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Gordon Ramsay being the nicest guy

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My brother passed about 2 months ago and I complained on Reddit about the lack of support from my employer, IKEA. IKEA responded with a “random”peer review. (which I failed). I’ve been told I’ll be terminated within 3 months.

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  1. Also I think the sample size is increasing more likely. Not that people are playing a certain card more but that more people are importing their decks to sites like edhrec. That’s just my take but I feel like more people are using websites that allow the popularity of cards to be tracked. Does this make sense at all?

  2. How could they be so Callax to Op? It’s enough to Skarhamm. Losing a loved one can be Toftan-avigate. But what can you Ektorp from corporate scumbags like IKEA? Swedish engineered capitalistic bullshit. I hate that place anyway cause the smell makes me grind my teeth.

  3. Definitely looks off. I would do the green dot test too but yeah… seems sus.

  4. The cheaper lands are only in precons and bundles. Every booster pack has one full art land. Specifically referring to theros beyond death here. Each set is different.

  5. I can say that I grew up baltimore in Hamilton, went to poly… I have been in portland oregon for damn near 20 years….. I am here every damn day looking for people foolish enough to believe like me.

  6. Dude who cares about the masks it’s the money. Fuck that ticket price

  7. A group hug deck with no wincon just helps the strong player win faster, most of the time. Sometimes it can be leveraged to help the weaker player.

  8. Definitely got me thinking about my kwain deck. Any cards you have discovered that work well you would recommend?

  9. Dude sometimes even with bar league softball some people are just really good at pumping peeps up!!!

  10. Dag I am sorry that is rough. I can’t speak to it but I read in the comment thread in another post about this that someone contacted wizards about it and they offered to send random etched foils in exchange for all the anguished in makings that he opened. Definitely worth opening up a case with their customer service if that is true

  11. This has apparently been an issue for many. Where did you get your boxes if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. Packs of that era have wrappers made of plastic instead of the Mylar wrappers used today. You can see through the plastic if you shine a bright light through it. So to search they would be sliding the cards up one at a time to glimpse just the very top and discern what the rare (or in this case U1) is without opening. Then if it’s a crappy rare they sell the pack sealed if it’s good they open and sell the single. The best evidence of this sort of tampering is gonna be pinch marks and stretching along the top or bottom of the pack. I’m not saying your pack was definitely searched but sounds like there is a good chance.

  13. I got a NC21711 box as well. Going to be an interesting party trick when i call the 4 foil etched angished unmaking's in the box.

  14. Can you look at a single collector box and discern which case # it came from? I have one arriving next week and I would like to return it if it seems I got an anquished box.

  15. Says it’s a tun but actually looks like a very small amount unless you have giant hands.

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