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  1. "Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl. [...]"

  2. And now I need to watch it again... my husband always jokes that it makes him nervous. But the adaptation was brilliant and omfg Rosamund Pike. Just... perfection.

  3. Day 35. Digestive system still wonky, can't be too far from a bathroom in the first part of the day.

  4. I've always loved polenta with butter and real maple syrup for breakfast. And it's great savory too (fear not, butter is still involved). Super easy to find GF polenta and make yourself, but there's pre-made tubes of the stuff, just check labelling of course.

  5. OK wow, I only drink caffeine-free herbal, and I stick with Celestial Seasonings because they label GF and when a variety does contain gluten.

  6. The crazy thing is, I’ve been drinking the Bengal Spice tea on and off for months and had noticed no issues previously. My money was on the Tazo one being the problem since it’s a recent addition to my daily routine and they make no gluten free claim.

  7. I had the same dose taper and jump point. Once I hit 3gpd it was the right time for sure. You know what to expect, and you can absolutely do this.

  8. Any time! This sub saved my sanity over the past month. First week or so was rough but not hell, probably days 3-7 were the toughest for me. The health anxiety got me pretty good, thanks to cardiac, GI, and hormonal symptoms, but I'm wired for anxiety anyway.

  9. Not sure about avian pet insurance but ye gods that is a stunning specimen of tangerine daisy! Quite rare in the botany world, I'm told...

  10. Sure mct is coconut oil thats more distilled. Put rso syringe in container of warm water take small glass jar fill to a level and place in sauce pan with 2" water low heat do not boil water empty rso into mct stir they mix well. Mct oil and rso should look like a consistent amber color. Take a shot glass add some mct with a medicine dropper add rso how much work with it find whats right for you. Onset of effect 90-120 min. Solid effect for 4 hours. I read some of your replies i would also suggest kratom its better for pain than weed. Its similar to weed with different strains and effects. Check out Soap Korner has live chat will send samples. Believe in yourself know less is more use not abuse

  11. Hoo boy. I just tapered down and then quit kratom, almost a month. I did my homework before starting, never abused it, found my max daily dose and then dropped it considerably, and stayed there on a completely regimented basis. But it's so subtle when it turns on you, especially if the symptoms are also part of what you were treating in the first place, or just underlying stuff that comes with age. As soon as I felt like it was hurting more than helping, that was it. And coming off it showed just how badly it had fucked with my health, right under my nose. So I don't know that I'd return to it, even for breakthrough pain. I can reverse a slippery slope, but not if I can't see it.

  12. Really running scared of kratom ever use street drugs pharma and kratom is the boogieman. I would be bedridden homebound from back pain without it. I'll bet you are toss and wash or use oblates to dose. If your that sensitive you have to use hand packed 500gram caps. But every individual is different some run to some run away so says the dosidos joint i just smoked

  13. Heya friend, was gonna let this be but your comment isn't sitting well. When someone says they've stopped using an addictive substance because it was causing them more harm than good, mocking isn't a great look in response. But I'll take that advice on the mct oil. Hope that dosidos did ya right.

  14. I had an opposite sort of hormonal reaction, and it was wild. (My uterus was surgically removed a bunch of years ago, I still have my ovaries, and I'm 47, so it's kind of a bizarro time anyway, hormonally speaking.)

  15. That’s similar to what the last three weeks have been like for me. I’ve been having all the symptoms like I did when I was using a lot of kratom months ago. So I wonder if Kratom causes elevated estrogen and prolactin levels, now that I’ve quit my body (brain) had gotten used to it and is overcompensating now that the artificial supply has dropped. That’s what it feels like. Hoping it levels off soon so I can feel normal

  16. In addition to the supplements since it sounds like you're well prepared there:

  17. Wow, a miniature Sunset Razorface! I've never seen one in captivity before...

  18. I'm especially deceased over that one, because the act of trying to pierce the pouch with the straw is... about as weird and awkward as first-time PIV sex.

  19. Day 27. Early morning anxiety, elevated heartrate, and belly rumble are still hanging around, especially if I don't medicate the hell out of myself to sleep. But I don't need to as much, which is good. Maybe my hair will start to improve soon? Some of that's genetic though... not optimistic.

  20. Day 26. I feel more connected to my body, which is both good and bad? And my god, I feel like I could sleep for a year.

  21. Sometimes, the quiet voices are the most dangerous. Good on ya for hearing and recognizing it for what it is. You've got this.

  22. It seems to be different for everyone. I'm a creature of habit, and it was easier for me to start lowering my scheduled doses by a bit each day. About two-thirds of the way though, it felt like I was just prolonging the misery and I jumped. But I think it was the smoothest way for me.

  23. Day 25. Feeling good other than some late night indigestion. Still upset with myself over what I (didn't realize I) was doing to my body all this time, but now I'm done doing it, so just trying to take comfort in that.

  24. Great job! As I got into my taper and really started to feel it, I picked up a box of Aurora Nutriscience Mega-Pack+ single serve packets and a box of 88% Endangered Species dark chocolate bars on Amazon. (Both are stupid expensive right now thanks to crumbling global everything, but worth it.)

  25. Day 24. Had to take my kid to a specialist an hour away yesterday, for a 2-hour appointment. And I did it, with help from my spouse since my driving is medically restricted. But I was focused and able to advocate for my kid. That felt really good, even with everything else going on.

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