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  1. To say that this is fucking gutting would be an understatement. Cherry was so damn talented and had nothing but kindness to give, I pray that her soul is at peace and I wish nothing but strength for all of her family and friends.

  2. The biggest cultural reset MCC has ever seen. No team has, or will ever, completely redefine MCC canon the way Blue 9 did.

  3. i don't know exactly how cortex baker aura works, but I'm sure that it messes up resting prices at some extent, because the behaviour of stocks becomes way more unpredictable. I got Liquid assets using that; cause the variations were faster and more drastic. I could buy later stock kinds (publicists, recipes, etc) at lower values more easily

  4. Supreme Intellect, right? That's the one that gives different powers to all the minigames - I've never used it myself so I don't know what it changes, but that would explain the stock becoming more volatile

  5. I somehow feel like people in this subreddit consider Jimmy a subproduct of Grian, and not a very good one at that. It happens a lot here on reddit, not so much on twitter, that any team stops being good enough when Jimmy is included. And so far many predicted teams before the announcements won't even include him. As if they don't know that Scott will certainly have a place for him for 90% of the events. If anything this time I find it really funny that now he's finally watched Top Gun, he hasn't been teamed up with Scar 🤭

  6. The funniest thing is: he still has not watched the original Top Gun from the 80s that Scar has been harping on about. He watched Top Gun: Maverick, which came out this summer (Scar even said his Top Gun bit wasn't as funny anymore because they put out a sequel which was actually good). Jim's a great dude + solid MCC player so idk what it'll take for people to stop underrating him. At least the sub finally got the socketduo everyone has been clamoring for

  7. Kinda weird and a little disrespectful that people are talking about Grian and socketduo on this post when there's 50 other threads on the sub to do that in.

  8. Seapeekay's been getting some pretty insane teams since the second half of the season started, as well as Joel. Not complaining though because this team could very well get Scar his first MCC coin. Jojo continues slowly but steadily collecting the Hermits. I'm hoping Scar and Seapeekay can do some Ace Race training and practicing together, considering how that's Scar's favorite game and he's consistently trying to get better at it, and Seapeekay is the biggest AR sweat

  9. yup. i assumed it wasn't the game, any way to stop it? or is it jut bugged.

  10. Probably just turn off the GC autoclicker option for Uncanny Cookie Clicker. It causes a lot of problems with cookie storms (I experienced that too when I first started out, and I had to revert back to an older version of my save to get rid of them), and if you want to use an autoclicker you can find non-CC specific ones online (OP Autoclicker is one I've seen people use)

  11. The Twitter stans are really wilding out in the comments 😭 Love to see the chokehold HBG has on the entire movement category haha

  12. This was such an electrifying moment to watch live, the excitement and happiness were absolutely off the charts. Beyond proud of them for pulling through and shutting all the doubters down <3

  13. Sands of Mart is an atrocious idea on ever level and I am madly in love with it

  14. Noxcrew making minor/inconsequential changes to Buildmart and saying surely this is what people were asking for, right? is my new favorite running bit. People are way too hung up on their hatred for the game and not able to see remixes as what they are, just silly, goofy, fun ideas that lighten the gamemode up a bit, and they can complain all they want but Noxcrew is standing by their creation and saying that it's not "fundamentally flawed" the way the community wants to believe it is and I admire that. There is nothing wrong with Buildmart and this remix is funny as hell!

  15. Battle Box was not benched immediately after it was played once after being skipped multiple events in a row. Parkour Tag was not benched after being played once multiple events in a row. People are silly to think Noxcrew will let Twitter or certain MCC players strongarm them into rotating out a game that has had some of the least visibility and playtime in MCC this year, despite all the new fan-submitted builds that were added. Yes, it's a ""controversial"" game, half the community is convinced the majority hates it, everyone is tired of seeing all the Buildmart discourse. It's not going anywhere until it's played at least like 3 times. Get over it

  16. not me getting downvoted bc i don’t support passive toxicity

  17. "Making fun of a player and their skills is actually good and allowed because their close friends and colleagues do it, hence so can internet strangers 🤓"

  18. Did you mean to reply to me? My comment was literally saying that making fun of Jimmy isn’t cool just bc his close friends do

  19. Oh sorry, was being sarcastic and making fun of the person in this comment thread who said the same thing unironically

  20. Always a good time for a Buffy rewatch! Season 5 in particular is still absolute excellence top to bottom

  21. That's not how Rankings work tho.

  22. Yeah. 2nd just means there was only one queen who placed ahead of all 3 of them, meanwhile 4th would mean that there were 3 queens that finished ahead of them which is obviously not true. All of them were indeed 2nd placers, not 4th placers (this was explained in a similar Drag Race thread once and it kinda blew my mind lol)

