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  • By - 45Hz

  1. Build a beautiful garden around it, water it diligently! Spend time there in the garden. Laugh with weeds and bugs but don’t permit them to take up residence!

  2. Software dev is not too bad if you have some smarts. Granted I worked hard at some points during HS/college, but not nearly as much as for med or law. Now I’m making 150k at 22 which is nice. Work is sometimes demanding but I can always just switch to something more chill

  3. I am part of the previous group too. It's good for someone looking for accountability group/partners.

  4. The only thing which can you now is photoshop my friend. That's what I do. Nobody will know

  5. Fun fact: Veganism is not healthy. Might be marginally better than junk food, but it is not healthy.

  6. It is healthy. But you miss out in certain vitamins and minerals.

  7. I have around 12 years of experience in the industry. I don't think i would have liked a government officer post because i would not have survived the way a government office works. I may be wrong though but this is how i feel. I got a chance to work on some new technologies and that helped me a lot to advance in my career. I am thankful for the client that gave me this opportunity and trusted me. Regarding my advice to freshers:

  8. Thank you so much. I did BSc Computer science. Should I go for online courses like coursera or MCA?

  9. My suggestion would be MCA. Courses can give you help in getting jobs immediately. But MCA will be helpful in long run. So if you can afford it, go for MCA i would suggest.

  10. Won't be enough if I self learn and make good portfolio, and github projects?

  11. It basically means to stop caring about things we can't control right?

  12. That's the way I usually go about it. It's also important to practice self compassion and speak to yourself in a loving and understanding way. Dont shame yourself for your emotions or throw judgments where they serve no purpose.

  13. Do you have any resource which I can read about this self compassion ?

  14. Let me look some up for you. There are a few sites I've visited I'd like to track down for you. Do you mind if I pm you?

  15. Where can one get certifications regarding computer science

  16. Linkedin, coursera, udemy look for industry certified courses

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