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  1. So now you made me go and do research in a panic over something that really shouldnt matter much to me but does because I'm like that. Says most species of fiddler crabs are 50:50 split between right handed and left handed. Some species are almost entirely one or the other. He's alone in his species and 100% a lefty

  2. Or he's right handed and the drawing is what he sees when he looks in the mirror, practicing his cool hand signs.

  3. The perfect balance between creepy and awesome

  4. Making clothes: easy. Making clothes that aren't embarrassing to wear in public: hard.

  5. Sham Castle is a folly on Claverton Down overlooking the city of Bath, Somerset, England. It is a screen wall with a central pointed arch flanked by two 3-storey circular turrets, which extend sideways to a 2-storey square tower at each end of the wall.

  6. Amazing, not even on his own property, but visible on a distant hill?

  7. I fully support the laws that require pay to be posted. Otherwise it’s a crap shoot

  8. I wasted so much time getting through an HR screen, two rounds of interviews, only for it to fall apart when they offered $80k for a PhD research engineer in north Jersey where a basic 1600 sq ft house that needs updating is $650k. No, sorry, fucking Horiba, I kind of dreamed about being middle class. The national average starting salary for bachelors in engineering was in the mid 60s but is going to spike to above 70k in 2023, according to Forbes and referencing some Georgetown study.

  9. Because things you would call an even distribution have exponentially more microstates

  10. The problem with this drawing is that it turns out the shark was tiny.

  11. The thing is, even the 2nd picture is not good enough and you should aspire to do more.

  12. You're comparing a town of population 1200 with Munich. The US was dotted with these walkable towns pre WW1, clustered around the train stop. Social, happy life was possible. Now a typical "town" of 1200 is technically incorporated but everybody lives miles apart and quality of life suffers. These small town centers sometimes still exist, if they haven't been bulldozed, and they're often expensive to live in because it's illegal to build towns like that now, with buildings next to each other.

  13. Real vanilla was valued higher than gold. Pretty sure I read somewhere that real vanilla has an incredibly nuanced flavour notes, not plain at all. It's popularity and exquisite flavour lead to it's downfall as synthetic flavours and cheap extracts were mass marketed to meet the demand for affordable vanilla

  14. It's not that expensive to buy some whole vanilla pods, scratch out the seeds, and cook with them. Definitely the flavor is more nuanced, a bit nutty, but it's not soul-changingly better. Maybe something is lost in delivery though because I've had wild or home grown fruits and vegetables that have blown my mind.

  15. The first reported traffic accident killing a pedestrian was on August 31, 1869. People didn't have to worry about being run over and kind by cars. Now this possible death is omnipresent - I for one hate cars.

  16. And one of the leading causes of death

  17. You are not attracted to men, so no problem breaking up. Also, you've only been together for a year.

  18. 5 years post graduating with a BS and worked only non-physics. Most expensive hobby buy ever at this point lol Holding on for hope. Maybe grad school at 40 when I have the money 😂

  19. Have you been applying to engineering jobs? When I was applying post BS I was interviewed by several companies in optics, semiconductor, and some other high tech manufacturing.

  20. Pro: you can pick up chicks/dudes just by dropping "I'm a physicist."

  21. Former teacher here, I think we need to revamp how we teach in general.

  22. I agree, for non-STEM. But if you want to know linear algebra deeply enough to apply it to complex real world problems, I don't think there's a better way than solving a ton of problems and being forced to do so by being forced to be able to solve them without a reference in front of you. If you have total internet access you can copy paste from some online solver, but then you'll be a fish out of water when you get to the real shit.

  23. Ice cream used to be free. It still is, but it used to be too.

  24. I write quite a bit for a living and when I need to focus I put on a ring that I’ve “charged” for focus. It doesn’t look overtly witchy but I know what it means and it definitely helps me focus.

  25. I read a book about physics education since I had to do that for a bit and they described the difference between how untrained / amateurs approach problems and how the expert approach problems. They were advocating that physics education should focus on getting you more directly to those advanced problem solving strategies. Your description of re-reading the problem and going through notes to figure out which formula to apply is directly from the book's description on how a beginner does it. The pro strategy is to get started and work the problem forwards and backwards, or in parts, even if that ends up being a dead end, and using your understanding of the actual physics to build models rather than searching for formulas.

  26. You need to eventually read the originals and criticism or else you'll stay at a surface level understanding. But that's fine honestly for most anyone. You do you.

  27. I do New Year's stuff at the spring equinox. On Dec 31/ Jan 1 I just do a secular party and pull a single tarot card in the morning.

  28. Just wait until you learn that daycare is $22k a year. You can save money and pay $17k a year if you're willing to let your kid just be thrown in a dirty room for ten hours a day.

  29. I looked up local communities to try and find any already existing. There was one, but it seemed pretty exclusive. Eventually, I just created a local Discord and sent invites to those I met along the way (from various other groups or in metaphysical shops). I got lucky though. When I first opened up about my path to a few friends, it turned out two of them were also secretly practicing or interested in starting, so we formed a little 3-person mini coven for a hot minute.

  30. Lucky. Yeah it seems the way forward is to out yourself and take chances. I don't have the cajones

  31. If they aren't malicious assholes but legitimately just want to stop by because they're in the area for something else, the compromise is a few hours in a park, masks on, no kissing. If they're unreasonable then just say no to anything.

  32. Don't sit all day. Stay active but not too active (don't do manual labor).

  33. Wait wait wait! What is this exhibit? Is it still happening! I live only a couple hours from Milwaukee!

  34. Sir or Madam, do you have access to the internet? If so, please navigate to and use the tool to find your answer.

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