  23. Cyan enjoyers will love to see when we come out on top!

  24. Tbf Denali was literally in skates for that performance and still did amazingly.

  25. They're talking about Denali's LSFYL against Olivia in the makeover episode, when they were both (rightfully) in the bottom

  26. I would cry if a Septencentennial achievement was added. I'm anyways out here fighting for my life trying to get the required amount of Cortex Bakers for any of those

  27. Tbf he took Illumina's spot mere hours before the event.

  28. Not even - he was subbed in exactly 25 minutes before the event began. And this time he's tweeted about his camping trip, talked about it in the MCC discord and spoken about it on stream (he explained that he originally thought he would be back before MCC, until Velvet's parents messaged him the dates and he realized they were over MCC). It's funny because he kind of did this to himself by lying about not being in MCC 20, but people seriously think it's impossible for him to just go on a trip and be busy with something else

  29. Fucking hate how Yvie's very valid concerns about her portrayal wrt her disability have led to her being absolutely shat on/written off as another whiny queen annoyed she's not the "mAiN cHaraCtEr" in other threads. My respect, love and appreciation for her drag has increased hundredfold after this season, and it's true that her disability informs her drag in a massive way that just wasn't touched on at all this season (except in the talent show episode). That is erasing a major part of the context behind her story and in effect it does just reduce her to a two-dimensional caricature - look how even the fans have been saying her whole vibe this season is just that she's "happy to be there", something she actively disputes. But honestly, regardless of the editors fucking her over, I have greatly enjoyed watching her again and seeing just how talented she is week after week (it's neither here nor there but I genuinely thought she could have won/was a standout in multiple challenges). Drag Race had such a huge issue with how it portrays disability, and at this point I don't know what it's going to take before they stop dumbing down and practically infantilising disabled queens (see: her own sister Willow Pill)

  30. Finally got around to watching this episode, and I feel a little unsatisfied at the end - I just don't think these 1-min talent shows with no runway was packed enough for a semi-finale. Either the performances should have been 1.5-2 mins long, or there should've been a runway. In terms of the performances, Jinkx, Raja, Monet and Shea were my tops, although Monet's was easily the best. I could legit watch hours and hours of that (brb, searching up opera shows near me). Shea's performance was like a popstar performing on Good Morning America, and I felt like Viv's was as well but Shea's was more impressive due to the choreo. In general I think Shea is very adept at being this perfectly polished, powerhouse popstar and performer. Both Raja and Yvie tugged at my heartstrings this episode, their interviews and them on stage during critiques made me cry so much. Raja's performance was gorgeously evocative and I'd also watch hours of that sort of dance performance. Jinkx's act was simpler, but she played to her strengths and it's no secret that she's a stellar singer. Trinity and Jaida's performances were super cute, very enjoyable, but they def felt like episode 1 performances to me (which is not their fault, no way they could've known the talent show would be the last challenge). Also, why does Trinity insist on wearing that sickly lavender lipstick??? I swear she's worn it in half the episodes this season and I just hate that colour lol

  31. ? Please get out of my mentions with this stupid ass comment that isn't relevant at all to anything I said lol

  32. Yvie was serving full on Avatar realness with this look and I loved it so much. Shoot

  33. The look on her face when Jinkx was eating the peanut butter sandwich and then “are you okay?” 😆

  34. From the same episode: when she tells Jinkx "I'm South-East Asian, we don't have allergies. That's a white people thing"

  35. Viv should have been in the top just for that "YOU DIE" joke idc, it would've been so easy to trip up on it and mess it up but she delivered it with so much ease and effortlessness. And that runway? Definitely a top 10 Drag Race runway of all time (even though I did think Trinity's look was kinda janky and bumpy). Jaida bombed, there's no way around saying that, but I really do appreciate how she is able to immediately realise when her jokes are not hitting the way they should be and how she tries to bring some levity into that by commenting on it directly (same thing happened during the S12 one woman show)

  36. The lasers shooting across the room from the runway looked so breathtaking, I did wonder why more queens didn't use them, they look really striking like we saw with this look. And the shoes.... I have no idea how you'd even try to balance these let alone walk in them 😭

  37. Oof it would really hurt to see Cyan not make Dodgebolt, let alone not be top half (not to even mention Purple). But an Orange/Lime DB would be amazing because it would mean that either Quig finally gets a Season 2 win + Martyn wins, or Illumina finally gets a Season 2 win + Scar wins (which would utterly and completely break Tumblr)

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