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  1. I'm always hoping they re-run this performance once on TV. There's plenty of old Glastonbury concerts being broadcasted again through the years.

  2. Cool, but let's hope there's going to be real boardgames too. (I don't like Monopoly as a board game)

  3. I really would love to see an Indy board game. I am a big fan of Richard Garfield's Treasure Hunter game

  4. but he was better in Brigsby Bear. Amazing movie too by the way.

  5. I love both bands and love the "campy" cover", I bet Bono didn't complain about the money it brought in 😂

  6. Bono sang "can't take my eyes off you" in a live version of "where the streets have no name". I believe it was a Glastonbury concert, but I can't remember

  7. Eh, the stakes are pretty high in this one also, with the whole USSR trying to control the minds of the free world for their communist new world order thing. Temple of Doom has the lowest stakes in my honest opinion.

  8. Tbh, in the end the Tuggees want world domination by taking over religion over religion.

  9. They confused the best Star Wars movie with the other best Star Wars movie.

  10. Ah, The Rise of Skywalker, the critics darling, hated by the fans...

  11. The Family of Blood two-parter was not kind for Martha, iirc. I need to rewatch it, it's still my favourite season and Martha's my favourite companion

  12. Rumours are that there will be a remix album next year for the Oxymore album.

  13. I'd doubt if he ever played anything off of Teo&Tea

  14. He played Vintage at the 2011 Monaco concert.

  15. It will rank pretty low on my list of JMJ albums, but I admit it sounds fantastic in surround.

  16. Well, at least that's something. Johnson 's not really well known for making a good sequel.

  17. I’ll be keeping a hopeful eye out for it. Bethesda don’t really make the games I’m into but if it turns out to be like Uncharted I’d cry from happiness.

  18. If Bethesda is making it, and knowing their reputation, I bet bugs are the creepy crawlies in the game.

  19. From the looks of it this takes place after Ys II and before Ys IV, which means he hasn't been in any shipwrecks yet!

  20. C'est La Vie on Metamorphoses. The whole 12 Dreams of the Sun concert features some "eastern" arrangements of JMJ songs.

  21. "it's been 5 years, let it go" after criticizing TLJ.

  22. Is it because America is too young to have antique shops?

  23. I like it quite a bit, even if it is the 'least good' in the franchise. I understand people who dislike it, but it does not deserve the insane amount of hate it has gotten through the years. It is not the worst movie ever made. It might understandably have been bad, disappointing or mediocre to some, but if you think this film is the worst thing ever made, then you haven't seen enough movies period.

  24. Movie reviewers were generally positive about the movie, so it's really not that bad as people want it to be.

  25. I personally don't think it was as bad as many make it out to be.

  26. yeah, that's what the video also points out. It was released at the height of the George Lucas negativity plus the rise of nitpicking culture.

  27. I was also re-watching the movie on (the special edition 2 disc set) blu-ray and I noticed a timeline section on the first bluray disc which shows a timeline. It shows the production timeline, the story timeline, but also real events timeline. Especially that last one gives the movie so much more context. I highly recommend playing with that section, it's a lot of fun!

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