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  • By - btren

  1. I have a friend who has started his cycle with 24 bf . His changes are spectacular only with 300mg of testosterone and 200 of primo.Has anyone done their cycle with that fat and had good results?

  2. Thanks. There are some good (although traditionalist) sermons at

  3. Thanks a lot. i will subscribe

  4. Regarding the issue of makeup is inherent to the extent that the system offers for her. Just like the male image. It is necessary to read the context and please always put a source.

  5. In Spain it is Hispanic Day, not Columbus Day. From wikipedia :

  6. Collectivization no, individualization no, community morality yes.

  7. I am in the process of incorporating a more spiritual and more virtuous regimen.

  8. You need to make a differentiation. Christopher Columbus was a navigator specifically an admiral, funded by the crown of Castile (Spain) plain and simple that.He made 4 voyages over 14 years and died believing it was Asia instead of the "new world".

  9. That's not evidence. At best that's a witness, but they aren't primary witnesses. Where are the receipts?

  10. Annibale Bugnini Bishop assigned outside the Vatican, let us remember that a bishop cannot be excommunicated.Tito Casini in his book Nel Fumo di Satana, Charles Murr , Michael Davies Talk about this.

  11. You don't know the context of that quote. It isn't what you think it is. At all. You said :

  12. Are they complementary? Yes, but the stoic remains in the non-transcendental the problem to make it solution ignoring the problems because they accepted the problem.

  13. I spent the first 24 years of my life (I am now 30) totally surrounded by Opus Dei. Until I went to university I had no relationship with anyone outside the group.

  14. I I studied for 7 in opus's school and i feel today gifted. i have all good words for them. I not a member but i want to know your experiencie. If i you want.

  15. I'ts depens of priest . Some teaching are against our morality as catholic. Sad :/

  16. Sorry, the one who did not understand you was me. Of course it is normal even we are also interested in worldly matters. Do you feel that you are deviating from the right path? I do not see any problem in your interest in delving into dogmas or even other religions, as long as there is a clean base.

  17. I just feel like if the Catholic Higher-ups were the ones deviating from what the Church should be, that is why I am becoming more interested in Orthodoxy.

  18. I know your point. But in old times the exception of knowledge its based in a 5% of population. I think you can feel like "oh they manipulated our history"It can be a hypothesis .We have the "Credo" its resume all.

  19. Intelligence exists, love, conscience? the Greeks formulated through reason principles that were later empirically demonstrable by modern science. The current sciences are based on the principles of matter and do not deal with it outside of it.

  20. Pray her how to advocate for other people's causes What is not only applicative in you only. Coexistence in you that is other people or society in general.

  21. I wonder if it's relevant to note a difference between the love that is represented by life, reproduction, survival and the love that is consciousness itself.

  22. only who is a person enjoys the power to love. Only people can be intertwined being, at the same time, lover, beloved and union of love. Gift of oneself, welcome in oneself, and union. The lover living the life of the beloved, as if it were his own, and the beloved corresponding to his lover with equal preference.

  23. If what you say is true, then is there a reason for making a distinction between lover and beloved? Why move beyond union?

  24. It would be necessary to distinguish three parts of the human being that form a union. We are going to make reductionism.

  25. It is normal . We try to reduce all the problems, The human is more complicated

  26. Depend in what context in terms of Society and Culture. I'ts not the same a saudi muslim womanin Arabia as the same case in Europe . It can be a question with inconsistent answers. Perhaps the correct question could be are women. Has the women more faith than mens?

  27. Hello folks. I had been looking at this r/ but I never dared rather out of desire.

  28. Burden of proof lies with the person making a positive claim. This is the same argument thiests make against atheists, that they have a "religion" or a "belief" that god doesn't exist. The reality is that they are open to evidence (in most cases, if they aren't actually anti-thiests) but the evidence isn't present.

  29. If the is human is able discovering a truth and that truth is always true and does not change with the passage of time, therefore it is truth and being truth it is sometimes immaterial. the intelligence for example . Also it is an know "object" (by myself) and a universal object (it is inherent in other human beings). A unicorn does not meet that formulation.

  30. I'ts an honor pray for you. God bless you ❤️

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