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  1. Scarlett Johansson was known for her voice early in her career. Lost in translation and Her really leaned on the timbre of her voice.

  2. no i really should’ve 😭😭 im so sorry, i know how much spoilers suck - especially deaths!! for a character you love! you deserve to have the full experience firsthand. either way rogue one is most definitely worth a watch and i’m sure you’ll love it. and anyway cassian isn’t the main character of that film - as someone else said on another post, it’s not his film, it’s his epilogue. that being said he’s one of two major leads so you’ll get your fill

  3. Stop! Spoilers suck, but again, totally on me. One cannot keep avoiding to spoil during discussion of a movie that came out 7 years ago! Come on. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did.

  4. no you didn’t react weirdly at all! also please come update me if you can remember to after watching rogue because i NEED the reaction it’s gonna blow your mind

  5. Maybe it's less for the sunlight and more to protect their privacy by not exposing where they live?

  6. Funny how it only happens to people who speak out against the regime.

  7. Also there were people killed who never spoke out against the regime or war, but were inconvenient for whatever reason for someone hung up. So…

  8. Funny how he never spoke out publicly and the quote in the article is a postmortem recall of a private conversation

  9. Oksana Vasyakina's trilogy, although it only tackles with LGBT themes this much - it's more about grief and coming to terms with one's mortality, but the author/protagonist is a queer woman from Siberia. The first book was a bit slow to my taste, but the second and the third one are great.

  10. I hear a lot of praise for Springfield too (it came out past winter I think), it's on my to read list

  11. "Не суть важно". Суть -- 3 л. мн. наст. от глагола "быть". Как показывает пример, может быть использовано в случае 3 л. ед. наст. А также: "закон есть закон", "у меня есть внуки", "беги, что есть духу" и др.

  12. Compare with the French "sont" and Polish "są" (for example, "oni są studentami").

  13. Do they both have the second use and meaning as суть does, or you just mean phonetically?

  14. I’d say there are ALOT more reasons why some people shouldn’t procreate other than finances.

  15. beyoncé has to have one hoe else does she know what only fans is

  16. i hope they go on strike! between streaming and AI, they have plenty of reasons to do so. i'll happily wait a few more years for new movies/shows if it means the performers and creators are actually being paid well. (or, in some cases, paid at all!)

  17. This is so dumb and presumptuous! I agree with the sentiments, but an open letter? Demanding remorse? For what, a rebound? People be nuts.

  18. In words of legendary Jinkx Monsoon: “Delusion. Convince yourself” and swifties are high on that shit

  19. I wish the lgbt+ body just had their own standing militia like the NFAC, or Black Panthers back in the day. That’s something I could get behind and willingly support/enlist.

  20. wasn't there a rumor she had fox eye surgery and it left her with nerve damage around her eyes and cheeks? and affected her ability to move her muscles there. She definitely also has botox in her forehead and possibly buccal removal (weight loss for sure), upper lip filler (duck lips from the side)

  21. There is a main character who is weakish (submissive?) who is an empty shell for the female reader to insert herself into. This character is then "rescued" by a big manly man.

  22. I am so sorry, but I can’t pass by “garunteed” without asking if this is a reference or a genuine mistake?

  23. Mass transit in here unfortunately sucks, and what the pic doesn't show is the underground parkings of the modern version. The greenery will have no chance to grow because of thin soil and not enough light. On top of that the buildings retain all the heat in summer, being so densely build that you can't breathe

  24. Having lived in both types, it’s true. Also the vibe is absolutely different in the right sides yards. Better

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