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  1. But only after the yk and forever left scarred 😔

  2. I hope you found someone kind to fall asleep with in the end.

  3. A lot of people will just tell you to suck it up and take no responsibility for causing your pain because it’s the internet, but you are a real person and your feelings are no less important than anyone else’s. Whoever hurt you shouldn’t get away with making you feel like you’re nothing. I hope you find a safe a pleasant place to exist on Reddit.

  4. Yeah and I thought it was here but I just don’t. Know where :(

  5. Me neither. I keep searching but I’m too sensitive for most places when it gets negative.

  6. I hope you get through this phase with your therapist

  7. I think what I need is to just be more comfortable being alone. Like not sharing my thoughts or my time with someone else

  8. That makes sense. There’s nothing wrong with solitude if you can make it work for you

  9. I get mood swings but they’re usually triggered by something.

  10. Sadly, I think the world now is made for the extroverts. You have to initiate everything, from hanging out to being friends. I feel like with all the distractions and people's busy lives they want people to come to them, which is hard for introverts like myself to do. Maybe try talking to whomever you're interested in and see if anything goes from there

  11. Okay okay I agree BUT, I have made the first move with sooo many guys who either ignore or act weird and run a mile. Even the alleged extroverts can’t succeed 😱

  12. Heyo just dropping by. How about you send me a nice photo of anything you like and then explain it to me.

  13. She said she had no one so how would “friends and family” be affected?

  14. Everyone has someone who cares about them. Might not seem that way. Might not be the mostly openly loving relationship. But even a neighbor you say hi to every few days would be negatively impacted if you off yourself.

  15. Way to invalidation real people who have no one. Your ego doesn’t change people’s reality just because you insist upon it.

  16. A good number of my “friends” in the past were actually my bullies.

  17. I'm yet to find a dr that gets this stuff. Think they would just rather deal with physical ailments rather than what goes on in people's heads. That and they know suggesting treatment on the nhs would take months at best. I'd say keep trying the phone anyway, in case talking this out with a person does help you. Or just talk about other stuff until things fade into the background for another 24 hours. Virtual hugs are all I can offer right now.

  18. It’s okay. Sorry it’s not the same as a real hug

  19. It doesn’t make you a horrible person. Unfortunately it will be a difficult hurdle in forming a satisfying sexual relationship with many woman. But hurdles are not impossible to overcome.

  20. I believe “Forever Alone” is descriptive and clear in its very name.

  21. Understood crystal clear. Won’t be bothering this sub again.

  22. Then you misunderstood.

  23. Okay but if you swipe and he genuinely dies (happy of course), can you legit evade jail time with his profile as evidence???

  24. I am glad you did and I hope that your weekend was lovely!

  25. I'm almost 17 and it costs $10 per month. my family doesn't do allowance either so I can't rely on that

  26. Ohh I see. I was about to offer you the money for it but as it’s a subscription that isn’t practical nor ethical.

  27. ill try to ask but they don't really believe in allowances

  28. In England, earning money by completing a task that some can’t or doesn’t want to do isn’t called an allowance, it’s called compensation for labour.

  29. If you don’t use the words “female” and “league”, I can try to comfort you

  30. Sorry for such words but English isn't my Mother Tongue so at that moment I didn't think of any other way to frame it.

  31. Kind of! Not exactly the same thing, but there's some really interesting observations about the way dying peoples' behavior and mental state can change.

  32. I don’t think you care. I sense apathy towards life, perhaps death acceptance.

  33. It’s not really weird. Death has desirable ideation to it. Some people find it genuinely soothing as an end to life. Perhaps a heavenly afterlife or a peaceful void of nothingness. Lots of people have recognised the attractiveness of death and it’s hoping for something you like it’s pretty understandable

  34. A page from my very own book. I'm getting all my paperwork in order for my assets as I type this (Trusts and whatnot). I don't fit in this world either, not if I'm just being me. This world tells you "just be yourself" but I have found that's the sure fire way to have no place. If I'm not myself, I can take on some role and plug in somewhere, but then that means living my days as someone else, and what's the point of that? Just to exist? Just to bandaid the pain of existence with the fog of pretend acceptance? Meh, why. This world is cruel and evil, I don't fit in here. This world doesn't care about me so why should I care about staying in it? Why be where I am not wanted? Why stay in a world of people itching to step on my head or cut my throat? I am also aware of other plains of existence so exiting this plain is just exiting this plain. People can think that last sentence sounds nuts, that's fine. Can't explain to people what's on the other side of the mountain when they believe the mountain they see is all there is.

  35. I wish others didn’t project their desire to live onto those that do not possess that desire enforcing it as a must.

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