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  1. I had a professor that used to be a family court Judge and she said she once had a private discussion with a teen mom and her representative about what she named her child. She tried, and everyone around the girl tried, to get her to reconsider her child's name cause she was setting that baby up for failure but by law they could do nothing other than talk to her.

  2. To me this was one of the most realistic parts. Women gossip. No they hadn’t really thought something such serious would come out of it. Just shows how much they don’t know about their husbands reality, because men hide it and women don’t want to know too much, to not get disgusted with their men. Personally I grew up in such kind of community as in the show, minus this level mob shit, so nothing surprising to me.

  3. Not all Non-binary people identify with being trans but the label is very much under the transgender umbrella. Transgender means that you are a different gender than what you were assigned at birth.

  4. I guess I just don't see how it invalidates the trans experience. Non-binary people medically and socially transition just like trans men and women do.

  5. Because while while all non binary people are technically(!) trans, not all trans people are non binary. It’s on interchangeable use.

  6. I like how in our day and age his IMDb bio unsure what year exactly he’s born.

  7. I can't even begin to list the amount of actresses in their twenties who are cast as mothers to teens

  8. Can you give a couple examples? Never seen a 20 something play teen’s mom

  9. Respect is a theme throughout. Oddly, feels more like self respect to me. The importance of care, love, passion in the industry resonates greatly. What separates most of the industry is respect. Self respect drives most to very positive or negative places. Making that great dish or cocktail? Self Respect. Sending yourself towards an insatiable path of narcissism? Self respect. Great show. Have binged and has brought me to tears most episodes.

  10. Interesting angle to look at: self respect. How do you know when it’s ego and when it’s self respect?

  11. It’s held together by a shared history…love… respect

  12. I believe it means many things, not just one at a time. Blue and red for Chicago, maybe even the USA as the show does touch upon gentrification, but also to visualize opposition and clashing which happens a lot in the show.

  13. I think you might be close. Blue might symbolize stability and order (both of which discussed in the show) and red might be the change, passion, temper. Something like that. And not always necessary that. Just as an idea

  14. Also, I don’t think blue indicates calm necessarily I think it indicates blue as in sad or under the weather or drowning or at just not where you want to be yet. That dream sequence of Carmy is very blue and it looks like he’s drowning. He is super stressed and depressed and generally unwell so his dream, his subconscious, is blue. The restaurant is blue cuz Carmy is blue. Sydney is wearing a blue jacket in that pic, and the context is after her altercation with Carmy and when she quits so she’s been super sad too. She’s holding on to some red purse because she’s still kinda mad at Carmy but I think it’s evident she’s sadder than she is angry. Just an idea

  15. Chester is such an interesting and random character, lol Like who are you, why are you, but I like you, you can stay

  16. I knew it. It’s not the mascara. You just have naturally beautiful eyes and lashes!! I have the same one and it doesn’t look as good on me.)

  17. Aw ty! Do you use an eyelash curler?? They work wonders for my friends. Sometimes I'll also use a volume mascara first (like Milk Kush mascara) then use They're Real to lengthen. I love makeup, im so glad I feel comfortable to wear it again lol

  18. I always forget about the curler. Thanks for the advice about the volume mascara, I might try it))

  19. I’m doing alright. Just trying to get my life together. The family shit that brought me down over the years is finally over (other family issues). I’m finally able to start working on bettering myself and I’m in a healthy relationship with my girlfriend... so things can only get better from here. How are things going for you?

  20. So glad to hear that! Hope in a year or two you’ll catch yourself thinking everything is even better than you imagined.

  21. My dad was a good man but treated me like shit after the divorce. My very first thought when he died was, “now he can’t abuse me anymore.” His death was difficult but easier than it should have been. When people say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead you can say, “yeah but I can still talk about my life experience how I want.” I fucking hate that saying.

  22. I get you dude. Surprisingly same.. Really even at 7 my first thoughts were “who’s gonna take care of us, who’s gonna bathe and feed us”

  23. I bet that leaves a fun pattern on your skin when removed. “Here’s my reptile leg replacement”.

  24. My kid has tan lines and dots in shape of waterproof cast on his hand, and it looks like he’s still wearing a cast.

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  26. What about this says that they are not just close friends? How is this erasure?

  27. Idk about you, but I don't cuddle my Friends while we both chill in bikinis for No reason.

  28. Fist of all, this pic can’t tell you the story of a reason. Second of all - just because you don’t like to cuddle with your friends, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t too. Ever since I was a child I’ve seen so many different kinds of friendships between women, and some of them were very close and physical. And yet not sexual. So in this case absolutely nothing in this pic suggests a hidden undertone, perfectly friendly hug.

  29. it reminds me of a comment on reddit, of someone trying to explain being trans to their grandma, which responded something along the lines "feelings don't mean anything. I always wanted to be a man, it doesn't mean that i am trans"

  30. Seen exactly this but in a tweet screenshot and about bi or lesbian and grandma always found women hot and thought everybody else does too.

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