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  1. I did a project on it in 4th grade, so I hold it close to my heart.

  2. My sister and I were unplanned children, so they didn't mean to have us.

  3. This is from a post about a guy being insecure because his gf of 5 months told him she'd been with 8 people before him, some of which were hookups.

  4. I'm not post partum and have no children but those look comfy af

  5. I'm going to assume you come off as creepy to women and you try to push a bit to fast. Either that or you're just really bad at reading social cues. Lots of "ugly" guys get girlfriends/significant others, it's about the energy you put out. I'm not saying you're needy/depressed, but maybe you come off as an asshole. Most women don't like that.

  6. NTA. As other comments have said, y'all need to talk about appropriate timing and boundaries. I probably wouldn't want someone to show up so late either, especially if I had work the next day or something. I'm assuming you guys have been together for a bit, so she should have some idea about your sleep habits and what's acceptable to you. I think all of this could be resolved via a calm conversation about perspectives from both sides.

  7. I don’t really understand her and the concept of sleep for her… when we met she’d go out and party until 5 or 6 am on weeknights (eg Thursday). Then she wakes up at 830, works a few hours, naps like 1-2 hours around lunch (she’s remote like me). It got better after time but man I’ve never seen something like that..

  8. Damn. I would definitely be hesitant to date someone like that. You're definitely dating a party girl and possibly burgeoning alcoholic. That's an extremely unhealthy sleep schedule for her.

  9. YTA you definitely shouldn't have eaten those after they were left in the car for days in heat and cold. Extreme temps like that are not good. Also, you shouldn't just eat out the trash even if the food is packaged, there nasty. Food is in the trash for a reason dude. I can see why Ben's parents would be upset. They're probably just as hyper religious as Tina is and it's just gross.

  10. The thing is why is he allowing them to do it at all? I get it's a company of mostly men, but surely the company has HR or some rules about this sort of sexualization. I understand you don't work there, but this sort of thing shouldn't be allowed or tolerated.

  11. it wasn't him. it was some engineers that had booked the room for a late meeting. that is why the wife was surprised that I didn't know anything , because it became an inquiry at work and many of the guys don't work there anymore

  12. Hmm okay. I don't think he's ashamed of you at all. I think he's trying to keep you away from the objectification because that's clearly not your fault and he's trying to protect you in a weird way. However, I do think you should bring it up to him because I'd be upset about him hiding it from you, especially when it involves you.

  13. NTA. Poor planning on his part does not constitute an emergency on yours. It was his responsibility to find coverage and he failed, so he can go suck it up and cover your clients himself. A good boss would've spoken with your coworkers to find coverage either as soon as he found out or at least a month before you left.

  14. I mean we know that it's not all men, but it's enough of them

  15. As far as I know (from personal experience and some knowledge of the female body), period sex will not make you sick. That stuff people are saying is bs. However, you should definitely always wear protection during sex on your period because you are still at risk of getting pregnant and the STIs thing is always a risk with sex. It's a very, very miniscule chance, but apparently it's happened. Plus, condoms usually do a decent job of protecting against STIs. It's not perfect, but if it works, it works. Also, I'm not Japanese but I've always been told the culture is very misogynistic and full of slut shaming when it comes to sex.

  16. YTA. The fact you didn't even communicate with her about the situation and just left is disgusting. She put so much time in the relationship and probably imagined spending the rest of her life with you. You put her through emotional hell. You should feel bad man.

  17. Since he has no feelings for girls he's gay? That would be my first assumption

  18. Y'all clearly don't understand how it works at all. In the US, wait staff only make 2.15 or so an hour and then make the rest of their money with tips. No one can live off of such low hourly. Also, you don't always have to tip in cash that's why there's a tip line on the receipt if you pay with card. Tipping when you go to a restaurant is important because that is the only way wait staff can afford to live. Fast food restaurants and things of that nature are a different story, but in sit down places it's important to remember that the wait staff are relying on your tips to live. Unless your service is really, really poor, I always tip 20% and if you're fantastic, I tip above that.

  19. Holy shit homie. I know it sucks but you need to reduce contact if possible. It sounds like your dad is interested in you as more than his daughter, which is disgusting. Also, you don't need their blessing to get engaged or married. You are not their property and are a grown adult. If they say no, but you love him, marry him anyway. Your boyfriend sounds pretty sensible here from how you describe him.

  20. Well they gotta meet that bottom line cause they're losing money fast

  21. I am so proud of you for being strong enough to remove yourself from that situation. If he does that to a TV, he would definitely escalate to you. You deserve better than that and you are worth more. He's clearly a child unable to control his emotions. Stay safe and take out a restraining order if you have to.

  22. It's important to share these sorts of things, but I think you definitely need to reach out to a mental health professional. What you did is wrong and it's obvious from what you say that you regret it. So, it might be a good idea to seek therapy.

  23. You dodged a bullet there homie. Anyone who's mean to wait staff is an immediate red flag.

  24. It probably has to do with the fact that they're going to explode the moment they get rejected. They also might only be friends with someone in order to get with them. They're also probably super pushy and creepy. So...a bunch of things that aren't listed there.

  25. NTA. He's trying to gaslight you into thinking you're the problem. You are not the problem. He is defensive because he's most likely doing things he shouldn't be with these other women and he might even have someone on the side. He also might not have told them y'all were back together. You should break up with him.

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