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A Good Samaritan risked his life to save a cat that was stuck, perched on an air conditioner during Hurricane Ian.

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  1. Honestly giving a little old lady a heart attack from pure excitement would have to be the crowning achievement of my stripper career.

  2. is Donetsk not the region, im just going on the article since i know nothing about the region.

  3. yea i had to reread the article after you said that to check if i was wrong. wish the article was written more clearly.

  4. He’s says he’s deaf at the end, and those two “heroes” back away.

  5. If you're deaf then you should know even better that you can't walk down the middle of the road unawares. Give him an extra kick for ignoring the light of the headlights. Being willing to give a person with a disability a much deserved ass whooping is peak equality.

  6. That’s called a Shared Zone. I know that area. There are plenty of streets designed for high speed traffic, that isn’t one of them . This a small side street legally meant for both cars and pedestrians to use, with pedestrians legally having right of way. The pedestrian is being inconsiderate (maybe) but the hooting/honking driver is actually breaking the law.

  7. Wait, you weren't kidding and he actually did say he was deaf? Well damn, I guess I'm going to hell...

  8. make a game free so you can sell millions of consumers information big brain

  9. In this case, it's gonna be skins and stuff like that. People spend so much money on customizations. The number thing doesn't matter, that info is already sold.

  10. Why aren't they marketing this as anticheating? This is the first anti cheating measure I've seen.

  11. This was in a Hazara neighborhood. They're an ethnic minority and these were just students practicing for a university exam.

  12. They always used them against other ethnicities and sects. The whole goal is that Sunni Islam is to be a bulldozer that stamps out all other faiths for one Ummah. They are also against westernized education in general, making them even better targets.

  13. What's super weird is that the original practice had a lot more coexistence. Like how to trade with nonbelievers and not fighting with people who aren't fighting with you are explicitly stated in the Quran. They even founded several of the first universities and had renowned philosophers and mathematicians that are the building blocks of western education.

  14. She also can transform at will, negating the entire premise that Hulk’s strength comes fro UNCONTROLLABLE rage. What a dumb show

  15. There are other forms of hulk. Including intelligent and wilful hulks. Hell, I recall a scene from the original wolverine comic where Logan is talking to him and Grey hulk is in bed with two women...

  16. This rule would also impact hackers to some degree. It's basically forcing two factor authentication so if you get banned it's significantly harder to come back. I was initially all against this but the more I think about it... this might be okay.

  17. You are making up a scenario in your head to be upset about my dood. Most rolls just go to the people who won them or nepotism.

  18. I'm not upset. You are inferring an emotion onto my text that isn't there. Perhaps because you've been dealing with nut jobs in here that just hate melanin. You really never know who you're speaking to. Even people making outwardly seeming valid points can turn out to be absolute bigots a few comments down the line. So I don't blame you for inferring such emotions on me but I'm asking you to hold up just a bit and listen to what I'm saying as though I'm not mad she's black, because I'm not.

  19. I am, yes. I like to approach things intellectually and try to see both sides. That's very difficult to convey over text. In this case, I think we've got a case of Caucasian fragility expressing itself in this thread by several posters. Some kind of latent fear that they are being insulted or diminished if literally anyone caters to black people over them at any point. I just wanted to talk about how Hollywood has been pretty crazily racist in general which people don't seem to notice when the chosen race was white.

  20. It doesn't really matter what most people think because appeals to the majority aren't a basis for arguments about morality. It would be wrong even if most Filipinos agree with it. And for the record, I think many of them would agree that her dress shouldn't be allowed. You will even be able to find some countries where the majority of men believe women shouldn't even be allowed to show their hair in public. Go back in time and you'll find societies around the world where majority thought slavery is acceptable and perfectly normal. So was slavery morally right back then?

  21. Forgive me, but I'm not certain what the goal of your line of thought is. I understand individual obligation in improving social liberty. But I'm differentiating between the law and social enforcement.

  22. Yes, I agree with you. Be smart about it, no issue with that. For example if there were the death penalty for wearing a tiny bikini, I'd advice people to think hard about if they're ready to die over that before doing it in such a jurisdiction. However in this case the woman got fined pocket change (for someone from Taiwan) and I don't really see the loss.

  23. Okay? But that's the reality of the environment she was in. She was warned of this reality. What kind of answer do you think she could give that would make us judge her action as reasonable? If a friend gets mugged at gunpoint and jumps the gun and wins, I'm going to think they're an idiot and should have just handed over their stuff. If they lose, I'll still think they were dumb and just be sad they got hurt or killed for doing something that risky.

  24. Federal politician. Like congress and President. People who actually want to improve their environment, the people who would make the very best leaders, stick around in their environment and make it better. People who just crave power, fame and wealth go national where they just represent the corporations lining their campaign's coffers. They've made us into a corporatocracy and killed the notion of us being a republic by no longer representing us.

  25. Haha, that's funny. A less funny fact is that there is no more privileged group in the legal system regardless of race. From likelihood of actually being arrested or even charged to conviction rate and length of prison sentences for the same crimes. Women might have to face the law, but the law looks the other way.

  26. Is there literally any legal precedent they're relying on for this? Buying a new company outside of your company's scope of business isn't likely to raise antitrust or monopoly red flags.

  27. Fuck every ounce of that bullshit. I'm already annoyed when "Lil tasty biscuits" occasionally drives by deciding we all have to hear his LP whether we want to or not. Not that his biscuit farm album isn't choice, but that it shouldn't be forced upon everyone. Make them sound like an engine so we can react appropriately to the approaching vehicle. The point is safety for pedestrians including blind pedestrians. I have no idea what to do if all I sense is a Taylor swift song coming at me.

  28. Essential oil is pretty much literally that. They didn't even change the second word.

  29. Big companies are not afraid of doing this because they donate to the right political candidates that look the other way.

  30. The world keeps gravitating towards a corporatocracy. Or maybe it's just always been one.

  31. Reflexes good enough to pinch a salmon off a momma bear n get away, my bro needs a job at John West

  32. Did you guys ever see that episode where they almost got off the island, but at the last minute, Gilligan screwed everything up and they missed their chance?

  33. No. I’m just talking about the one I mentioned.

  34. I always watched the show like Gilligan was secretly lonely and didn't want to go back to life with an abusive boss as his only friend...

  35. Other studies have shown women to be twice as likely to be hired when they apply. Like that paper on stem assistant positions done in colleges around the US a few years ago.

  36. Rolled the dice on the temperament of that cat and won. Glad it was a nice cat.

  37. The reporter is treading dangerous ground by holding his mic in that guy's personal space. Could be considered assault (assault is threat of harm, battery is causing harm). But the scammer making a b-line to him is on him and initial hit is on him.

  38. East side had clouds and wind. Didn't know you jerks had blue and sun until I had to do into town...

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