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  1. Ugh! I hate that you can’t edit post titles. I reverse words sometimes by mistake & my eyes read them in the correct order, mild dyslexia I guess. The last sentence was supposed to say ‘spent some serious time & effort’. Had to correct it somewhere. 😊

  2. I didn’t even notice and my mother is an English professor 😂 I’ve been having my grammar corrected from birth. Awesome post, does anyone know if her posture is correct in the pregnancy shot? I’m not a yogi but it kinda looks like she’s over extending her back.

  3. This one is true to its yoga form, yes. It’s an upward facing plank pose. It’s one that’s sexy enough on its own for IG content. 😊

  4. There really seems to be a growing backlash against the Kids as Content folks. Seems like it’s getting louder and louder. Of course Guest will use it as an opportunity to victimize herself….

  5. This is the kind of social justice movement we need badly and it’s one that’s not so divisive.

  6. I agree. I thought they were doing some renovating I'm not exactly sure what they are up to if this house is quietly listed?

  7. I think this is the annex apartment Alec bought in her name. It’s not part of the penthouse & I suspect they installed the stairs to connect the units. It’s entirely possible that they’d list them as separate properties if they ever sold them. I don’t know if that explains the clearing of the room, but certainly Alec’s assets are all being assessed & managed right now.

  8. If every element of these shoes were reduced 50% in size, they might actually be cute. I love the concept of a natural wood carved heal, but these are OTT obnoxious. Less is more.

  9. Not to be graphic, but if she just gave birth to her 7th child, wouldn’t that pose be… painful?

  10. Watch the video. She’s dancing and even hopping a little. Body shape & size is the main aspect of bounce back people notice, but how can the absence of pain be explained?! No matter how fit anyone is after pregnancy, there’s always pain that goes with it. She’s not even making an effort anymore with this charade.

  11. Same. I keep wanting to turn it off because it’s so disturbing but I can’t. And then I wonder WTF is wrong with me.

  12. Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that but now I can’t see anything else. It also seems extremely weird that a tiny newborn’s hand is wide open and just dangling like that. Aren’t they usually still unraveling from their 40 weeks fetal position with bent elbows and clenched fists for a while? This whole photo is very confusing.

  13. All her labor stories are such bullshit. That interview where this quote is from is so stupid and unbelievable. She even gives Alec a Spanish accent!

  14. Man those pleather leggings must stink. She wears them every damn day, and night.

  15. It’s the garb of her coven, the Witches of Yeastwick.


  17. Didn’t you read what she wrote? To be more present for her other kids who aren’t out there with her! 🤣

  18. Normally, I’d think a framed photo collage of a family newborns is sweet, but this just looks like a baby hoarder’s trophy case. It’s creepy AF.

  19. it reminds of the stacks of junk, half dozen boxes of kitty litter and pantry full of soy sauce packets always seen in the background of the photos they take. lol.

  20. I happen to be in the middle of watching the Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix. I realize it’s extremely morbid, but now it’s making me see collections of humans as possessions and/or obsessions through a very creepy lens.

  21. Here’s an interesting comment exchange in this 6 year old DM article. I’m not sure this sub ever unpacked how & when Hillary’s name was added to the foundation’s name. I did know it originally was just in Alec’s name, but figured he just added her to it when they got married. This suggests there was more to it.

  22. This was one of her mic grabbing performances, too.

  23. I just came here to say Emily Baket rocks. If y’all want a good lens to look at the entire Rust case, she’s the one to rabbit hole on. She’s a delightful attorney who’s a straight talker on the facts & legal implications.

  24. Haha. I just made the exact comment as your title on the post that duplicated this. I should know better to scroll down first, but I had such an impulsive reaction to this.

  25. One week after a 38 year old woman supposedly gives birth to her 7th child & the 6 others are under 10. Hair perfectly colored, cut & styled, dressed to the nines, perfectly fresh manicure, night out on the town with friends.

  26. Yep. You’re absolutely correct, OP, not even sort of. The etymology is from the Greek word, hilaros, which means cheerful.

  27. Yeah, I don’t think her Mom guilt postpartum depression fakery pairs well with a perfectly fresh manicure.

  28. My first thought was August or a calendar date, like it came from some kind of stationery set that dates preprinted for some purpose.

  29. JFC!!! This is beyond sick! They are telling these little kids that we’re all broke now, all the bullies took out money This is beyond grotesque

  30. I don’t even think that’s what happened. I think he asked Rafa to write the note in his handwriting and he made up the story as a PR stunt, taking a page out of Mami’s playbook.

  31. Again with the NYC obsession “212” it’s like New York and babies are their whole personality

  32. The 212 cred is a thing for NYers. It started around 2000 when they had to expand the area codes for the area because of the explosion of new cell phone numbers. Having a 212 area code became a status symbol, making you an OG if you have one. I think there was even a whole SATC episode about it. Now, 20 years later, 212 is just shorthand for OG or native NYer.

  33. 🎶 Start spreading the news… I’m leaving today… If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere… 🎶

  34. It could be their preferred OBGYN or midwife/doula/key labor nurse moved from one hospital to another

  35. Well if by midwife, you mean surrogacy agency, then we’re on the same page. 🤣

  36. Excellent sleuthing! That last sentence is a giant piece of evidence in itself to think about. Did we ever know this was the hospital for the others? Is that something that can now be fact checked through public records?

  37. Saw her post this on the thread, someone mentioned that his wife just had a baby, her response

  38. Was it you who covered up their name here? I’d be curious who it is to see if my interpretation of their hashtag is correct. You can DM it or just look up the band members & see if it matches anyone.

  39. Yeah, I was into them 20+ years ago, too. I recognized the hashtag but it doesn’t make sense with this post, which is why I thought this person is actually semi famous by being part of the band.

  40. Yes, but it hurts the integrity of the sub to suggest that one of the world's biggest liars would lie about her pregnancy.

  41. There worse things that hurt the integrity of the sub than that.

  42. That's an alcohol belly. My grandfather had it from consuming a 12-pack every day.

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