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  1. it’s the best way to do some research on your doctor if you are unsure if they will prescribe a certain medication for you.

  2. Called Self Control, or Taking Meds meant for medicating Recreationally to get high taking the Drug in Moderation. Although this very hard for Benzo users who don't have this mindset before they start. When the Alprozolam stop working for me I jus taper off til I'm out then wait about 3/6 Weeks b4 I go on another binge😹😹 Works everytime to get the acheived feelings of xanax. Although I dont reccomend this to anyone as for Xanax is a terrible drug when abused.

  3. man i just got 3 grams for $90, gotta love cali. Bet your ass if im leaving though lol 🤣

  4. My top 3 are temazepam Ativan clonazolam

  5. U sound dumb as fuck… the housing costs are high as fuck and he’s right it’s supply and demand. Airbnb, out of state/country investors, gentrification, etc.

  6. It would have been perfect if at the end he jumped on the hood and started break dancing

  7. Shit looks so much better than the nut hugging shit of today. I only had one pair of UFOs in my life but they were actually that pair.

  8. I wonder if they will ever directly mention the FACT that mencho works directly with Chinese military intelligence.

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