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  1. I try and do something nice and put together a checklist for my job so stuff wouldn't get missed. I showed it to my coworker, who does the same job as me, and she added a few things, so after adjusting it, I sent it out to my boss. A few minutes later, she comes out of her office and goes, "why haven't you been using the checklist I sent out last year?" and then finds a copy of it and I've literally never seen it before. I've been working in this office for 2 years and doing this job for 5 years now. I've never used a checklist in this office because I'm decent with organizing and leave myself lots of notes.

  2. You have a boss who is an asshole. I recognize her type right away, because I had an old boss like this where every time I thought up an improvement, instead of it being appreciated, she took it in stride and acted like I should have thought of it a year ago, so I must be a dick. This type of person will never change. My boss went to retirement still that way.

  3. I'm glad I'm not on tinder. That was unnecessarily unkind from both of you.

  4. I went to my favorite spa that I’ve been going to for over a decade yesterday and was shocked at how disrespectful so many of the patrons were. I don’t want to name the spa because I don’t want even more people going but it’s from a specific culture with specific expectations on how you conduct yourself in a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. I have never seen the pools there be so cloudy and full of hair because people didn’t rinse off before getting in, or people coming in with clothes/bathing suits on! Not to mention how LOUD it was, you’d think it was a high school gym rather than a sauna. In the restaurant people just leave their food on the tables and don’t put them away… it was just a massive shit show. My mistake going on a Sunday.

  5. So, by coincidence, I went to a spa for the very first time this week. I don't think I'm the people you're mentioning, because my hair was completely tied up, I rinsed very thoroughly before going into anything even though I'd had a full shower at home two hours before, didn't talk to anyone except a question or two of staff, and threw away anything I used. But I wonder if you could tell me what some of the etiquette is SUPPOSED to be? Because nobody gave me any information and I was trying to figure it out as I went along from surreptitiously looking at other people.

  6. Do you work there? When I went, we weren't allowed to take pictures

  7. I would go out with your dad just to talk cars. Looks like an interesting guy.

  8. I use an old cell phone I forgot to donate. But you could maybe get away with using a pack of cards with your hand around it?

  9. I have a hard time leaving my cats for more than 7-8 days. Even though I haven't gone anywhere in two years, I still have nightmares about being on a trip and suddenly realizing no one is taking care of them. My anxiety is lessened when the cat sitter sends me pics and updates at least once a day.

  10. Do you use a cat sitter service? May I ask who you use? Ours is LOUSY.

  11. Thanks! I'll check them out and see if they come to our area.

  12. This situation has me thinking about the fine line between who I do and do not want to be as an artist, because on a surface level my sensibilities aren't that much different from this director (that's why we got along in the first place). I'm a morbid dude, I'm into dark, subversive material and want to work in horror, but I also want to avoid this particular brand that equates horror with maximum punishment of the viewer. My favorite horror movies are more seductive than that -- Halloween, for instance, is a beautiful fucking picture. Anyway, I digress.

  13. I think that's valid. There are different genres even within the horror genre. I like Misery and Halloween and can see them again and again, but I only needed to watch Rob Zombie's film once.

  14. Loki is enjoying a field trip to Philz this morning

  15. I have had two drinks and it's one PM. But I wanted to beat the crowds. Now I can hide at home tonight and watch The Quiet Man (which I've never seen). :-)

  16. Do you think Brendan Fraiser fat suit deserve to win the Oscar's for best makeup/costume?

  17. Yes. It's my understanding that because of covid, they couldn't have him in person to do testing and molds, so they pioneered an entirely new digital way of scanning the face and body and 3D printing the costume. They literally invented new processes. That deserves the oscar in my book.

  18. Everyone needs to contact backstage and ask them to remove the prescreen feature.

  19. Oh no, you're absolutely correct, that wasn't my issue.

  20. I've done the same. 'Can I confirm this is a SAG film?' 'Nope.' 'Then I'm not coming for the audition, thanks.'

  21. I went to Ivana chubbuck's studio for awhile, and they were big on using parallel relationships and situations from your own life. Which, okay, fine. I guess you can build that trust with your classmates talking about personal stuff if you want. But I really didn't like when I audited the upper class. There was no paying attention to the fact that a bunch of strange newbies were sitting in the back, to keep the confidentiality of the higher-level actors. Ivana would literally say stuff like, 'use that time your father raped you'. I was pretty appalled. I didn't think it was helpful; I thought it was exploitive. I wouldn't go to a place like that if I was you.

  22. That seems a little excessive to me, especially if you're not getting paid. Maybe they couldn't get the location during the day?

  23. Just like the general population, there are good actors who are fun to hang out with and supportive, and have their own shit together and interests outside of acting... and there are bad actors that either whine about opportunities they're not getting or talk about how great they are all the time. If you've found the bad bunch, drop them like they're hot and go in search of the good bunch. They're there. It helps if you yourself are a positive well-rounded person too. So if you keep attracting the wrong kind, ask yourself what vibe you're putting out there that brings them in.

  24. It does have some neat stuff. They have what is considered one of the finest collections of firearms in the world that is very impressive. Art was good as well

  25. I don't know much about firearms, but I always giggle at the tiny ones. 'Small pocket pistol commonly used by bank tellers.' That sort of thing.

