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  1. I for one am one of those shit posters that make super edited videos. Its just what I enjoy. Every single gaming community of different games has people that do content like this. League, Day Z, COD, Tarkov and so on. Literally type in any game and then "Experience" or ".exe" and you will find it. It is going to happen to this game as well.

  2. To each there own. Just not for me. I enjoy the game play with some added stuff peppered in. I’m just seeing more additions to videos than actual game play recently.

  3. Exactly as you said, to each their own. People can create whatever they want.

  4. This is why you were the spotlighted content creator you hero 🍻

  5. This whole video was golden but something about watching you run down a Barbarian, throwing wild haymakers, with a Francesca axe stuck in your forehead, had me in stitches on the floor.

  6. Hell yeah, thats me! Drunk Cleric Build! Praise the sun!

  7. those are very fair points. maybe i should find a similar game to play lol. i wish i was into pvp, this game is definitely a lot of fun and well made even in this state. back to skyrim, i suppose

  8. I cant think of many games that give that super dopamine hit of high risk high reward pvp, in a pve game. Getting out in this game after stomping a lobby and getting geared just feels so good. Lol. But if you ever try to keep playing.

  9. i’m sure i’ll make my way back to this game, and when i do i’ll keep these in mind! thank you for discussing with me rather than hitting me with the usual “git gud.” i recognize it can be annoying to see the same old “wHeRe pVe?!?!” so it really does mean something that you took the time to lay out why that wouldn’t work

  10. No problem. Lol. Usually people in hardcore pvp games have a very elitist mindset...and its theres that. Lol. It is what it is.

  11. I hope they use it for quests. But itd be nice if they added a merchant that like hated gold and his race loved silver as a primary means. So he only takes silver. It would give more purpose to silver.

  12. Skeleton champion is a high HP mini boss. He takes awhile to kill. If youre wanting to fight. Its nice to have one tank and just hold a shield while everyone beats on him. But im a cheeser and I just jump up on something and smack him. Lol

  13. Other tha going in dying, and resetting, no. But I suggest always using the gear you get. As it always helps.

  14. Im just asking. Because Im starting to get confused. Me abd also a bunch of others feel this "increased drop" feeling. But I saw ironmace replied to someone about this and said, they havent changed anything. So im confused.

  15. Usually if its something specific to that weapon. Itll be more expensive. For instance, a battle axe thats purple, but it has magical healing and magic penetration for its stats. This will probably be like 100g to 150g. But if had like +5 strength and +5 movement speed. Best believe its gonna be like 850 or above depending on how badly people are needing money.

  16. Yes, go to trade. Trade the item to you friend. Then go to your other character. Retrade and get the item. Itll cost come gold though to become a trader and to make trades.

  17. I will try to get clips. I have had the same issue. The drop feels way more than usual.

  18. Will we have bard class in this play test? Didn’t see it in trailer so far…

  19. haha, Glad you got it. I was worried it wouldn't be heard. lol

  20. I don’t even view this as solo queue in the way the community has talked about it. It’s more of a side game mode. It all just depends on how fun the dungeon and experience is I suppose.

  21. That is how they spoke of the game. They basically said they want to build around the main concept of what they wanted for like dungeon delving with a party. So its adding onto it. Itll be interestinf to see how it goes.

  22. I was watching a video about solo queues right before the solo queue announcement. Funny how timing works sometimes. With that in mind, I am interested to see how that goes.

  23. Even if people don't like it and it turns out shit, at least the devs are trying it out instead of discarding the idea.

  24. Very true. Im open minded. And its just a playtest. This is why they do it now. To see how it works abd if it works, cool. If it doesnt change it or drop it.

  25. Can't wait for players to (inevitably) team in solo lobbies and see all the whining on this sub...

  26. Love all the vids! Keep up the good work. Just because some people dislike the style don't let it get to you. I laugh so much every time and feel like they encompass my gaming experiences.

  27. No, 13 seconds in you have the kid I'm red over the game play. But it's a cutout of the red kid mp4, not just a rectangle playing the red kid mp4.

  28. Find videos of green screens. You use chroma keyer function in your editing software to remove green screen and only show the kid.

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