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  1. Not really panic selling, but I did just sell off the rest of my trade binders, specs and cards that were just hanging around. Kept my EDH decks and a few nostalgia cards.

  2. Earlier today, I made a sale of an MTG card on eBay to a buyer in Puerto Rico, which I didn't know was considered part of domestic shipping within the US until just now.

  3. My first ever sale was to an awesome dude in PR who ordered from me specifically after I was lamenting on this sub about how no one was buying my shit! Shout out if you are out there and remember! Anyway yeah it’s more than fine.

  4. Yeah see my comment on the other thread. Walmart is misrepresenting this. You will be eligible for a refund but it is a process. I bought 7 of these at $35 at release. Crazy that they are $74 now. My LGS still has em for $40

  5. WHA-wha-waiiit…. All three of these chucklefucks voted for her? And she still didn’t win??? Sheeeeit you better count that again.

  6. They did this with MH2. $35 for “12 collector boosters packs each containing 15 cards total of 174 cards”. Even the picture was of an actual collector booster display box. I ordered 7 hoping the company was big enough that they would honor the purchase since otherwise it’s false advertising. I got 7 single collector boosters in their oversized packaging. When I complained they said they couldn’t replace it because they don’t have the actual product in stock and I could return it for a refund. That involved printing a label and making an appointment with fedex. I just ate shit and opened them.

  7. I mean Family Matters is a great show and everyone loves Urkel but TGIF is on Fridays not Sundays so I am confused.

  8. I read “herding sheep into a penis” and was prepared for a drone shot of some fine art.

  9. Draft the next 12 best players and run an insanity rotation with shai giddey poke chet wemby and the 11 next crazy wingspanned humans to grace the earth. Then blow it all up Durant/harden/Westbrook style and not win a CHP.

  10. Whose record? That must be some UK shit cause I have inhaled a Chile Relleno faster than that while driving.

  11. I’m sorting through boxes right now and just giving away bulk. Thousands of unwanted cards. I need the space and they have like no value. It is depressing. Are you there WOTC? It’s me, … Tony.

  12. Changed ownership a while back but they kept the signed Cal Ripken jersey on the wall and it is definitely all flocked up on game days!

  13. Mostly trying to build decks and choking on prices of cards like imperial seal and Sheoldred wondering if I'm a dummy for not just playing pauper and draft until I collect enough to make decks without buying singles. Then I wonder if I should just sell it all and buy singles as needed. Then I wonder if I should hold things like diabolic intent for when BRO is out of print. Idk it's a confusing place right now and there's enough money being hemorrhaged from my wallet to ask people what their advice is

  14. It is hard to figure out at first. You want to buy new sets as they come out and occasionally pull a sort of valuable card. Is said card going to be worth twice as much in the future or catch a reprint and be worth half?? No one here has those answers and it is technically against the sub rules to ask what to do with specific cards. However I will give you the little advice I can.

  15. Iconic masters worth about $12 but the rest of that stuff I would never buy anyway.

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