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  1. you wanna talk about cursed guns, how many sights does the right guy have lol.. not to mention that bolt on center looking uhh....out of place lol

  2. Lol looks like Reddit didn’t like us not willing to spend 42 minutes watching a video

  3. Yeah I’ve come across one invisible person but that’s it, most of it has been shooting through walls/flying/general aimbot

  4. Aimbot is tough call because even I hit some shots sometimes where I'm like yeH I know I just got reported for that so ... without hRd evidence it's mostly speculation

  5. People like Reserve. BSG extends it with bunker. People hate it.

  6. I found one behind pharmacy key, cheap key so worth checking out every run

  7. I found a ledX and opho in there on the same key once. None of my friends believe me lol

  8. I feel like Veritas is going rage mode a bit lately

  9. I stopped running meta kits this wipe. Everytime I do I feel like I have a 6 foot tall arrow above my head directing everyone to my head eyes. Medium level kits seem to last much longer. Whether that’s bc cheaters or just bad luck I can’t comment.

  10. I do the same and get the same experience

  11. If i speak and they are pmcs and i am behind them i am dead in 1 sec. Generally in almost every encounter if i f1 i will have a huge disadvantage on every fight.

  12. Take the scav karma loss call it a win. So Many ppl will shit on you as scavs too just for your loot

  13. Played 2 matches and went to bed. More like escape from bedkov

  14. The issue is with your system not being able to handle it. It a PC game and it has always and will always run like shit on old gen systems. I played for year on Xbox one and it was always a nightmare, upgraded to a series x and haven’t had a single issue since, not slowed down once when me and me friend build a massive platform 1000’s of foundations in a small area.

  15. Dude no.a series x isn't going to change shit. The game has always run like crap even on PC with 32 gb ram + and a decent card. Devs don't optimize.

  16. Bro it's unplayable on every platform lol

  17. No but my friend who introduced me to the game stopped playing after getting EOD and saying shit like "if you dont have eod you're not playing the real game" then quit after dying even once.

  18. I never buy red rebel, it's a waste to me for what it offers, esp cause I don't really touch reserve except for quests. We spawned heating pipe so as an ex dirty d2 camper I knew we had a direct path and rarely gets touched. Oh well

  19. Don't think explo barrels work underwater

  20. Rat is the same - kryssa (крыса).

  21. I heard somewhere that cap refers to noobs somehow don't exactly remember the reference. May have been a stalker thing?

  22. Pmc who is heavily geared with armor, *weapons and loot

  23. my brother plays on my computer idk bout that

  24. Little brother? If he has any cheats for minecraft it'll get you banned from tarkov, we've seen it before.

  25. I caved for DLC. I like the grind for some dumb reason lol

  26. Why? It wasn't efficient the first time, at all, why would it work now? The only thing this does, is make sure EU can't play with US, and cripple the fucking game.

  27. Aww doucheflake mad about getting downvoted? Delete your account you fking toon

  28. Common sense? You're an absolute piece of work...

  29. Delete your account you absolute fucking toon

  30. Which would be an interesting discussion, if you actually had any numbers on that, and not just a stone cold «trust me bro». My experience has been servers with intermingling from both continents.

  31. I see you just rumble around reddit being an absolute fucking douchebag. What's wrong cryptobro? Did your portfolio crash? Lose all your investments? Or did your scam just not pan out? Get a grip on reality you doucheflake

  32. Because the size of the gaming rig is what matters and not how you use it right. Sounds like someone wants a hummer for Christmas lmfao

  33. You call me wagecucking is the same as being upset that I called you out for classism. And the word isn't 'infringe' it's 'impose' and the only thing being imposed here is your own stupidity on this thread. Not only do you try to insult me you drag unrelated communities into your hateful tantrum. Doesn't feel nice does it? You lose, simp. Git Gud

  34. Wait how many mass shootings have there been in Canada?

  35. Mind you we had much stricter gun control laws then the states including screening and background checks

  36. Best number I could find is 13 total since 1965

  37. I agree I think rogue bosses especially Big pipe should've had their own voicelines/voices

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