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  1. The sirens that go BEEE booo BEEE booo BEEE booo BEEE booo

  2. “Secret Agent,” Patrick McGoohan (not titled Danger Man here in the USA). That’s where I first heard those sirens.

  3. Did anyone say Blue Willow; good breakfast and we usually see someone locally notable, like the mayor or Wildcat basketball coach etc.

  4. So-called International Wildlife Museum. A sad tribute to a lot of luckless animals -- dead and taxidermied.

  5. Especially with the Desert Museum just a bit further down the road!

  6. Yes; I was relieved when the ASDM put up a road sign close by the so-called wildlife museum, indicating that the world-famous Arizona-Sonora Desert zoo, botanical gardens and mineral museum that visitors had heard so much about was just down the road -- and that this organization was not it.

  7. I always thought he was a scumbag, and his curse is worth just what I paid for it.

  8. Incorrect. Perhaps you don’t know any more about it than before you began, but neither he knew nor you know what other people know about it.

  9. We lived in Tucson and always go there; it's a unique place, as are the landscape features all around it.

  10. My girlfriend always says Steely Dan is old man music, but I’ve liked them since my early 20s

  11. Love Steely Dan music, but the lyrics are transcendent -- mostly because nobody can nail down what they mean... I think it's the number one question asked about them -- what the lyrics mean.

  12. The smell of creosote after a summer monsoon storm.

  13. Thanks for the link. I am avoiding any trees considered invasive. In the article, it says Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) is native to Illinois though others here say it's not a good choice?

  14. Also if you don’t know this about trees — especially native species — they have a short blooming period and then go about their business of producing offspring (fruit/nuts), which is their reason for existence. They don’t go on blooming indefinitely.

  15. We may find out when we die; or may not. If we have a living soul and if it remembers.

  16. Oswego, west of Naperville, is a sweet village on the Fox River. It’s quiet, safe and has good schools and great parks. Median home price: $383K. We bought here in 2001 and still love it.

  17. IMO, sarcasm doesn’t diffuse a situation; it always escalates it, because it’s ridicule. It literally can’t diffuse a situation.

  18. Also when The Doctor’s holographic daughter dies in VOY Real Life.

  19. In the 1970s and 80s, the political and community leaders in Phoenix and the Valley embraced growth and pushed through a highway system and utilized the extensive SRP canal system to encourage development. Meanwhile, Tucson did everything it could to stop growth and remain a small college town, including defeating plans to turn River Road into a parkway and stopping any other state highways from being built severely limited Tucson's opportunities to attract new businesses at the rate Phoenix did.

  20. Back up a little for the crux of the matter; the difference between the two cities is water. The reason Phoenicians could make bold plans was precisely because they had all the water from the Mogollon Rim via the Salt River.

  21. Thank you! To paraphrase The Companion in "Metamorphosis," "Star Trek must is a part of me..." Also of course, I'm owned by cats. (SPOCK: Quite a lovely animal, Captain. I find myself strangely drawn to it...)

  22. (Chuckles) Yeah your not alone as a cat person.

  23. They're pole was probably just their moms saying "No, dear. It was a very good episode."

  24. Honestly, it's not a bad episode until he starts actually turning into the salamander! It has some really good acting when his body is falling apart and they don't know why.

  25. He’s really good in that, yes. Maybe if they hadn’t actually shown the creatures and just had a very dark scene suggesting his view of what had happened to them, it wouldn’t have been so ludicrous. The model execution wasn’t great and deserved lampooning. I’m not even against the concept of devolution. I like high concept science plots.

  26. Wow, I didn't even know this was a thing you could do. That's an incredible view to look out on from a vacation cabin!

  27. It is! The park service has a number of options in the park. Many of them are beautiful, classic Craftsman era structures from the turn of the 1900's. Phantom Ranch is actually at the bottom of the canyon below Grand Canyon Village at the Colorado River. You get there by hiking down or taking a mule ride. They have options on the north rim as well. Their lodging home page:

  28. Bright Angel is incredibly beautiful! I wouldn’t recommend the summer months as the cabins are not air conditioned (as my husband found out after booking them for our 1st anniversary one August)

  29. Yes, if I go again, I plan to stay at El Tovar. I want room service! lol

  30. Thank you for that experience; I’m sorry you have to endure that, but more power to you for doing so. You are an inspiration.

  31. I think every small insight in the life here and through what people have to go here helps to open the eyes and brings more focus for the support of this country. Thank you for the kind words!

  32. Yes! You all are doing so well at getting the news out. Amazing approach.

  33. I still kill them, it doesn't matter if they've been here a century. They're killing endangered pollinators. They sit on flowers and wait for pollinators to land and then they kill them. It's not cool man.

  34. That post going around that shows a Chinese mantid waiting for and killing a hummingbird at a hummingbird feeder is pretty disturbing.

  35. What is Ukraine saying about this? They have to know more than anyone about it.

  36. It's on the sign 😭😭😭

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