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Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air.

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

*Lowers face into palm*

A sense of impending doom

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  1. Most people suck and want someone who doesnt suck and two people who dont suck finding each other is rare

  2. fuck the dude, tell her that it wasnt just physical and that you are in love.

  3. Um im anti overpopulation but isnt capitalism better for that? Oh yea i forgot communism causes mass famine and executions

  4. They let in too many refugees and impoverished immigrants, dont complain about the economy and then ask for them to take on more asylum seekers

  5. false. we let barely any immigrants in compared to most other european countries. you've fell for the brainwashing. lemme break it down for you: A billionaire, a working man, and an immigrant are all in a room with 100 cookies on the table. The billionaire takes 99 of them and then whispers to the working man, “That guy’s gonna steal your cookie.”

  6. Only 4 other euro countries take in more, and if you look at a chart its relative for their respective population. Also, many of them lilypad from third world- to G or F, in order to eventually get the UK so those numbers are misleading. It took just a couple of refugees working with belgium immigrants to commit a mass murder bombing/shooting in Paris despite all the good intentions and it cost many european lives. Being against corporate/political greed and being against frivolous asylum intake arent mutually exclusive ideas, your condescending pointless cookie analogy shows how short sighted and self righteous your stance is on the matter. Everyday euro tax payers are affected by both matters, no one is saying billionaire tax evasion have no impact on the economy. These rich elite dont have to live next to them, boris johnson wont be bombed by syrian refugees, they impose that on the low class already struggling.

  7. I have been watching threesome porn where the two guys out of nowhere do something, and it gave me a feeling of disgust and turned me off. I can see when certain men look good and I sometimes imagine myself as a better looking man/in better shape.

  8. Thugs killing each other isnt remotely close to people going to crowds of innocents with a rifle

  9. Please dont remind me that i sold all my russ toys decade ago

  10. The fatness fills out the inside of the P which feels cool, easier to get in doggy, novelty wears off for me after you eat dinner and they throw 5 animal corpses in their mouth

  11. More people working at home- less people out- less need for government

  12. I see your point- doesnt make sense to have it be a white racist guy though, that doesnt fit with their zeitgeist

  13. Lets make a show about capitalism, in a country that is a mixed economy, where things that never happen in a mixed economy happen, perfect metaphor

  14. Seems the researchers vocalized very clearly against that hypothesis precisely and suggests that environmental reasons must be the key factors for the decline.

  15. Don't downvote - flouride is a poison, and it's been forced on us for decades. Are we really too dumb to take care of our own teeth? Even the dentist won't let you swallow that shit.

  16. Its too late, their flouridated brains cant help it.

  17. I offer you a third angle- we shouldnt try and solve those problems, because we are the problem. Trying to come up with the perfect way for humanity to thrive is like trying to make a tumor grow.

  18. Wages would be collectively bargained for and decided on. For exmaple, in my town there is a rug factory that is run as a cooperative and there all workers decide together who gets what pay. Workers that are more essential to the production process get more money and so on.

  19. You end up in the gulags, cannon fodder, or a factory worker

  20. The most right uk politicians are in the left of the global overton window, just because someone is racist doesnt mean they believe in smaller government.

  21. The test in the uk is pretty hard and can cost a lot with the lessons yet plenty of shit drivers still

  22. I live in both uk and us- ive never seen an accident in the uk and I attribute it to us drivers having automatic which lets us look at our phones. We are also insane

  23. Jesus Christ American gas is cheap. That's three times cheaper than where I live...

  24. Where are you? Taxes and gouging is responsible for most of the prices

  25. Wear polyester clothing? Have a microfiber couch? Sleep with a polyester fiber filled comforter? Walk/sit on carpet? All release microplastics that you breathe in. We've wrapped our world in plastic, and there is no escape now.

  26. I vape, wonder if the disposable plastic pods filled with chemicals might be giving me some of these micros hah

  27. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner who purposely orchestrated a conspiracy to put natives in debt among other things

  28. I changed my opinion when he started doing brutal animal testing

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