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  • By - Akuda

  1. Exactly, she is obviously not ok and he’s making this about him.

  2. Bachelors of Science, hopefully my masters in a year…

  3. I noticed as well, in Asia men like to edit their head really small so they look more broad. Looks freaky to me.

  4. Men like gourmand scents. If it has (hints of) vanilla you’re probably good. My bf responds well to anything smelling like a bakery.

  5. Wasn’t he part of some sort of program/group in early youtube? He may be totally covered by contracts that stop them from getting rid of him.

  6. ‘If you don’t agree with everything I say, you’re not interesting to talk to.’

  7. Because he’s a POS, that’s the only reasonable answer.

  8. When they start cutting you off from everyone that doesn’t align with their beliefs and decide over your private life that’s cult behavior.

  9. I believe I once read that it’s not good to combine multiple HA products into one routine because it can dry you out. Can someone back me up on this?

  10. I feel like they’re not making real denim anymore 😔genuine denim is expensive

  11. Looking healthy: shiny hair, white straight teeth, clear plump skin, bright eyes

  12. Cry because I will probably die alone. Asexuality doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Aromantic

  13. By this logic everything that’s difficult should be praised when achieved and everything that was easily achieved should be shamed lol

  14. Theres gender and there’s identity. What you’re describing sounds more like identity. Being mixed race doesn’t make me mixedgender. Having any other disability doesn’t make you that gender. A person being bipolar is just that, and not bipolargender. They are aspects of someone’s identity other than gender and that’s fine, it doesn’t mean these things are any less defining or recognized if they don’t fall under the gender umbrella. You can feel your identity strongly but saying it is your gender is simply not an accurate description.

  15. I am a woman that has trouble with someone else making me orgasm. I’ll give my two cents.

  16. Als ik een accent hoor of moeite met spreken dan zeg ik altijd ‘English or Dutch?’ en dan laat ik ze zelf kiezen. Dat werkt volgens mij het beste.

  17. Sometimes thinking about my rape triggers feelings of arousal. I know it’s very common and normal but it disgusts me. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been raped would fully understand this strange coping mechanism the brain has and would misunderstand it for me enjoying what happened to me.

  18. Much better! Happily in a relationship that broke the cycle and shows me how healthy sex is supposed to look. I’m really happy!

  19. Is it fat? it may be reproductive organs

  20. For some reason this myth has really blown up on social media and people are going with it. The cervix sits deep in the stomach and does not protrude unless you have some sort of deformity.

  21. Have you seen a doctor? Take probiotics? Limit FODMAP foods?

  22. Sadly healthcare hasn’t been great in my country since COVID so doctors don’t really give you serious attention unless it’s important.

  23. Being in a relationship of only 2 years and having had such bad fights where you don’t speak for weeks (sounds like breaks in an on/off relationship) sounds like you’re rushing into marriage so you can have sex, not because you believe this is a solid, durable foundation with someone you trust and can build on.

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