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  1. This must be a very rich country if they can waste an expensive bus so easily!

  2. Damn that looks exactly like a shaman from Horizon Zero Dawn.

  3. Oh perfect. I was worried that while juggling all the tiny ones and bags we would miss our connecting train and then be stumped.

  4. Trains leave every half hour and transfers are a piece of cake. So don't worry about travelling within the Netherlands too much! (Until you have to get to a small village somewhere in the middle of nowhere)

  5. Like most militaries they thought the future is in missile based anti-air but given the emergence of drones this might change again.

  6. I mean have you seen their new integrated AA system? It looks incredible, and includes a Gepard-like flack gun.

  7. What about ONNX? Most if not all feedforward models can be represented as ONNX.

  8. Yes! I knew there was another standard but I couldn't for the life of me remember the name.

  9. I'm not sure but I was told a lot of times that ONNX support for sklearn was sub-par. I haven't researched that one yet. I can ask to maintainers if you're interested.

  10. I don't use python so no need! I just remember being quite confused when I was learning sklearn and realised saving models or pipelines was weirdly complicated compared to R.

  11. The other obvious counter argument is: if everything has cause and effect what caused "God"?

  12. The thing is that it's fine to have some things which exist necessarily, and so ar uncaused. But the necessarily-existing thing can't be the material substance itself since matter is contingent.

  13. Allergic to garlic?? Damn what a sad life that must be.

  14. Don't use 3D printing. Use an ABS sheet (usually available at the hardware store) and a heatgun to form it into the shape.

  15. "We just make use of a system that uses email, SMS, apps and tons of other electronic junk, datacenters and telecoms hubs definitely won't be the first thing to be knocked out in a war or other crisis." - The thought proces of whatever idiot made their plan.

  16. Yup the Netherlands nearly did the same thing but people were not in favor.

  17. Can I suggest you switch to fortran? Or COBOL? Or python 2? Python 2 will be fun in 30 years.

  18. Isn't there plenty of Cobol code to train a custom CoPilot for programming in it or translating it?

  19. Good God who still uses pie charts nowadays? Isn't it obvious by now just how terrible they are for visualizations?

  20. How about a simple ordered bar chart?

  21. Met alle bedreigingen momenteel wel goed dat ze ff gaat kijken voor betere self-defense. De meeste Nederlanders zouden een cursusje Jiujitsu doen, maar een tank is inderdaad ook een goede optie.

  22. Simpelere verklaring: rechtse wappie boeren en zwartepiet fanaten zijn beter in hun zin doordrijven.

  23. Die intimidatie wordt enkel geaccepteerd als rechts het doet.

  24. Homes are not a speculative asset, but something people need to have a normal life.

  25. Oh you mean like the Budapest memorandum?

  26. House prices will never go down if half of China, russia and India and the world's rich are using your housing market as a safe investment to dump their money into 🤷‍♀️ see : Canada Australia and UK. How can peasants even compete? If you think this is bad here in the US you have seen nothing yet buddy

  27. Pension funds are bigger culprit of this than foreign investors.

  28. Lack of jurisdiction is a not infrequent basis for appeal. She looks real dumb but it’s hardly impeachable.

  29. So you're saying judges can meddle in everything in the US, up to and including threats to national security, and it's not a problem at all?

  30. Yet it's exactly what happened here, and what will happen much more in the coming years unfortunately. And your response is "oh well, it's fine for a judge to act outside of their jurisdiction. Happens all the time. Nothing we can do about it"

  31. Ideaal toch? Mijn voorstel zou zijn om iedereen die hier, ondanks alle schreeuwende waarschuwingsborden, toch tegenaan rijdt, gewoon een jaar of twee rijontzegging te geven. Zulke mensen horen duidelijk niet in een auto thuis.

  32. I say bring back ADD for ultimate confusion: attention disregulation disorder.

  33. Ehh in a similar age, the GFC was the ultimate fuck you to anyone that graduated HS from about 2004-2008. The dot com crash and 9/11 really weren’t black swans. Dot com crash was a black swan for the wealthy and 9/11 war economy cranked up hard. We aren’t even in a black swan event yet.

  34. 9/11 is pretty much the archetypical example of a black swan event.

  35. Yeh but the war economy boom happened very shortly after. Shit wasn’t 2008, not even close. Christ the 4q of that year saw gdp growth.

  36. So what? How does that make it less of a black swan?

  37. Als een stalen kabel genoeg was geweest, hadden je remkabels wel voldoende gewerkt. Dus dat gaat geen verschil meer maken. Verder zit er al behoorlijk veel staal aan een racefiets, m.n. rondom de aandrijving (ketting, tandwielen, trapas, etc.) dus het lijkt me zeer sterk dat je echt nog veel verschil kan maken door een magneetje oid ergens te plaatsen.

  38. What do all those buttons and knobs do?

  39. "Make Them Warm" - volunteers who knit warm hats and gloves - just find button PayPal at front page

  40. A factory can pump out hats and gloves at 100x the speed and a fraction of the cost.

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