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  1. Florida man arrested for having sex with stuffed 'Olaf at target.

  2. I still think she's going to repeat songs. I know she talked about each show being different but that could just have meant each show in the same city will be different.

  3. Exactly what I wanted to say. Each show will a get a song or 2 that wasn't at the previous show. Her Endgame to sing every song possible from her entire collection. I'll be jealous of anybody hearing daylight live lol, but I was lucky to hear This is me Trying live.

  4. I loved she put Evermore into focus but I nearly lost it when she sang This is me Trying.

  5. But could it jump 50ft over a gap in the freeway??

  6. In the same vein, Janet Jackson after that superbowl.

  7. My first thought was why is she taking all the heat when JT clearing seeing ripping off parts of her outfit.

  8. 1.98 was pretty crazy, it stayed on that number for over a year

  9. This was all over the freeways throughout Phoenix, I pass about 5 of them driving home lol

  10. I'll keep that in mind, had a few ask then ghost me, odd....

  11. The movie Office Space, a guy name Milton was fired several years ago, but nobody ever told him, yet he was still showing up for work and getting paychecks.

  12. I understand nanotech was necessary for Infinity War and Endgame but it should have stop there, also with the only acception of No way Home with Peter nanotech suit.

  13. This movie was surprisingly good, I'll admit I had low expectations of it

  14. When a nail gun just won't do so you bring out the 45.

  15. No traffic. My life didnt change at all during, but man was my commute to work better.

  16. Agree, freeways in the cities were near empty as they would be at 2 or 3 in the morning during the middle of the day making commute easy.

  17. I was convinced it was Hans Moleman for some reason

  18. After Mr Burns confused him for a leprechaun in one episode its understandable he gets revenge

  19. We're never ever getting back together (sad version)

  20. Saw Creed 3 last night, i rather enjoyed it. I'm sure there's a Creed 4 at some point because of Amara.

  21. Who knows, maybe someday with Creed 4: The search for more Money.

  22. After reading alot of the comments this sounds like a IPhone problem

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