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  1. How are we to read the "kids in KKK outfits" comment from Alito as anything other than him not understanding immutable characteristics?

  2. I disagree. The left wing is not doing it to be dicks. In fact, I doubt the right wing is doing it to be dicks either.

  3. "They're sticky disease-vectors with no respect for personal space" - Don't you want to hold little Barfolameau?

  4. One has to ask: "What is it about the right wing that makes them so much more likely to be pedophiles?"

  5. Named after the spinny fireworks that shoot sparks out in a circle

  6. Demolition Man comes to mind first

  7. I got to know a woman who was a body builder and she was hot as hell. I don't see it as weird. Go for what you like

  8. I think Hawaii and Kentucky are the only two states without felony murder being on the books. But I am not a lawyer, so I don't know if there are exceptions to where they apply.

  9. The "leftists" are trying to prevent harmful actions by the religious right who wants to persecute those who are not straight white "Christian" people.

  10. Funny enough, etheists shitting on catholics and muslims are technically religious themselves too, as those ones press their beliefs on other people too

  11. I'm not sure which definition of 'religion' you're attempting to use here. If you mean a belief system, then no. If you mean something done routinely without fail, (like brushing your teeth religiously) then maybe?

  12. Ah, the people who say that are being sexist. They assume the only guardians of children must be women.

  13. The Hunter Biden obsession is an attempt at comparing the many crimes of the Trump family to the Biden family. The right wing is particularly frustrated that they can't quite make it look the same. So they just keep digging.

  14. My Parisienne friend. I could listen to her read a chemistry textbook for hours.

  15. I’m not too anxious of the procedure but anxious of the results!

  16. Internal hemorrhoids are a thing... or so I've heard...

  17. Because too many people believe it, so it's really inconvenient to tell them they have a mental illness.

  18. Short women are generally seem as more attractive

  19. The pressure is mounting, he's going to start unraveling in a bad way.

  20. This may sound stupid but... how will that be different?

  21. Trump calls for the suspension of the constitution and democracy. Let's see, the "strong constitutionalist" right wing must be livid right? Right?

  22. Testosterone makes a body generate heat.

  23. I like that they exist, but I don't want them in power. They help move the bar, I just don't want the bar moved as far as they want to move it.


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