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  1. You don’t have an iud up your penis, so you can’t compare the two unless you do. I think removing the iud and delving into what triggered the ocd is a good starting point. Then start with non sexual touch and work up from there.

  2. lol would that I could have an IUD put up my urethra, at least my guy would be getting some attention! But you don’t understand why the IUD a was put in to begin with. Also when you suggest that “sex without being wet and climaxing can be a huge deterrent” you seem to think I’m either younger or less experienced than I am.

  3. I thought neither. Nor would it change my statement of facts. Perhaps look up iud adverse events and alternatives. Or don’t and accept the results that you are complaining about.

  4. How is this oddly satisfying? Seems to belong in

  5. JD must be a runner. Dude’s over 40 and has sick legs. Just sayin.

  6. With you on this. I often think and sometimes say “nobody wants to be here [at work]. There are other things we’d all rather be doing with our lives. The fact that no one here is curing cancer or saving lives means we all ought to keep everything in perspective. None of this shit matters. Anyone who says it does is lying to themselves and probably to you too. We’ll all be dead sooner than we think. So chill the fuck out and be real.”

  7. She should be barred from voting in any election for the next two cycles. That should be the minimum standard penalty, increasing the number of cycles accordingly. Sprinkle in the jail time after.

  8. The Melvins. I know people love the Atlantic era but for me once they teamed up with Big Business for senile animal, nude with boots and bride screamed murder it was hit after hit.

  9. A Senile Animal made me want to rip my jaw off and beat someone with it. To this day there are fewer excellent albums. I do love the iteration with Trevor Dunn (Freak Puke), however I have to admit that while there are certain songs on albums from 2013 that I love, I can’t say that there is an album I listen to from beginning to end after ASA. Still, #melvinsforever.

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention. After each Easy Off application, I wiped it down with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water to neutralize the lye in the Easy Off.

  11. Beautiful! And thanks for the info on your restoration. I have a pair that could use the same kind of work. Did you use the spray or liquid Easy Off?

  12. His name is Doug and he’s outta heeeeeea.

  13. When I visited Korea a few years ago, my friend’s grandmother had a hired family care worker/housekeeper to help her with daily tasks, chores, and meals. Not sure what the process is to find one and if they’d qualify for dementia care, but might be worth looking into for immediate care until she is able to go to the nursing home.

  14. Thank you, I appreciate that. I don’t know anything about the resources there, only that she will be eligible for a nursing/advanced care home at the end of this month. But she won’t likely make it that far if she lives alone. Are you still in touch with your friend? Would they have any information on the person they hired, or the agency they went to if there was one?

  15. I know this is not what you asked about, but it sounds like you need to find a home for the elderly. Compared to America, they are way cheaper in Korea; but like anything, you get what you pay for. As of a few years ago when my family checked on this, they were as cheap as a 2 million won a month.

  16. Thanks for your reply. Yes, we know about elderly care in Korea. She will be eligible for a nursing home at the end of the month but will not likely make it to then if she continues living alone without supervision. I do not speak Hangul, but my wife does. We are rushing against time.

  17. Honestly this is a tough call. Of course it’s ideal to reach out to friends when you’re going through some rough stuff, but that’s contingent on how close you are with your friends. As a male, I don’t really talk to my friends about my troubles. At least this is true of my male friends. Generally I don’t talk about my troubles with my female friends either because the conversations become a little too focused on talking about the problem instead of seeking solutions.

  18. Saw them play in the living room of a house in Davis, CA around 2007. To date one of the best shows I’ve ever seen anywhere. Bought a copy of Sucks Blood and that was that.

  19. My husband just picked some up at Ralph's in Manhattan Beach. Other locations probably have them.

  20. Woah, they have bison steaks at Ralph’s? I’ve seen ground bison meat that’s frozen but not fresh steaks.

  21. There used to be a bison vendor at the Santa Monica farmer's market, don't know if he still shows up. And have you tried Whole Foods?

  22. I haven’t tried WF but will today, thanks!

  23. Yeah, very club-like flow. It's cool moving kettlebells like this.

  24. Killer, but damn if it ain't tough to figure out without it being in slow motion! I've been messing around with kettlebells for a couple years and aside from not dying I still feel like I don't know wth I'm doing. I began messing around with clubs this year and recognized your movement pattern but simply can't figure out on my own despite trying to follow along. It seems like inside circle to hand switch to outside circle to windmill (?) to outside circle to rack. Is that more or less correct?

  25. Man, this breaks my brain. I've had a ton of fuck ups mid flow, including entirely blacking out on what I'm even doing at all and how and what to do the next second.

  26. Woof. Well it’s good to know I’m not the only one who blacks out during a workout! Thanks for breaking it down.

  27. That took some serious testicular fortitude. Hope it all works out the way you’d like it to.

  28. What a find! It would be great to see these colorized over in

  29. Congrats of being NED! How did you come to be diagnosed? Were you experiencing any symptoms before that led you to suspect you had colon cancer?

  30. Thanks so much for your response, and apologies for missing the answer from earlier!

  31. Did you rub your bare butt on the door handle? Cameras be damned!

  32. Looks like it is but it’s on Fridays. So close.

  33. Anybody going to Funky Sole tomorrow? Do you get tix at the Echo? I can’t find the way to get them ahead of time and their phone number doesn’t work.

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