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  1. Honestly biggest slap is that people call him Wellington as if that’s his name. It’s Wellesley duke of Wellington show the man some respect

  2. It’s going to be like when Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond people weren’t expecting it so the initial reaction was hesitant then everyone stopped noticing when casino royale turned out to be a great movie. If the movie is good people will accept it, and it looks like the movie is going to be pretty good

  3. Actually I have simple relative strength indicator in TradingView and it’s exactly the same as the 1OSI in OS exact same values during all day so I don’t really think 1OSI takes ATR into account

  4. could you share the name of this indicator on TV?

  5. Old men who won’t be parted with their walking sticks-els on a system that displayed 160x192 pixels

  6. I think the concept of democracy is thrown around without much thought. I think the real achievement of modern society is not democracy, but liberalism- the idea that despite whatever the will of a democratic majority, the rights of the minority are still guaranteed

  7. Nice write up, extremely clear and logical.

  8. I had a max daily loss, no real tracking of R:R. Just follow the set up and scale. Take trades confident in and don't over trade. If I ever hit daily loss, I took the next day off for mental day.

  9. Map control. Wall everywhere so they can’t use their mobility against you. Then as others have said, handcannons protected by your MaA/spears

  10. It’s hard to describe in short form but so many new movies, the protagonists have no agency, they just seem to exist and a random plot unfolds around them. They rarely do a whole lot to influence their trajectory

  11. Oh hell yeah who’s got inside access to Apollo slides around here

  12. the idea of "corporatism" is meaningless jargon to present the idea that if only the government didn't exist capitalism would work something something ooh tbe frrewwl maker i si smart trsyt the crypto it's decebtratlised

  13. Oh….that’s it ? I thought you were going to link me to an accredited paper or esteemed book in the economic community or some widely reported consensus or something 😂

  14. well there is Das Kapital, and the various studied done by economics professors verifying its conclusions, among various other sources i could use to formulate proper arguments. but no. it's more fun to mock you. like insert meme format, i mean that's just sad.

  15. Das Kapital is the ‘analysis’? - tell me you’ve never actually read das kapital without telling me you’ve never actually read das kapital

  16. I was told lobsters are essentially the same. The only issue they face is rheir body outgrows their organs. So they eventually have too big of a body to organ ratio and cant supply it. But if their organs grew with them they would just keep growing. Idk if thats true, just something i heard.

  17. Very close. Lobsters are considered “biologically immortal” which means that when their cells divide (grow) they create two exactly identical cells from the one. For substantially all other species like humans, cell division doesn’t create two cells that are identical, so eventually in old age we create less and less efficient cells until the entire organism ceases to function. Lobsters could theoretically keep growing forever in this way, however they periodically have to molt (shed their shell for a new one) and if they don’t die to predation, eventually they have a shell far to big and strong to molt out of, so they die under the stress of the molt, not from cell degradation

  18. Yeah... right... nothing dark about Canada's history with Native Americans... nothing at all...

  19. Reddit has a weird proclivity to elevate and defend Canada above all others. Me on the other hand I grew up getting the truth from South Park

  20. This rock is dangerous to democracy

  21. There are those that don’t understand measurements in terms of football fields, then there are those that put a man on the moon

  22. Your daughter sounds sociopathic

  23. There’s a podcast called breaking points that’s really good. It’s two reporters, one self described left leaning and the other right leaning, and they talk about issues from both sides together in a very respectful way. I’d recommend checking them out

  24. Incoming responses from politically biased consumers trying to explain that the thing they read is in fact not biased and of course centrist !

  25. What’d I miss looks like RB had themselves a season ?

  26. There were a ton a pointy style hats throughout history. Generally they were easier and simpler to make than a round cap you might be thinking of

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