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  1. If you can do a better job than us, knock yourself out. Why just complain, come and show us how to do it :)

  2. Well you seem to know so much, they'll surely offer the role of CEO with a comp much greater than yours. You do seem to have a lot of time anyways cause you are replying to an overpaid under working so called "engineer"

  3. If you want to relocate….leave them in Bangalore university. Cats know how to feed and fend for themselves. If you want it adopted, adopt it yourself and even-though I don’t believe in hurting animals I still hold you responsible for the litter they are causing in public space.

  4. Why would OP be responsible? It is illegal to relocate any stray animals anyway and it is also illegal to harass people who feed them.

  5. Yea it’s also annoying when the strays you feed poops in front of my house

  6. Yeah dude, not denying that, but OP is still not responsible. Okay suppose people stop feeding the animals, they will only get aggressive towards people due to hunger. A positive step towards this is to get the strays neutered, create some kind of space for them, provide some litter boxes and the cats will learn to go there. Ik, it's not your pet, but it is your society/home. If you want to keep it clean, you obviously have to put in some effort.

  7. Still cheap lol. Many colleges are 3-3.5 per semester.

  8. Damn, are you sure? And are you talking about engineering clgs?

  9. Damn, less than 10k. I'm paying 30k in jp nagar 💀

  10. Weekend night shows are exorbitant, 1650. Have to watch this in IMAX for the experience so no option but to wait. Wish Bangalore had cap on prices like Chennai does.

  11. Hyderabad has a cap too, blr govt is not for the people lol. It's for the business.

  12. I'm not kidding lol, bought a couple of pieces from there

  13. Dude, in India it costs 500 rupees...... Even considering buying power you guys are paying 20 times the price

  14. Posts incoming "my car got towed and now the police are asking for a bribe to release it"

  15. 97%, recently graduated clg and working in IT. I make more than my peers from non-teir 1 clgs, but again the clg only matters for the first job, rest depends on your skills and networking.

  16. My friends live in a stanza. It's a really nice apartment. Whenever they face an issue, it's resolved almost immediately. Also they clean the apt daily. I've been there myself a lot of times and found it really nice.

  17. Simple solution, but a bit financially taxing: move out

  18. I know of quite a few places. These are obviously away from the city lights and are dark, quiet and scary too sometimes. If you're lucky to have a clear sky, it's worth all the effort 😍 the ride back home will be more blissful too.

  19. Sorry, there are no landmarks or easy ways to give you the exact locations. (Also I avoid sharing such locations/places publicly because some people go and mess it up. But that's another story altogether)

  20. Tweet about it and tag hyd police, post the link to this subreddit and maybe

  21. Dude, I skid on the same road last week and fell. I was going slow and luckily there was no vehicle behind me. Got off with minor injuries. God that road is dangerous.

  22. When I tried Digilocker, it said "no records found".

  23. Yeah, for some reason Telangana does not get registered on digi locker

  24. Just a photo worked for me. Also, they're not interested in your license anyway, they usually just want a bribe

  25. It's not a government for the people, it's a government for the businesses. I'm from hyd so this may sound a bit biased. We have free parking in most places and no mall charges for parking. The movie prices are capped, the road tax is reasonable and the roads are well maintained (although the footpaths are questionable😅). I've seen stories about police randomly picking on people, it doesn't sit well with me.

  26. Um, how is it a punishment to live there? I've been there my whole life and I've given reasons why i feel the govt is doing a pretty good job trying to make people's lives better. The anecdote you used makes no sense either.

  27. Look 10 years into the past. We had "fair and lovely", most of the Southern films had mostly fair skinned lead actresses. In no way did I study this problem but it is my opinion that these movies and fairness cream ads may have subconsciously told men to go for fair skinned women.

  28. I guess in case of fair and lovely, it is the company exploiting people's preference for fair skin not the other way round

  29. Ig we can also say that it reinforced it

  30. One of my dogs always sleeps like this. It's chilling.

  31. 3rd is a bit unlikely, cause if sa game is washed out, high chance for pak game to be washed out too (cause same venue)

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