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  1. ...and will the harlequin in the third row please keep his voice down.

  2. Oh by the way I was being sarcastic.

  3. I was visiting my girlfriend for the first time in the states (LDR). Every morning she went to work at 5am and I was usually still asleep. One morning just as she left I woke up as I heard someone stomping around the kitchen. Mind you there was no one else in the house just me. So I sit up in bed to make sure I really am hearing what I'm hearing. The stomping gets louder and closer, and I realise that they're coming up the stairs. I assume it's my girlfriend so call out her name, no response. Then just outside the bedroom door they stop and all I hear is someone heavily breathing. Again I think it's my girlfriend playing some joke on me. So I get up and open the door but no one is there. Slightly freaked out I mention it to my girlfriend when she gets home and she says that her house used to be a morgue and that shes experienced various creepy things happen.

  4. [This Marvin Gaye cat scare never fails to make me laugh!] (

  5. Perfect round birthmark on my knee. So, I must have been a guard in Skyrim...

  6. I have also taken an arrow to the knee.

  7. My friend was on it for a year or so. She's a single mother with 2 kids, and one night one of the kids stopped breathing so she had to rush to hospital with him. She's there all night and the next day sat worrying that her child might be dying. She had a Job seekers appointment that day but didn't go due to her son being in hospital. When she had the chance she called up and spoke to her advisor and apologised for not showing up and explained why. The advisor said that she will have to sanction her as there is a 'no discretion' policy. Stopped her money for 4 months. It's like they get their kicks out of making poor people even more poor.

  8. Not a story about me but my dad. My dad should've been on the bus that blew up in 7/7 attacks in London. The only reason he wasn't was because for the first time in 10 years he called in sick to work.

  9. If you're on 3 mobile network you can call international numbers using an out going number (I think that's what it's called) and you won't get charged extra. It acts like you're calling someone in the UK. If your SO will have a german sim card then you can call her without getting charged extra. I use it to call my SO who is in USA. Their website has all the details.

  10. She broke the trust that you once had, and then had the cheek to turn around and make out that it's your fault. I would break up asap. She might try to say she was experimenting as an excuse, but no bottom line is she cheated on you. It'd be no different if it was with another guy.

  11. Growing up I had a Shih tzu. We had glass sliding doors leading to the back garden. I can't count how many times I saw him run full speed into them thinking that they were open, to then do it again 2 seconds later.

  12. Imo everything about this game was amazing. Booker, Elizabeth, The Luctece Twins, Comstock, the whole mindfuck of the story and those holy shit twists. So far I've not found another game thats story was anywhere near as good as Bioshock Infinite.

  13. In high school I got an all day isolation(you sit in a room with a teacher and copy the school rules from a piece of paper, no talking, you stay there during breaks too so you cant socialise with anyone) for wearing navy blue socks instead of black which was part of the uniform. When I asked the headmaster why the reason was "because you could distract the other pupils from learning." Yes because my navy blue socks are such a talking point.

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