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  1. I once red that Beatrix and Elizabeth II were good friends and would often call each other to chat about horses and queen stuff, so I doubt she would not be invited.

  2. Even Harry and Meghan are heading to Scotland. Maybe she fell or suffered a stroke? It must be something acute if they feel the need to release a statement before her own family even got the chance to visit her.

  3. British economy was hit relatively hard by covid, so their recovery is also relatively high in percentage change. This graph visualizes it nicely:

  4. I think then you can also cross out Spain, Greece, Portugal, Austria and Germany.

  5. Oh damn, I assumed they were no longer compulsory anywhere in Europe..

  6. They are no longer compulsory since March. Only hospitals/other medical locations may require one, but most don’t.

  7. Why the fuck is the UK contributing far more than other countries in Europe? I can appreciate the eastern states doing their part with due to their GDP, population and refugees. Where is everyone else though? Why is the US dwarfing the combined EU totals?

  8. If you add all EU countries contributions plus the EU institution contributions you probably end up similar or higher than the US. Especially if you consider that multiple EU countries like France keep military support secret. Also, EU countries pay many billions for hosting refugees. Germany alone hosts 10 times more Ukrainian refugees than the UK or US.

  9. Immediately pushing the Euro below parity with the dollar...

  10. Until 2019 the Dutch temperature record was 38.6 degrees (from 1940s), then in 2019 it became 40.7 degrees. It’s quite bizarre that it might be broken again now just 3 years later.

  11. 17 countries had a net increase in population and 10 a net decrease.Total EU decrease -171,7k.

  12. Quite surprising that NL has the second biggest increase while only having the 7th largest EU population.

  13. Reminds me of Theresa May’s “hung parliament”.

  14. Yeah PLN is terrible and I don’t know why.

  15. EUR is holding up quite well against most currencies, it’s mostly the USD being very strong.

  16. Yes 1mg fin daily since May 2020.

  17. Japan has been a much stauncher ally than I expected especially considering this conflict doesn't concern them. They've been great. Countries like India or Ethiopia on the other hand... I think the West needs to appreciate its allies more and treat its adversaries accordingly.

  18. It should be noted that Japan already had a troubled relationship with Russia over the Kuril islands, and is a historic rival in general. India on the other hand is a historic ally to the soviet union and later Russia, and has its military build upon Soviet and Russian weapons and technology.

  19. Well, traveling out of your country is really damn expensive, Schengen countries are accessible but any further is an economic drain if you don't have good funds.

  20. Fur dutch people it’s often cheaper to fly to a Mediterranean country than to go on holiday in own country, due to the high prices of accommodation and restaurants in NL.

  21. I am surprised the Netherlands ranks so low. What is causing them to be substantially behind their neighbors?

  22. Maybe a different definition of healthy life years? Because overall life expectancy is higher in NL compared to its neighboring countries.

  23. Luxemburg is on the right in the middle row, the tiny red-faced man is the crown-prince.

  24. In German it's Pute or Truthahn. None are related to a country, sorry to rain on your parade.

  25. I thought the Dutch name also was not related to a country (Kalkoen), but apparently it is named after the Indian city Kozhikode..

  26. 13 countries signed a paper essentially stating their opposition to treaty change. The Netherlands didn't sign that paper. You could read that as the Netherlands being in favor of treaty change but it's not really the same thing.

  27. NL has advocated to end veto rights on certain topics for quite some time now, most notably in a joined paper with Spain last year. The Dutch foreign minister also said yesterday that he supports ending the veto right, which means treaty change:

  28. Not really, the Dutch post-war baby boom was caused almost solely by native Dutch people. The Dutch population was already over 10million when large scale immigration started. Even in the 1950s it was not uncommon for the local pastor to visit couples and ask what was wrong when the wife had not been pregnant for a few years. About 27% of the population has a migrant background up to the third generation, so without them the population would be 13 million, which is still a much higher growth than neighboring countries.

  29. I’ve been using it for exactly 1 month today. I’m shredding a lot since last week, also seemingly healthy hairs. Had covid last month so not sure whether it’s due to covid or minoxidil. The hairs above my eyebrow have grown and are clearly visible in bright light. Today I noticed some darker hairs on my cheeks below my eyes. There are more tiny hairs popping up in the temples and hairline, though I think a little less compared to OPs week 4 picture. I should note that I only use 1 mg fin (for 2 years now) and 5mg oral min, no dermarolling and other products that OP uses.

  30. Thanks for keeping us updated! I see a lot of negative reactions, but this is one of the most impressive cases of temple regrowth I’ve seen on this sub.

  31. ECB is doing what? Observing this "transitional" inflation while printing like crazy? Sure, there is war but the inflation was crazy high even before and even before COVID, the interest rates were below inflation.

  32. It’s ridiculous that they still have negative interest, but I guess it’s necessary to keep certain countries with high state debts from collapsing.

  33. Every major economy is dealing with inflation right now due to a combination of pandemic subsidies, housing price boom, and the energy crisis that has been happening since autumn, but it took you no time at all to make it about some shallow superiority complex regarding the southern members.

  34. I’m not blaming the ECB for the current inflation, but it’s making the consequences much more severe. 12% inflation with 0% interest means that the real interest is -12%. Savings and retirements of the middle class are melting away and people are forced to invest their money in real estate or stocks, causing further inflation.

  35. Great results in the temples! Inspired me to do the same. I’m on day 5 now, taking 2 drops in the morning and evening, so 6mg per day. I’ve been on finasteride for 2 years now, halting further hair loss but not much regrowth. Hopefully this will cause some regrowth in the temples.

  36. “The Telegraph Newspaper is estimated "to have recieved many millions" from the Russian State News Agency - RIA Novosti - to run Russia reports from 2007 onwards.

  37. Reminds me of western Europeans. American food joints on every corner but saying everything and anyone american is garbage.

  38. ?? Western Europe is incredibly pro American

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