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  1. I love that snare sound! What is that vocal effect / sound? Great song

  2. Thanks for checking it out! I think I had a mix of things going on for the vocals. Probably hearing the ADT mainly (automatic double tracking) and I have some flanger on for some parts.

  3. Music is something that you do. If you play music you’re a musician. Getting lost in identity will not help you. Play music and you’ll never ever regret it. Spend time thinking “am I a musician” and you will regret it

  4. Thx, Any idea for a Song title ? Colourful Jamrock??

  5. Good tune! I would say alternative rock/ indie rock mixed with space/psychedelic rock because it reminds me a bit of earlier stuff from Tame Impala.

  6. Love to hear a counterpoint to the ascending bit in the middle

  7. I don’t know what you mean by counterpoint actually hahaha

  8. Love that three-chord ascending and descending thing! Also the vehicle passing could’ve made a great transition 😂

  9. Thanks! My friend Brad wrote that progression. And I get so lucky with the timing of the cars sometimes 🤣🤣

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