit score is because you don't pay your bills. Even when I was almost broke I paid my bills and relied on my credit cards to get thru and had a great interest rate because I pay my bills and live below my means, and you should too.

  14. that's a different issue. And do you keep voting for people against Universal Healthcare? I would not pay off medical debt, you can't and the credit agencies know that. I don't think they weight that the same as other bills.

  15. If the app does not let you complete the delivery don't leave anything with the customer. Doesn't matter what other drivers do. If the app allows you to leave it and it's expired I would leave it after all it's not like she's under 21 because it's expired.

  16. What's the point of Dashing any time when it's all gone to shit?

  17. That's why I dont' leave the house for garbage and come home if nothing else if offered otherwise you are just wasting your time on call for free and they hope to wear you down to you do a $5 McD order. I would rather make nothing that do charity work for DD.

  18. That too. One time I was worried because a guy was very angry and aggressive on a phone call yelling at someone the whole ride. Another time some drunk kid going to the beach on Spring Break (my mistake for taking it) asked if he could drink beer during the ride. It took an hour to get there and an hour to get back for $22.

  19. First of all the car I had., had a door handle missing and I'm sure that's not allowed in rideshare. Second of all I don't want to deal with people. I did it in 2016 for a month and a half before in app tipping or back when the motto was No tips no problem and I used my car for a pay day loan. I made as little as $7 on some days doing 3 $2.32 rides. I schmoozed people for tips and a lot did tip. I didn't ask them but i talked about how shitty Uber was.


  21. find a shaded area to park and keep the windows down.

  22. Who cares what you’d do, this is a great order no way around it.

  23. No one cares about what you think, but you got triggered.

  24. If $100 cash is guaranteed, I would take that all day.

  25. No way to know. Maybe Uber removes the tip from the driver and wants the driver to think you removed it.

  26. Just don't buy Skittles or Arizona Iced Tea and you're good.

  27. He must be deranged if he thinks poor and working people will be in favor of paying more taxes and ending Social Security and Medicare.

  28. If it's $5 tip in the app and $5 cash that's good

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