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  1. Reshoevn8r best water and stain repellent!

  2. Damn u need more protection then that lol

  3. Same i got my girl them for valentines day lol u use stock x???

  4. What size ? I got mine 240 size 8.5w

  5. Mine will be here monday from stock x shipped from hong kong

  6. Is stock x 100% authentic? That’s probably what I’m going to do aswell

  7. Use the goat app cheaper and i believe more reliable than stock x

  8. Unc definitely lives in vegas just look at all the pics backgrounds lol

  9. There’s preview days for pass holders on 2/5, that’s when my reservation is

  10. I will be there today we are excited our reservation is at 3pm feb 3rd for preview

  11. I will be there today we are excited our reservation is at 3pm

  12. what was the desciption on your bank account i got this today but not sure what it is FRANCHISE TAX BD CASTTAXRFD

  13. FTB MCT REFUND.. yours seems to be the regular CA state tax refund.. have you already filed your 2022 taxes?

  14. Are you sure i filed my california taxes on the jan 23rd it was that fast ?

  15. I wouldn’t use Euro L. Just Euro (no L) - Pennzoil Platinum Platinum Euro 5W-30 or 40 to be exact. Their naming convention is weird but L is not on the LL-01 list. It is on the LL-04 list, but LL-04 isn’t “officially” recommended for petrol engines in North America (only diesel). Now… that was because the US didn’t have low sulfur unleaded at one time, but we do now. Still, LL-04 is not officially recommended for petrol engines in NA even with that change.

  16. Thanks for the info i want to use castrol edge but dont if i should use 5w-30 or 0w -40???

  17. How about the rest ? I put 3 pics up

  18. Any suggestions on how to fix it ?

  19. Simpson ride is trash makes you nauseous every time smh

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