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  1. I don’t care. These people sleep when ai takes jobs from lesser skilled workers who can’t defend themselves

  2. Just like the tractor took jobs from the wheat scythers.

  3. Do you think management and HR might be acting a little weird towards actual engineers and tech guys?

  4. More likely Russia will run out of conscripts and/or support will completely fail when they finally and truly conscript St Petersburg and Moscow (which from my information were conveniently spared), then when their sons start dying or are killed inside when they realise what war actually means.

  5. Yes, free markets depend on transparent, open information about the goods and services available.

  6. I'm not sure conservatives believe a fetus stops being a human being just because their father is a rapist.

  7. Considering the rest of his body of philosophy, you could argue that he speaks quite highly of them in this quote.

  8. I feel like we used to see a lot more of it on the internet (say 2007-2016) but once posts like this started picking up more traction, it kind of died off.

  9. Just my perspective, there was a politicised gang in my area around 2017 that definitely did disappear, which I suspect was due to a court order to stop guarding the trams and train stations.

  10. Yeah, you know I'm talking just about post socialism. I just don't like being judged as part of a group rather than by my actual life's story, as in how I've actually been treated.

  11. explain how that is "post socialism", enlightened political philosopher. ill give you a crisp 20 if you can not sound like a conspiracy theorist

  12. People who've mistaken the spirit and intentions of socialism begin to apply ideas from socialism in ways contrary to what they might describe as "class reductionist." As it no longer supports the workers over the privileged in our society, in fact it might even describe the workers as privileged, I do not feel it's fair to describe whatever the fuck this is as "socialism."

  13. First guy is anti feminist, second is a PUA, third rebels against his mom- there is no way a woman did not create this.

  14. Apparently Corey Mohler is a guy. Also, apparently he's a proud holodomor denier as well (ie "Stalinist"). Crazy the things you can find.

  15. My country's federal government literally audits how many women vs men are hired in all companies over a certain number and then taxes differently the companies that don't hire enough women, I am utterly and completely incapable of believing in that conspiracy theory.

  16. That's called being provocative.

  17. It's an unironically better theory than "the wokies killed critical thinking and scepticism."

  18. Cool, then assess students in person and do practical tests rather than the lazy shit where you tell them to write an essay you don't fucking read and just judge based on who in your class seemed smart. You think we didn't see this shit?

  19. Serious question though: If I came up with singular algorithms to solve specific problems, and developed useful libraries we all use, once I switch jobs can't I have the same ideas? I mean, I can't just erase them from my head, or avoid solving the same problems with the same solutions.

  20. Your objections to nuclear are ridiculous or at least a double standard.

  21. I actually wish they'd all disappear. There is a smorgasbord of opiniated commentators designed to appeal to their audience, but no sources of legitimate news.

  22. But they won't and you'll continue to share a reality with them, that's inevitable but what happens within the confines of your head is up to you though.

  23. The absurd difference is due to sinicization the Germans definitely look more like Hitler did 50 years ago than present day Mongolians to Genghis khan almost 800 years ago.

  24. If you're genuine about the classical thing, then

  25. Any piece of music with a guitar riff and independent bass line could have benefited from counterpoint.

  26. This kills exactly 1.9% of a C native's soul every time they come across functions as parameters. You never truly recover from void*

  27. I'm a C native and I consider functions as parameters to be a thing of beauty. It's not like C doesn't have them either though. You have function pointers.

  28. Each mode in the Western canon has associated feelings, but those feelings are extrinsic and situational (aeolian=sad, etc). The feeling attached to each Raga is built into the Raga, and the chalan are natural ornaments that accentuate these feelings. If one were to change the chalan, they would not be singing the original Raga. As such, they are more often used for improvisation than for composition due to their unchanging structure.

  29. I'm not expert on Indian classical (not even a little bit) but what I understand is:

  30. One day, we will remember wars were fought over if you played a Dorian or if you played a Phrygian melody. They defined those tribes who both forgot they each derived from the pentatonic, but how could they? This word "pentatonic" is so modern, so hindsight. We only know it's a true unifying constant because even neanderthals had pentatonic tuned bone flutes.

  31. I’ve known “Tall poppy syndrome” as “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

  32. There's a similar one in Scandinavia that's actually very convincing, I remember it from studying Peer Gynt... I can't quite remember the exact specifics. In general though, this mentality is literally in the wider subset of anti intellectualism and is in my opinion one of the reasons we're held back as a species.

  33. Thank you and yes, that is what I'm looking for

  34. This sounds like a mindblowing concept. Definitely something I'll have to read about. I have a hard time learning some of this stuff on my own, but I really appreciate the assist! I'm excited to learn more about this concept.

  35. I don't really understand his rationale here - if he's deriving his theory of consonance from the overtones series, why is he considering the tritone to be the most dissonant intervals? It's fairly closely represented in the overtone series and can be expressed as a fairly small ratio of 5:7 whereas a major 7th is 8:15 and is not at all approximated in the overtone series.

  36. Tritones are a borderline dissonance and iirc appear some time after a harmonic seventh in this series (harmonic series? Overtone series? No idea right now). The harmonic seventh isn't really a thing in our tuning system so...

  37. Okay this is my understanding of intervals, intervals are grouped into two categories:

  38. Standard correct answer here.

  39. Enjoy your PR comments you now have to address.

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