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  1. Interesting vibe Slight muddiness Everything feels like it's mishmashing and getting caught in itself. Not terrible. Some slight separation may help but you can still keep the vibe of having everything come together in such a tight fashion. It's moreso just to make the vocals and different parts be more audible and stand out more.

  2. Yeah, there are like six guitar tracks im there doing crazy stuff. I wasn't even thinking of this as being a song. Just a loop. But my lead singer got inspired. I think if this ever becones a song I will cool down on the guitar tracks when vocals start.

  3. Yeah, but this type of music should be played with guitars slightly out of tune. This isn't Yes and Rush or anything. Out of tune guitars are a vibe.

  4. Uh, where are the mods on this. This should be on the "Not how men work" Reddit.

  5. If you can't identify the bottleneck you are trying to address in your workflows, you absolutely should not buy anything. You will just end up wasting money on things that will not actually improve your work, workflow, or setup.

  6. Good point. I am mostly using Reaper to write music for my band. But I want to take more control over the production of our songs. I imagine my biggest future roadblock will be my non-gaming laptop. Probably, I need to just save up more money for a Macbook. What do you think?

  7. You don't need your monitors to be loud, most 5 inch monitors are specifically made for sitting close. I would also recommend buying a sub-pack (it's a subwoofer that straps to your torso) so you can analyze low end without producing as much air which would probably be more disruptive to someone near by than your monitors.

  8. Ah, yes, I understand now. That is what everyone seems to think is the best decision.

  9. Enjoyed the lyrics. Some cool alliterations and catchy phrasing...something about "a dollar out of dime" or something like that. Very cool.

  10. Excellent voice. Love the sentiment of the lyrics. However, I wonder if maybe painting a scene for the listener might make the lyrics even more powerful. Maybe the first verse describes an event of the downtrodden teenager then the advice can come in later verses. In fiction writing, they call it "show, don't tell."

  11. China: Africa should not be a place for international competition.

  12. It is actually a very smart idea to have your stellar prospect play wing to the veteran, star forward he is supposed to replace in the future. It's like he is an apprentice for the master Kopitar.

  13. Honestly, I was a horrible guitarist but had a creative musical mind. The stuff I wrote was far advanced than my actual skills. But by practicing and pushing yourself beyond your supposed guitar lesson skill level, you end up coming up with stuff earlier than other people. Now, I am pretty ok traditional guitar player just by playing the sounds I wanted to hear.

  14. Excellent!!! Love the rhythm, melody, and the occasional harmonies.

  15. How to Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy has some other ideas too.

  16. Vocal melody first. Jeff Tweedy calls them "mumble tracks." I add lyrics once the melody is finalized.

  17. Aside from the tuning issues, the vocals are incredibly nasal-sounding, so I’d suggest looking into breathe support and singing more from the diaphragm.

  18. Mom bought these from a retired aerospace guy who sold them to her. They have been with the family for 30 years. I have been told they are moderately priced prints because they have the McDonnel Douglas stamp on the back of them. We live in Los Angelas, CA so yhe story checks out. Lots of aerospace guys around here.

  19. LOL! What does moderate value prints mean exactly?

  20. They are cool. I will keep them if they are not exceptionally valuable.

  21. I really enjoyed the background music. One thing I wish I could here in this song is an extended vocal range. I feel like you need to strain your voice a bit higher occasionally.

  22. Daughter(9, Vaxxed) has had an occasional cough every 2-3 hours for two days. She has bad allergies and gets colds easily where she runs mild fevers. Her nose gets super congested and snores loudly.

  23. My problem is that my daughter and I have bad allergies all the time. But what made me think that my symptoms were not just allergies was the fact that my eyeballs and teethe hurt horribly for one day. I dont usually get sinus infections with allergies.

  24. Had nasal congestion mostly, no fever or sore throat. Fully vaxxed and boosted with Pfizer

  25. Also, I am pretty sure that much of this data is the result of the Chinese Communist Party economic policies which, while not exactly communism, were certainly not the type of capitalism that many libertarians support.

  26. I was at 36mg and was having panic attacks and chest pain. Dropped down to 27mg and cut out caffeine. So much better. So yeah, experiment with dosage to see what works.

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