  26. Yup they had a bunch of those. I always go pew pew when I see them

  27. I always picture pulling them out of my teeny tiny purse 100 years ago. Or my bosoms. Lol

  28. For three years, my cats had zero interest in people food. They were so cautious about new treats even for them, that I could put it right in their dishes and they still didn't understand half the time that it was edible. Now I put them on a diet (we didn't realize they were 'fat' until the vet told us, I've seen other people's fat pets and they looked nothing like that). Now the male cat is practically a dog. He's going shuffling around the kitchen every time I'm in there hoping I dropped something, and I have to practically fight to get his nose out of my own meals so I can eat them. Geez.

  29. My dog learned that the word “oops” in the kitchen meant I dropped some food, and he’d run in from across the house if he heard that magic word. My cat is also into people food, and her favorites are bread, avocado, and cheese.

  30. Ha ha, that's hysterical! I'm not sure what they're allowed and not allowed to eat (I know garlic and green onion are big no's!), so I wrestle him away from my plate to be safe.

  31. NTA. Years ago in high school, I was a camp counselor. The head counselors told us to not let any of the students sleep in their clothes. Obviously you could be brushing up against different trees and bushes on a walk without noticing, or sitting where some slug had been or something like that. Once you're in bed, you warm up and heat up all the gunk on your clothes, and your pores open to let it all in. That little bit of poison ivy you didn't even know you touched could be a fullblown rash in the morning, just because you slept in your clothes. That advice has stuck with me for all of these years, and I don't even sit on my bed in my street clothes, let alone climb into it or sleep in them. Yes, the city might not be as bad as what you're going to run into in the woods, but who knows what you leaned against at that butcher counter where you bought a sandwich, or what was going on in that rest stop or gas station bathroom before you had to stop for a pee. Tell your husband, why does he want to marinate in everywhere he's been his entire day? Because that's what he's doing.

  32. Haven't posted since the day after the major storm. Have to get prepped for federal jury duty next week. Hope am not selected during process. Also surprised I got selected this soon from last year's. Playing around with a recent phone acquisition just to use one app. Got a Galaxy S20 to use Filmic Pro with. Acquired the version with the Exynos processor because the Snapdragon version won't go beyond 30fps on 3rd party apps. Getting new lenses to go along with it.

  33. Don't be too hasty to not get picked. I was told that you get called for federal jury duty only once in your life. I blew my shot to be on a federal jury by telling them I was wayyyyy too broke to serve and wouldn't eat if they picked me. (Which was true at the time.)

  34. There is an incredibly horny cat hanging out in my yard and she won't hush her little whore mouth

  35. I thought it was the guys who usually made that sound.

  36. Sorry it took so long, had to find out the name. Litter Robot.

  37. Does anyone know of a good temp agency where I can actually consult with a person? Robert Half just seems like indeed.

  38. I used accountemps to get a job when I moved here. I am still at that job over a decade later. It went temp to hire. I think they're still around, last I heard.

  39. Working on overcoming my fear of not being good enough. Been a month since I’ve contemplated on applying to this modeling agency.

  40. Apply. The worst you're going to hear is silence.

  41. I know very little about comp cards, but the first photo looks more like something you'd see in a magazine, if that helps.

  42. Saw a double flag waving MAGA moron driving around Santa Monica this morning. Wanted to ask him why he was waving a silly flag instead of actually trying to stop “fascist liberals” by beating them up or shooting them. Like put your money where your mouth is, idiot.

  43. Has anyone actually bought box office tickets the day of a show @ Kia? I really want to see SZA's show and the cheapest seats now are $400-500 :( Is there a way to call ahead of time to ask if they have any?

  44. Vegas has some sort of ticket sale booth. We bought ours there. Don't know if that helps or not, we may have been off season.

  45. Thank you all for your loving support yesterday. My man (part of a couple I care for) is still clinging on to life and is expected to pass away tomorrow, which is also his 87th birthday. I stay at the home while the family is at the hospital and I've been deep cleaning and really shining the place up- the home is from 1915 and is weirdly satisfying to clean since there are so many places long forgotten about.

  46. Thank you for your many kindnesses to him and his family. He sounds like a good man.

  47. Honestly if they are decently priced and good at what they do I’ll travel. Preferably not over an hour but I’d consider it.

  48. Is Wilshire and San Vicente too far? My person is great. He fixed my hair after someone else majorly messed it up. Just know if your hair got rocked by someone, it may take more than one visit to get to the color you want without frying you further.

  49. We have lost 90% of the power in our building in the last hour. It is so weird. Only a few lights are flickering and working. Everything else is out. We worried we might be having an electrical fire in the building, but nothing unusual seems to be going on, no smoke, etc. Anybody else experiencing this?

  50. Where in the city are you? Maybe your circuit breakers are glitching? Otherwise check SCE for outages in your area

  51. Koreatown, and no breakers have been tripped that we can see.

  52. This is the first year I remembered that Cadbury's Easter Creme Eggs changed their chocolate recipe without having to actually purchase one. I used to enjoy Cadbury's mini eggs but those too aren't the same since they started using Hershey's chocolate. What are y'all filling Easter baskets with these days?

  53. If you hit the British store in Santa Monica near the Promenade, you can still get higher quality Cadbury's. I'm not 100% sure about the eggs, but the bars are amazing.

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