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  1. Haha hindsight’s 20/20 tho. Dudes got incredible work ethic and athleticism, and most of what he needed to work on was learnable. But I gotta be honest I wasn’t sold on him last year, he made strides in the off-season

  2. I was sold on him last year and I'm surprised by the strides he's made. I was hoping for a game manager with legs that didn't make many mistakes because I thought that's all we really needed to be very competitive this year. I never expected him to turn into a straight up elite qb. I thought he'd crack the top 15 next year with a career ceiling of bottom of the top 10, not bust into the top 5 this year. As long as we keep a great run game and play solid D, I'm not sure he has a ceiling.

  3. TJ and KW have been significant upgrades for sure BUT good coverage can only be done well as a team and the upgrades in the secondary + better execution of the defense is partly responsible for TJ and KW looking so competent in pass defense. Our secondary is playing better and our front is generating much more pressure. If TJ and KW were our main LB's last year, they wouldn't look that much better than Singleton and company.

  4. Back then I really thought Reggie Brown was going to be a guy. He showed flashes but he just never really turned into anything.

  5. It's not stopping them from finding a reason to complain about this.

  6. Most of what I've seen them complain about is how trump missed such an obvious slam dunk but in terms of the pardons, the reception has been surprisingly warm. I went to that subreddit thinking that they'd all suddenly become prohibitionists. I'm not surprised often by regressives but it did catch me off guard. Now one caveat - the thread I saw wasn't flaired conservatives only and I'm sure that would have skewed the discussion if it had been.

  7. Having about 1000 back and forth conversations will yield about 1 HOT lead regardless of the communication method. 300 calls means you had about 50ish conversations.

  8. This is really wrong or you're the worst salesman on the face of the planet, possibly the universe lol. By your math, op would need to have 6000 calls to yield 1000 conversations to yield one hot lead. A good agent should be able to turn 100 conversations into one hot lead. Shit, I feel like just telling 100 strangers what you do will yield a lead in some cases.

  9. Yes they are called attorneys and there are 1.3 million of them in the US.

  10. I am not but I worked with a lender years ago.

  11. Gotcha. Was curious how you have the opportunity to view hundreds of AOS's.

  12. That's a great point I needed to hear because I was expecting to refinance in the future anyways. I've been contemplating really hard today (fear of the unknown I guess). Have read so many articles stating rates will only go up for a while so I need to do the math and see what would make more sense financially. Thank you for your help.

  13. This is how you calc break even. Take the two principle & interest payments at their respective interest rates and subtract one from the other - we'll call that D. Look at the fee to lower rate (points * loan amount) - we'll call that F. F/D = number of months it would take to break even.

  14. I'm not standing in his way and I'll be the first to give credit when someone does the right thing. But also let's be real about how we got here.

  15. Minimum 6 months. If you're trying to qualify for a mortgage they'll need to see a minimum of 6 months of expenses left over in your accounts after closing.

  16. I'm a lender. This just isn't true on a primary residence outside of people with low credit scores.

  17. You & I may be used to different types of borrowers, or my investors have more stringent overlays.

  18. You might want to consider working somewhere else. How many loans are you missing out on because of a ridiculous overlay on your guidelines? That would probably kill a third of my business if I had that overlay. I don't know you or where you are but shoot me a message if you would want to explore another opportunity where you don't have to turn down loans like this.

  19. First, there are 2 components to a mortgage loan. The note - this is the loan doc. And the mortgage - this is the doc that allows the lender to collateralize the house. When married, one can be on the note but both are typically on the mortgage because the non borrowing spouse still needs to agree to let the lender use the house as collateral. In this case, I suspect the wife and other lady were going to be on the note and the husband and the wife would be on the mortgage. And with the reason being insufficient funds, it could be as simple as they had cash under the mattress and were planning to use that for the transaction without realizing that isn't an acceptable source of funds.

  20. Honestly never thought he’d look better than Schwartz but he is. I think if Schwartz had this much talent he’d feast tho. I miss that man

  21. I mean if you want to get nostalgic, if JJ was still alive, we'd have an all time great defense this year.

  22. Maybe he really did just need more help

  23. His defense is a lot more complicated than I initially thought. I think the learning curve plus getting a few really nice pieces has just took until this season for it to work the way it is supposed to work.

  24. it probably wasn't the best example tbh, but even a tiny starter home in a sketchy town:

  25. It's also about making sure US allies have access to oil.

  26. Venezuela has entered the chat. Also, there are plenty of places that the US could open up for drilling as well.

  27. Venezuela produces 25% of what either Russia or Saudi Arabia produce.

  28. And? The US produces more than Russia or SA with the capacity to produce more.

  29. Splash moves during the season tend not to work out. I'd rather we roll with who we have, maybe tweak on the margins while preserving our ability to reload via the draft with cheap, controllable talent.

  30. Guess you didn't read the part where I said DURING THE SEASON

  31. It's easy to get the wrong idea from the title- the "men are not" part means that men are identifying as liberal at the same rate that they have for the last 25 years.

  32. You take your critical thinking and shove it up your ass /s

  33. Not only is it unlikely that they’ll catch you, it is not fraud being that their original intention was to live there.

  34. And to put a finer point on this, the doc you sign specifically says that you "intend" to live there for a year. Things change, including intentions.

  35. This isn't an update. It's speculation. Nothing has come from the team or the players.

  36. Can’t blame it all on CTE, he’s also a piece of shit.

  37. Seems to run in the family. While I'm glad Christian came out with this info, he's a straight up piece of shit in his own right. He's gay but refuses to identify as such, even going so far as to demand a coffee shop remove a rainbow flag and he's a hardcore trumper.

  38. me right now as this ruins a bunch of people's weekends

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