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  1. He’s been the unofficial on set photographer for the last 3 seasons. He’s passionate about photography and has produced some amazing photos of the cast and behind the scenes antics :)

  2. I know he sent signed book plates to many fans who wrote to him as well. So you don’t need to send him the whole book unless that’s what you really want. He’s really nice.

  3. Just saw an interview with Matt Long and he mentioned that Zeke's origins and backstory will be revisited in part maybe there will be flashbacks. I am hoping we will see him again.

  4. it'll be shitty if THAT is how Jared and Mick are back.... Jared: Oh hey, I heard your husband died, wanna try me again?

  5. Also what's with Jared hooking up with her seriously. If he loved her that much he wouldn't be hooking up left and right just to 'move on'.

  6. Welcome to the Arseling family :)

  7. The books are amazing. I read the books first way before the show came out and read them again after. Now when I picture the characters while reading, all I see is Uhtred and his band like in the show, even his voice. Just one advice, when you read the books, read them for what they are and try not to compare the plots/timelines etc and you'll enjoy it much more!! Look at it as a different version of the story and it's all from Uhtred's POV, so you get to understand his character, his mind and his actions better.

  8. Are you an owner or renting? Find out who are the owners in the strata committee and talk to them. This would only be enforceable if everyone agrees. Sounds a little over the top.

  9. Don't go to Starbucks (whatever ones are left) if you are a coffee drinker, try the independent small cafes around the city, it's 100% better. Portions are a lot smaller here than in the US, especially when it comes to fast food. If you order a large drink here, you'll get a us-small, which is normal for us. No need to tip generally unless you're at a restaurant and you receive good service, then you might want to. But it's optional. You can use any credit/debit card to access the train/bus/tram etc, just tap and go. Each state has a different travel card and it's only useful if you're staying for a while. Don't touch any snakes, spiders or drop bears if you see them.

  10. You're capturing a moment in time and drawing life. Don't listen to the negative comments. You're very talented and people have been doing this forever.

  11. The Warrior Chronicles a.k.a the Arthur trilogy is great too, you should check them out.

  12. Their songs are very relatable even though dark at times but they pulled me through college, breakups, different emo phases I went through in my early 20s. I think it's amazing how their songs and music are still being appreciated today by younger generations. I saw them once before and that memory was so blurred cos I was so drunk off my face. I'm going to see them again this year and I'm grateful I'll get a chance to do that again. Never thought this would ever happen after they broke up.

  13. simple but so effective. one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

  14. I once had this amazing day with someone I considered pretty special, and I personally soaked in every minute we got to spend together, I didn't want it to end. Unfortunately we had to part ways...and I never knew how he really felt at the time. A couple years went by and I came across a picture of us together from that special day and I sent it to him with caption "Sweet memories" and he immediately responded with "I remember everything". I never expected it but a wave of emotions came over me, I felt such a sense of relief and love, it was amazing. Time has past, we've moved on with our lives but we'll always have that day. When I heard it in the movie, I immediately felt connected to it and I could feel everything Elio was feeling in that moment.

  15. Who is everyone in these pics? Not recognizing some of the others

  16. Their friends and Mark's brother and dad

  17. That was an epic moment, made me laugh so hard! Only a TLK fan would understand obviously.

  18. Jalic Blades has the official licence to make replicas for the show:

  19. I only use mine when I go back there and go to hotels or places that have tourist and resident rates which can be a big difference, a lot cheaper. Or as someone else said, if you get a sim card or something. Otherwise never been asked for it, and you wouldn't need it if you live somewhere else :) I would recommend getting your passport as well if you are allowed to have dual citizenship where you are, cos if you visit Mauritius on a foreign passport, they will put a limit on your allowed stay and they tend to ask a lot of questions at immigration. So when you visit Mauritius in the future, use your passport to get in without any issue or question.

  20. Which airport is your layover at? you should get the boarding pass for both at your initial check in. Once your flight lands, follow the signs for “Transfers” or “Connections”. There should be boards displaying connecting flights everywhere so check which gate/terminal yours is at and boarding time. I would recommend allowing at least an hr between connections just in case of delays etc.

  21. Used to camp on the beach all the time, never had a permit 😂

  22. It’s RACE DAY Arselings for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge! If you’d like to join Alexander, Mark, Arnas and the ARSELING ARMY and help us support Africa’s Wildlife Rangers, check out the link below in our profile bio!

  23. It’s RACE DAY Arselings for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge! If you’d like to join Alexander, Mark, Arnas and the ARSELING ARMY and help us support Africa’s Wildlife Rangers, check out the link below in our profile bio!

  24. To join or support the Wildlife Ranger Challenge -

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