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  1. Using a second device as a wifi bridge, is inherently insecure. DDWRT freaks out if you set it up as such, but you can read more on it here;

  2. Explain how a WiFi bridge is “inherently insecure.”

  3. It all depends. Even if you have only 10 users but 20 security groups that can be ok depending on how they're used and implemented. Such as, instead of adding the finance guy to the finance folder permissions, you instead add a GROUP for finance then move the user there. Then when there's turnover you just have to add the new hire to the same groups as the old person instead of going back and then also adding them individually to folders as well. The same could go for mailboxes but sometimes companies don't like to go for that and want a 'personal' touch (emails coming from

  4. IMHO users should never be given direct permissions unless it’s truly a one-off situation. The email thing is a bit different but I hate the mess having personal emails for public contacts creates when the person leaves or transfers and invoices or old systems still generate emails to or from the person. It just requires more direct attention.

  5. Putting ports in the walls might not be that easy. My house is brick and cement on the outer and inner walls, it was a bitch to run cables from one corner of the house (where the wan cable was) to put it on all rooms. Sure I couls have used powerline but we all know it's not suuuuper reliable.

  6. Run something on the floor or use WiFi. If that’s the house you want homelab should not be the dealbreaker.

  7. I don’t want to run the risk of my servers going “clunk” when my power bumps.

  8. 380G7 are already power suckers lol

  9. He wants something in the UI that shows if a TV show is in the middle of a season and releasing new episodes, is on a break until the next season, or has ended or been canceled.

  10. I don’t understand why you can’t just 1) have a working knowledge of that information or 2) google it.

  11. I don’t understand why you’re huffing and puffing as if your writing the code? That’s like saying: why bother having a synopsis for each episode when you “could google it” It’s a nice to have and I (I’m sure many others) want to see it in the UI.

  12. I don’t even bother clicking on those links anymore if I see that is the URL. If I accidentally click and it starts to load - I instantly click “back” - won’t even read the page. Never ever has useful info. Ever.

  13. Is there a way to automate 2012 r2 to 2019 without using SCCM? I haven't been able to find a powershell guide or a possible way to do this with vmware tools. Would be nice to be able to create a job in our scheduler app to kick these off.

  14. Phew, not that I know of. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I don’t have nearly enough servers to need to automate this. Best of luck mate

  15. Nobody here is answering your question correctly. OP asked for NET pay. I probably net about 85k and usually do not have the opportunity to work OT but I try to work most holidays.

  16. My building ranges from about 200k for those who work nearly no overtime to one guy who pulls about 370k working 60 hour weeks.

  17. Correct! You still need clearance to land and you should contact tower right away, but in most places when you're cleared for the approach you can enter the delta.

  18. I think it's a little bit more of a gray area than everyone says. Here's my logic.

  19. I think this is where the whole argument stems from. “Required to be in two way radio comms with the ATC facility…”

  20. Not worth it. Just buy a regular case for less than they probably want for this garbage

  21. An empty case would acrually cost more. Maybe the seller is just trying tô have someone getting rid of It.

  22. Lol must be a nice problem to have. I’ve been on 6 days since summer.

  23. Well, the culture in EWR sector now is completely different than it was when I was in JFK sector 12 years ago. Some of the other sectors still have work to do, but as someone who is here, OP sounds like someone who has a grudge because he transferred to N90 with a chip on his shoulder and was washed/ostracized into going back to his old facility

  24. And here we have it - an old guard guy. “Back in my day.”

  25. Do you really think 12 years is “the old guard”??? Jesus

  26. Doesn’t mean they’re old per se. it means they subscribe to old guard mentality.

  27. 2–1–2b1 (orderly and expeditious) and 5–6–1a (operational advantage).

  28. No, probably in that situation it makes more sense to stop the IFR departure at 6000 and call traffic in enough time to (hopefully) prevent an RA. Probably. Depending on where the C172 is, it might make sense to vector them so they fly over the airport instead of four miles off the departure end. You can play this game all day long.

  29. But the VFR isn’t requesting separation services. The IFR, by definition, is. I don’t like it either, but vectoring VFRs is a bad idea.

  30. Surprised the landlord and ISP are actually allowing / enabling this to happen.

  31. I’m not bad at memorization per se but I do tend to forget the information once it’s not needed (as was the case during schooling with things like important historical dates etc) however I figure that won’t be the case in training and it’s something I’ll have to retain for a while.

  32. There’s a company that has a profile on you based on your returns it’s like the Equifax of returns.

  33. Can confirm. Tried to return a whole box of random stuff to Home Depot many years ago. They asked for my info and then told me to kick rocks. Since then I’ve been bringing the items back slowly in small quantities. Not sure why I triggered their naughty list though because I rarely make returns there and never without a receipt.

  34. You can refuse at Home Depot and they’ll give you store credit.

  35. I was already asking for store credit since I didn’t have a receipt. I must’ve triggered something about having too many items and they got fussy. Oh well. It was probably ~25 dollars worth of stuff anyways, not worth losing sleep over.

  36. Beaumont is a TRSA. So a tower and half a radar position.

  37. I paged you because the guy I replied to seems to think a TRSA means the facility has some sort of “kind of” radar position. TRSA “airspace” doesn’t define the radar controllers airspace so I figured you could set him straight.

  38. That was before the rate hikes. Good luck getting a mortgage under 4k for a decent home in the Puget sound area right now

  39. I can’t even fathom paying that kinda money

  40. You're exactly right - but most of these people will never understand that.

  41. 3k mortgages? Are you living in a mansion? Holy fuck.

  42. Security cameras / home automation and still limping along an exchange server.

  43. It’s not just Broadcom that’s making VMware suck. 6.5 and 6.7 run on a lot of still viable cheap enterprise software that’s readily available on eBay. The lack of support after October is basically a nail in the coffin for them in the homelab community (IMO).

  44. I appreciate the info. I guess I am in an interesting place as I have a couple of technical degrees and have the option to purse other avenues that have competitive pay albeit without the large incentive of retirement. On the flip side those options would also have more traditional schedules which might have there benefits, but the added drag of being salary and not hourly.

  45. It sounds like you’re in it just for the retirement. I wouldn’t get into this career just for the retirement package - you’re gonna have a rough career. Good luck with your decision

  46. Some EDCT programs are actually “at or after” programs and the controlling TMU can put an additional delay on the flight since EDCTs are generated by the command center.

  47. ZSE TMU might be the most cush Level 10 job in the NAS. Show up, turn on CFR and Metering, eat cheesecake, go home.

  48. Ya and even then, the center is S-turning literally every arrival to make space for the tracon. It’s wild.

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